Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui’s Properties Are Valued at RMB 400 Million

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Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui’s Properties Are Valued at RMB 400 Million

With the exposure of Andy Hui’s (許志安) infidelity and earlier rumors that Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) moved out of their love nest in Repulse Bay, reporters took the initiative to look at the properties under their names. Since the two are veterans in the entertainment business by now, they both have a lot of wealth and have taken an interest in owning properties. The couple allegedly has more than RMB 400 million worth of properties, but none of them are of joint ownership. It is believed their finances are independent of each other.

In 1990, two years after her debut, Sammi purchased her first unit at South Bay Garden in Repulse Bay for RMB 3.23 million with a current market price of RMB 30 million. After getting a taste of real estate, Sammi became obsessed. Nine years later, she used her company’s name to buy a unit overlooking Victoria Harbour at Trafalgar Court in Tai Hang. It holds a market value of RMB 90 million currently.

Sammi’s other properties also include a unit at Grand Garden in Repulse Bay, a unit at Elegant Garden in the Mid-Levels, the upper level of Cavendish Heights in Jardine’s Lookout, and a place at Seacliff Mansions in Repulse Bay. She fully paid off all the mortgages for her properties already.

As for Andy, he bought his first property in 1993 for more than RMB 5.7 million. But he sold the unit at Lily Mansions Whampoa Garden in Hung Hom for RMB 10.3 million five years later.

Afterward, Andy bought and sold a few more places – some at a loss and others at a profit. Unlike Sammi, he’s not one to be sentimental about properties. However, he does have two long-term units under his name. In November 2010, he purchased a unit at Yukon Court in the Mid-Levels for RMB 24.28 million. Its market value went up to RMB 60 million currently, and the mortgage is fully paid off. However, the mortgage for his other property at Ridge Court in Repulse Bay is not fully paid off yet, but it also has a market value of RMB 60 million at the moment.

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3 comments to Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui’s Properties Are Valued at RMB 400 Million

  1. coralie says:

    Most of HK’s real estate costs are created by an inflating bubble. I can’t see how this is sustainable especially when most of the land is kept unused to keep land prices artificially high. Real estate is only worthwhile as an investment if the plan is to sell back within 5-10 years. If keeping to receive rent, it is risky business.

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  2. megamiaow says:

    None of their properties are joint? Is that normal? (Asking as single unmarried person)The one they live in must be surely.

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    • littlefish replied:

      @megamiaow it’s a sign basically. While you can keep most of your finance separately, you should have some joint estate/finance to show a decent amount of trust and work together as a couple. Like you said their current house that they live together should be a joint estate. While it might be normal for celebrity to keep their finance separate from one another, it tends to be more normal for couple who only see 10yrs together with one another. Whereas other long term couple will just do joint estate, especially for their loved nest.

      My Hk friend’s key condition with her bf before married is that they need to own house together (can be after married, but it must be together), while her bf’s condition is to own a house before married, so it took them a long time to get married but they got there! My point is traditional Asian seems to value joint estate as a couple.

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