Ruco Chan and Natalie Tong Star in “Power Envoy”

Reuniting with A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄> and Chinatown <唐人街> producer Jazz Boon (文偉鴻), Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), Joel Chan (陳山聰) and Grace Wong (王君馨) started filming for their new fantasy action drama,  Power Envoy <超能使者>.

Natalie Tong Has a Lot of Action Scenes 

Portraying a temporary actress in the drama, Natalie will have many action scenes. Although bruises will be unavoidable no matter how careful she is, Natalie trusts the filming crew and is not too worried about getting hurt.

As she is close with Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Grace Chan (陳凱琳), who is speculated to be pregnant with a second child, Natalie was asked whether she has the inside scoop. “Really? They announced it? I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s true–at least, I don’t think it’ll be this quick? Last time I was at a beauty label event with Grace, she was still very skinny and wore high heels. She didn’t seem pregnant. However, I do wish they would have another baby soon. Kevin really wants a girl, so I hope they can have children of both genders. I’ll tell him to work harder.”

Ruco Gets Chance to Pursue Music Dreams

At the blessing ceremony today, Ruco revealed that he has been given a second chance to revive his old music dreams with the possibility of a new contract. Initially wanting to be a singer at the outset of his entertainment career, Ruco’s record company ran into financial problems and closed down before his album was released.

The 43 year old said, “I’m currently in talks with two music labels right now – it’s being handled by my manager. When I first debuted, I initially wanted to become a singer. I recorded some songs, but never had a chance to release an album because my contract was terminated. It was a regret and huge disappointment. I’m grateful that TVB has given me so many opportunities with singing theme songs – it gave me confidence to sing again.”

Indicating that he has a lengthy contract with TVB, Ruco pledges his loyalty for years to come. “I’ll be willing to sign until I retire like Bowie Wu (胡楓).” Asked if this will influence him to sign with the TVB’s affiliated music company, Voice Entertainment, Ruco said, “There’s a chance, but it’s more important  for the label and I to gravitate towards the same direction.”

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  1. Not sure about Natalie Tong and action film. She doesn’t look strong enough to be doing action sequences.

    Grace Wong, though, I look forward to her doing some action stuffs.

    1. @pompidur Grace is the actress I look most forward to in this drama. Not so sure about Natalie tho, I don’t think she can do action dramas.

  2. Why Natalie keeps receiving lead roles I can never understand. She’s so boring. Grace Wong has so much more lead presence and charisma than her.

  3. When starring as lead in such a big series ‘The man who kills trouble’ but Natalie still manages to turn boring then I can’t see that much can help her. So much years in the industry and still no on screen presence. Still gets Best Actress then one lead after another. So bizarre!

    1. @jimmyszeto For the independent daughter of a big mob boss, she had no gravitas. That whole series was so lackluster. Vincent is a great actor and has amazing muscles, but he doesn’t have the fluidity for action. There is improvement compared to Fist Fight. The only ones interesting in that series were Eric Li and Stephen Wong. Natalie was a snooze and brought it more down.

    2. @jimmyszeto
      nathalie has always been a bore to watch. don’t know how she made it to a lead. for her saving grace though….the show was boring to begin with anyway.

  4. You’d had think Nancy Wu would be in this drama if vast majority of the people were in A Fist Within Four Walls. Maybe she got replaced by Natalie.
    Also wow 3 dramas of the same exact people and fighting involved. I like all the actors/actresses (meh to Natalie) but all being in the same drama 3 times? Wow.

      1. @luye TVB doesnt usually give work to artists that leave the nest, or it will be years after when they are invited back if they have enough star power.

  5. Really bored of Natalie’s drama. Honestly speaking, even in the dramas she led always, supporting characters outshone her .. yeah Grace Wong better ! Or shall I say Grace should not be compared with Natalie at all. Sorry to say that

  6. Why don’t they just call this AFWFW 3, not much originality, not shocking for TVB. At this rate the next series in this franchise will be a fist in senior nursing home, Ruco Chan is not holding up too well. He looks like everyone’s uncle/father in this pic.

    And isn’t Hong Kong still in the COVID-19 crisis, why is everyone touching everyone, that is utter stupidity at the max, way to be a good example for the public.

    1. @seriously
      I agree that it is beyond stupidity all this touching. Letting their guard down already as of the pandemic never happened. We aren’t fully out of lockdown yet in England and the office I work in is already forming strict guidelines such as gaps in seating and spaced queuing for toilets…

    2. @seriously
      i think if i didn’t mistaken, gigi performed for viutv this month with audiences in the studio. didn’t look like a big studio though probably fitted 100+.

    3. @seriously I think majority of the bans and stay home orders were lifted already in HK…but either way, filming is exempt from the rules supposedly. Last month, when HK government put a ban on gatherings of more than 4 people, TVB still went on filming as usual and was seen having gatherings of way more than 4 people…when they were questioned about it, management claimed that they were exempt. Supposedly TVB is doing temperature checks and sanitizing at the studio and most artists wear masks when not filming, but outside of that, it’s pretty much been business as usual for them…ViuTV also has been filming as usual…

  7. Nice pic of Grace & the girls! Tiffany looks so pretty & Kelly is getting opportunities. She was the prettiest in her pageant year, but didnt make it to top 3.

  8. I am tired of seeing the same combination of actors too. Natalie is so dull. Ruco and Natalie didn’t have any sparks in previous dramas, hopefully Chinatown will surprise me. I rather Ruco be paired with Grace or Moon who both had more chemistry with him in AFWFW. Or couldn’t they have Ali in there? Anyone else?

    It’s suppose to be a superhero drama. Natalie can play a Mary Jane type character, boring damsel in distress. Much rather have a strong Jessica Jones type or sexy Catwoman (without silly costumes).

    1. @potatochip
      One not released yet by the erratic Jazz Boon and they are already making a new one. Have they ruled out that Chinatown might not be a flop too. Not forgetting that previous crappy ‘Unholy Alliance’…

      1. @jimmyszeto The premise of Chinatown sounds so uninspiring. It’s going to be a rehash of common Kung fu themes. I don’t trust them to not stereotype the Thai storyline.

        UA had some humorous scenes, but it was a big, raunchy, disjointed mess that might have passed as a 2 hr movie but not a 28+ episode series.

  9. Natalie Tong she good for weaker roles… she still lacks a lot in a leading role tbh like this one… TVB just gave her an award because they had to give it to someone running their own blood.

  10. Okay, shocking prediction, not really: Grace is going to overshadow Natalie in this drama.

    On a serious note, why is Natalie the lead actress? I’d prefer Grace…

  11. I do find Natalie characters is a little boring. That’s right it should be Grace, Tiffany or Moon in the action. Tiffany did pretty good with fighting scene in that drama Fist Fight. I’m glad Kelly Cheung is not in this drama I’m tired looking at her avatar nose.

  12. Tvb likes to type cast characters. That’s the reason why Natalie hasn’t had any action scenes or strong character roles. Natalie is the reason why I will watch this drama.

    1. @runnershigh she’s typecasted now because she’s won tv queen. once you’ve won an award, tvb usually pigeonholes you into boring characters. I suspect they think these TV queens no longer need as much variance in their repertoire, so put them on the backburner until they need some heavyweight to play some boring role that requires finesse.

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