Shirley Yeung Turned Down Marriage Opportunity Because of Daughter

To celebrate and commemorate her 40th birthday, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) released a sexy pictorial. With her killer body and youthful features, the single mother had a fair share of pursuers these past few years. But Shirley sacrificed the chance to get married since taking care of her daughter, Krystal Yeung (楊卓穎), is still her top priority.

Shirley confessed, “I have pursuers. If someone is pursuing me solely because I’m an artiste, then I wouldn’t be interested. It’s hard for an artiste, because while everyone knows me, I have a hard time trying to get to know someone new. What is his background? It’s difficult to see if we are compatible or not.”

Among her pursuers, there was one man whom Shirley regretted missing the opportunity to get married. Two years ago, a man had wanted to get married with Shirley. “At the time, my daughter was four years old. The man was more mature and was around 50 years old. Everyone told me he was a good catch. Thinking back, it is quite regretful. He had a career, was financially stable, cared for me, and cared for my daughter. This missed opportunity was my fault. It wasn’t that my daughter wasn’t ready; it was me who wasn’t ready yet. I wasn’t brave enough and didn’t feel secure enough. In my current stage, I have to be absolutely sure that this person loves me whole-heartedly. After he professed his feelings, he made it clear that he wanted a wife. But I was worried because I couldn’t understand how he could profess so soon after we met? We were not that familiar with each other yet, so I thought we should stay friends for a while first. But we waited too long. In the end, we couldn’t even stay friends.

“Many people have asked me whether I still have faith in love. I do,” Shirley said. With Krystal already six years old, perhaps Shirley can have more time for her romantic life again.

Krystal is Growing Up

Krystal’s personality is the complete opposite to her mother’s. While Shirley is gentle and quiet, Krystal is vivacious and energetic. Shirley shared, “We communicate a lot better now. When she was two or three years old, I didn’t know how much she understood what I said. Right now, it is more interactive. She would express her feelings to me and I enjoy listening to it. She’s growing up.”

Ever since giving birth to Krystal in 2012, the mother and daughter pair have been scrutinized under the media. Krystal grew up under the limelight. “Everyone wants to have a perfect family. But sometimes, you don’t get to have everything you want. Even if both your parents are alive and healthy, there are instances where they are separated. As a single mother, I have to take care of a lot of things myself, big or small. I just do my best. I will never be able to fill in the vacant father figure position. All I can do is give her more love.”

Currently in elementary school, how does Krystal feel when she sees her classmates with their fathers? Shirley expressed, “She is very sensible. Her school teachers have taught the concept of family and which members make up a family. She would draw her mother and her grandparents and say, “My family consists of four members. Our family unit has four people.” She has understood this concept since she was young. I will wait until she’s a little older to talk with her about [her father]. I have already thought about how to explain it.”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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  1. Im happy for Shirley and her daughter. Being a single mom is not easy but eventually she made it. Too bad she didnt have any opportunities at TVB 🙁

  2. It seems like she was looking at him based on his quality and assets. It doesnt seem like too much love was involved or she would have gone married him if he was the one. For someone in their 50s I would guess she wasnt really that attracted to him rather than what he can provide. Best not to marry if its just based on that.

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