Ruco Chan is Not Aggressive in Dating

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Ruco Chan is Not Aggressive in Dating

As the thriller series Eye in the Sky <天眼> completed its broadcast run last week, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) reflected on the filming process and challenges of his vengeful character.

The producer’s original intent was to create a series similar to Heroic Duo <雙雄>, in which Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Ruco’s characters would team up to solve puzzling cases in a light-hearted series. However, as the script evolved, Cheung Lik Hang became  a jealous, pessimistic, and unforgiving character.

“It’s a lot of fun, but both the producer and I had a lot of pressure.” Ruco prepared for the role by chatting with a friend who is a psychiatrist to understand the state of criminal minds better.

Pouring his heart into the role, Ruco’s performance was widely praised. He enjoyed the acting challenge, but does not have any expectations for winning TVB Best Actor. “Now, the votes are made by the public. Sometimes a good performance does not automatically lead to awards. Even if there are no awards, I am happy with others’ acknowledgement. I believe the viewers’ eyes are crystal clear.”

Is Not an Aggressive Pursuer

Although Ruco refused to let go of a tormenting love triangle with Tavia Yeung (楊怡)  and Kevin Cheng in Eye in the Sky, he said he has never been personally involved in such complex relationships. He stressed the importance of having a sense of responsibility and clear understanding of the relationship before becoming involved with someone.

Since Ruco is more introverted, he prefers women who are more outgoing and athletic. “I don’t have limitations. I’m very open and can be friends with people from various places and with different ages. Let’s see who will enter my space.”

He will not take extreme actions when pursuing a woman. He expressed, “Taking initiative doesn’t mean someone will come along. It’s good to leave your doors open to allow communication and if the other party is interested, she will enter. It’s not about actively inviting others in. At my age, dating is not playing around anymore. But I don’t want to scare the other person either.”

As an actor, Ruco realizes that his busy schedule will require understanding and tolerance from his girlfriend.

Didn’t Undergo Plastic Surgery

It has been questioned whether Ruco’s handsome features were achieved through plastic surgery. Ruco expressed, “My face is all natural and I didn’t undergo plastic surgery. When I filmed All That is Bitter is Sweet <大藥坊> last year, I became very sick when I had to film water scenes five times in the winter. In the end, my face just became extremely swollen.” However, he does hope to improve his skin condition given the advent of high-definition broadcasting.


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    1. bubbles23 says:

      Where is that picture of Ruco from? He looks so cute omg.

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    2. funnlim says:

      Plastic surgery rumpur again?? Which part is plastic to you?

      I am surprise he is introverted considering put him next to a pretty lady and he will be very very very very flirtatious. He seems rather outgoing. Maybe the real word is a serious contemplative man? I like the fact that he acknowledges whoever he is gonna date or is dating will be a marriage material which means he will do so seriously. I hope he finds a suitable woman who will help his career.


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      • funnlim replied:

        P/s Outgoing = friendly, approachable, perky
        Athletic = for him nice figure, slim, not skinny

        Do not ever date a Rachel, pls.

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      • tobyy replied:

        I’m a bit shocked that some people can question whether Ruco has plastic surgery. He’s a natural. Can’t see anything plastic with him at all, the hotness is all natural.

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    3. miriamfanz says:

      Oh cool, we can use hashtags now? I like @funnlim‘s #RucoSoHotChan!

      The idea for Kevin and Ruco to team up and solve cases would have been a better idea. And Tavia’s character, what a waste! Wish they kept her as the female sniper like in the sales pres.

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      • funnlim replied:

        That became Vivien except she was no sniper. I swear they mixed sale pres with series in the starting theme song.

        Anyway you can also follow me. I followed you. Search me in members funnlim and follow. Kinda cool.

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        • miriamfanz replied:

          Cool. I like these new features. Would be nice to have a notification bubble at the top that tells you when you have new followers, mentions, etc. @jayne

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      • lml1977 replied:

        Agree…Tavia’s character is a complete waste. Her scenes with her dad are even worst…no relevance at all. Their airtime could have been given to develop Kevin and Ruco’s relationship. And show progressive development of Ruco into the pyscho/evil one that he turned out to be in the end.

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      • jayne replied:

        @miriamfanz Under the top menu, if you click “Activity” you will see the website’s latest happenings. Then one of the tabs has the @ mentions.

        Or if you click on your avatar after logging in. The “activity” will also show all of your @ mentions.

        As more users register and it becomes busier, we can see if we can add the notifications to the personal user activity page.

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      • llwy12 replied:

        @miriamfanz:  Agree with you on the notification piece, but until that’s up and running, in the meantime, you can also set it to email you each time there is a new follower, mention, etc if you want (though of course, if you’re the type who doesn’t prefer emails, probably not a good idea to get bombarded with them).  The biggest thing for me is being able to track which articles I commented on – now I don’t have to spend time searching through articles trying to remember… 🙂

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    4. tobyy says:

      Ruco is too humble. Besides him I can’t think of any other who is eligible to win the TV King this year. His performance in EITS was undeniable although the script was rotten. His eyes said everything!


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      • lml1977 replied:

        Ruco should have won TV King for his portrayal of Sam in Brother’s Keeper and Carson in Ruse of Engagement. Don’t think anyone currently in TVB can pull off those 2 roles better than him. He’s a really really good actor…be it dramatic, emotional or action roles. His facial expressions and eyes can convey a thousand words and deep emotions even without saying anything. He’s TV King in many viewers’ hearts !!!

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        • anneyen replied:

          @lml1977 … totally agree! that is why i vote 100% for Ruco in every nomination category since 2011 for the malaysia award … i will definitely continue to fully support Ruco for TV King this year … i love Eye In The Sky so much beyond any other dramas … after watching almost every TVB drama as a fan for 30 years, Eye In The Sky is the first and only tvb drama that i superbly love until the level of being fanatic … all because Ruco is fantastic as Zheng Lik Hang … his acting is at a totally different higher level, the emotions that he portray feels so deep and touching, and as a viewer im totally absorb and moved by his acting.

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    5. chocobunny says:

      @bubbles23, that pic looks like it’s from Reality Check GPS

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    6. chocobunny says:

      @tobyy He’s an all natural handsome guy. He certainly doesn’t need any PS! It’s his confidence shining through and his 男人魅力 (masculine charm) which makes him hotter and sexier than ever before. And his skin looks great as it is!

      Login or Register before you can reply to chocobunny
      • lml1977 replied:

        Yeah…he’s naturally good looking. He doesn’t need plastic surgery at all…at least not now. Even if he does botox 10 years later, I think it’s ok. It’s understandable if he has to botox in future as he is in this cruel show biz…where talent + good looks (+ luck) will keep him at the top of his game. He exudes this confidence and charm which makes him so damn hot and sexy.

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    7. holiday says:

      I don’t think ruco had any plastic surgery he looks the same as he did when he first debuted in atv he’s just a little more built now and before he was a bit scrawny back in atv

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    8. zeeke says:

      I can aggressively date him if he wants.

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    9. dramadrama says:

      Liked him since he was in atv. But he was also just given ****** role. Loved him now!!! Hope tvb can continue to groom him!!!!

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