Raymond Wong Takes 2 Month Vacation To Take Care of Son

Raymond Wong (黃浩然) and Rosanne Wong (黃婉君) appeared as judges at a modeling contest. New parents, Raymond and Rosanne discussed caring for young babies. Raymond took two months of vacation from TVB and will return to work in August. During that time, Raymond will promote Can’t Buy Me Love <公主嫁到> in Beijing.

Since Raymond will resume work soon, he cherished the opportunity to spend with his son. The day before yesterday was Raymond’s first time giving a bath alone to his 4-month-old child.

Rosanne Wong’s son turned 100-days-old yesterday.  Next week, Rosanne will take her son back to Singapore to celebrate with  her family. Rosanne did not object to her son filming future commercials.

Source: Orientaldaily.on.cc

Jayne: Does anyone know what will be Raymond Wong’s next filming project? Last year marked the rise of Raymond Wong, while this year is definitely the rise of Ruco Chan.

I always found the 2R sisters, Rosanne and Race, to be lovely. Too bad their careers did not go further…. Was it just bad timing that they started their careers when Twins was extremely popular?

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  1. When I look at the pic, I first thought she is Mag Lam.

    1. haha i thought the same too. It’s just the hair though, their looks are quite different imo.

  2. 2R debuted way before Twins even showed up. They have the look but they didn’t have the gist to capture the audience. It nobody fault that 2R never made the top.

    1. I think i know now. They weren’t heavily promoted by their label company.

    2. Darren,
      I found Race Wong to be very beautiful in “Hearts of Fencing.” Her Cantonese didn’t bother me that much.

      Race was also rumored to have married a rich businessman from Singapore shortly after her debut. Allegedly, she divorced the man and is currently dating Jacky Heung.

      Didn’t their music company also go bankrupt?

      The 2R sisters are quite beautiful and natural beauties I presume.

      1. Yes, according to various article I have read about her (was interested in new related to Jacky at the time) she married a rich businessman when she was very young. He husband actually finance her music career, open a company for her and her sister and bought a house for them in HK. But, she has always denied her marriage. She was still married when she dated Jacky until Jacky’s mother told her to sort her affairs out first before she be with Jacky. So, she went back to Singapore to divorce her husband. Her relationship with Jacky’s mom seems to be very good now. Jacky’s mom even comment ‘Singaporean girl is more innocent/pure (純品)’.

        Amazing woman. Must have some great communication skills. Love by future mom in-law despite her past and doted by boyfriend.

      2. Not until things turn ugly, suddenly she may have many things to say about this prospective daughter in law. At least this girl knows how to align herself in relationships don’t you think?

      3. I think it is EEG vs which ever company 2R was in, EEG has a rich boss and sure pushes their artist in your nose just like TVB and Twins happened to be”sucessful” if EEG signed 2R and did the exact same with Twins they might be at the same level

  3. 2 months vacation and no one will notice it because he will have series after series released during those times.

  4. I love Raymond Wong, hope they will give him more opportunities.

  5. i love raymond wong too.i think that they’re a cute couple.

  6. I do agree that Rosanne and her sisters are pretty. Race is prettier i think and Rosanne’s current looks is not bad (imagine after just a few months after her 1st bb was born).

    1. I always think Rosanne is the more beautiful one.

      1. I always thought Race will be the one who will replace Cecilia but i guess she doesn’t has the luck and chemistry with audiences to be able to par with Cecilia in term of popularity.

        I like Race’s overall feature, Rosanne is pretty but Race’s cuter and prettier imo lol.

  7. Raymond Wong is definitely one of my favourite actors and I think he’s a nice person too. Its nice that he’ll take two months off to look after his son. Aah….. how sweet!!!

  8. Isn’t it in the Chinese culture a good thing that both partners share the same surname? At least it’s not that common in the Hong Kong culture as far as I know.

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