Shirley Yeung’s New Lover Did Not Repay Debt; Gregory Lee’s Father: “She Boarded the Wrong Pirate Ship!”

Shirley Yeung ruthlessly dumped boyfriend of nine years, Gregory Lee, and attached herself to Hong Kong national ex-diver, Andy Ng (吴帅). However, despite picking cautiously and carefully among the thousands, Shirley still chose Andy Ng who had yet to repay his debt! 

The day before, it was revealed by someone that Andy was still chased by the Small Claims Tribunal Council for tens of thousands owing in arrears since the year 2006! With regards to Shirley falling for the wrong guy, Gregory’s father, Lee Ka Ding, and Gregory’s elder brother, Augustine Lee, joined forces to blast Shirley’s newfound lover.

Lee Ka Ding, “Her eyes didn’t know better and she boarded the wrong pirate ship!” Lee Ka Ding also added that if Andy had ever returned back to Hong Kong in the future, he would definitely be chased by several creditors for his string of debts, “Each guy carry one hammer and he would be knocked dead already!” Augustine ridiculed Andy, “In comparison, of course, my brother is much better!”

The break-up between Shirley and Gregory led to a scolding affair between Shirley and Gregory’s family. After Augustine insisted that Shirley was a “big fat liar,” she followed up and exposed ten big hideous sins of Gregory’s mother and brother, pointing out that they treated her as transparent, threw her belongings carelessly and even accusing Augustine of hitting Gregory. As a result, Augustine was “hopping mad” and wanted to have a face-to-face confrontation with Shirley.

Augustine Scoffed at Shirley For Choosing The Wrong Man

However, just as Shirley and Gregory’s family were in the middle of their heated crossfire, it was uncovered that Shirley had chosen the wrong man. Shirley confessed that she had started dating Andy since May. However, her newfound lover whom she claimed cared for her and was extremely compatible with her, actually has a credibility problem!

Other than borrowing money from his diving team mates, after taking up a job as a diving coach, Andy Ng also borrowed money from his diving students’ parents but not once did he pay them back! The Hong Kong media also unearthed a judgement slip of the Small Claims Tribunal Council. On that slip, it was clearly stated that Andy Ng Sui was chased for payment in 2006 and it was known that the debt owed was tens of thousands. However, the ruling showed that Andy was absent from the hearing! Andy, the defendant, was ordered to pay the plaintiff back the debt owed and on top of that $180 HKD court fees.

Lee Ka Ding Mocked Andy For Hiding From His Creditors

When asked about Shirley’s new boyfriend, Andy Ng, Gregory’s father, Lee Ka Ding, said over the phone, “Ask her to be cautious and look carefully, That person (Andy) has been exposed to be in debt by another guy, he has a bad background, and is even a heartless old groom! Shirley must have been blind then to have chosen him! I can only say that she must have ‘boarded the wrong pirate ship;’ he owed people tens of thousands and fancy him still saying that he wanted to buy a house for Shirley!” 

Regarding allegations that Andy Ng borrowed money from quite a few of his students’ parents but never returned their money, Lee Ka Ding laughed coldly after hearing the news. “If he (Andy) turned up, wouldn’t the parents from his entire diving class would turn up as well? If each person carries one hammer, he will be beaten to death already, right?”

Lee Ka Ding continued to ridicule Andy, “Asking someone for a loan but not returning any of it is not an act of a human, I always teach my two sons–gratitude to other people must be repaid; you cannot act like nothing happened. I am poor but even if one is poor, one must have a backbone. You can’t blame Andy for sneaking around and not having the guts to come out. My son is very generous and forthright, often helping out his friends in need.”

Other than Lee Ka Ding, Gregory’s elder brother, Augustine, despised Andy’s act of borrowing but not returning money. Augustine mockingly laughed and said on the phone yesterday, “The act of a man borrowing and not returning any money is not right. If you compare him to my younger brother, Gregory is definitely not such a person. Of course it is obvious that Gregory’s much better.” When asked whether Shirley had chosen the wrong man, Augustine said, “I will not comment.” With regards to the “discriminating evidence” against Shirley that proved she was the one person lying about the break-up, Augustine expressed that the evidence was in Gregory’s hands.

When reporters asked about Shirley’s accusations that she and Augustine treated Shirley poorly, Gregory’s mother, Shih Ming said, “I don’t wish to reply on anything else. There is nothing worth saying anymore. I don’t wish to care about anything; as a human, it is most important not to harm others.”

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. I see on youtube another person added to the debate. Andy Ng’s friend of many years, Yu Yeut (he’s supposed to be the fellow to introduced Shirley to Andy). He said that Andy is well today, live in an expensive place (forgot the actually price) and is able to support Shirley. He also said Andy has loved Shirley for 11 years. But, because Shirley was with Greg at that time, he didn’t make any move.

    When asked about Andy’s debt rumour, he said he didn’t know about his past financial circumstance, so, can’t comment.

  2. Lee Ka Ding never fails to amuse with his colorful metaphors. He is certainly making front page news with his recent wild exclamations….

    Since Andy did not even pay back his debtors in the amount of tens of thousands of HKD dollars, it is likely that he did not bother to do so, instead of having no money. The amount is not too large for him to be unable to afford it with a job. Thus Lee Ka Ding’s attack on Andy’s principles and questioning his morality.

    Augustine and Lee Ka Ding are quick to seize emergent facts and continue to attack Andy and Shirley every chance they get….

    1. But, the funny thing is Lee Ka Ding said he still cares for Shirley in one of his many colorful interviews. In one Apply Daily interview, he even says he already hold back liao. Didn’t want to ‘put rock on the well when some is down’.

      Check out this interview.

      Lee Ka Ding always give interesting interview. His logic and thinking is very funny.

      Will post the video news later if able to find.

      1. Thanks to Kidd for posting this video.

        WOW!if the reports is true, this Andy is not just a cheater but gambler too.

        Gregory is so nice to begged his father not to say bad thing about shirley to the media again.

        the above video posted by Kidd, TO SHOW why Lee Ka Ding agitates by the break up and the accusations from Shirley.

        At least, Ka Ding had listened to his son’s Gregory advise and he did pity of shirley to have boarded a private ship instead of luxury yacht.

        Ka Ding’s admitted that he is a hot temper kind of guy and is normal for him to blast at that moment but now i can see that he’s bit cool down now and it’s a pity to see she ended like that.

  3. I am begining to believe Shirley’s words about the problematic Lee’s family.. Just look at the consequences for dumping Grey, shirley got blasted by the older Lee and Augustine. If they’re normal and decent family, they wouldn’t blast at Shirley like a wild dog lol. Like what Jayne said above, they will seize any opportunity to launch attack at shirley and her new partner for damaging their family’s image.

    1. so true!!!!
      she is with him for 9 years and left him for a lol..more poor means something really so so wrong with grey n his family dat she rather be with a poorer one than stick with him!

  4. In the beginning I do feel bad for the Lees family but now… o_O seriously, they need to shut up. Shirley has received enough ridicule already. If all they’re saying are true, then they wouldn’t need to say so much. The more they say, the more they’re trying to cover up something. If Greg is not commenting on this, Augustine needs to zip it. He’s creating too much drama and it’s not even his own business. I think it’s reasonable for Lee Ka Ding to blast out at Shirley, but Augustine’s just basking in the limelight right now. If this goes on, maybe the audience won’t even feel sorry for Greg anymore -__-

    1. Augustine and Lee Ka Ding are easy prey for reporters. They seem to be people who will speak their mind and can’t hold back. Reporter just have to give them a call or go up to them to ask for opinion, they will blast away.

      It’s very different from Greg. Nowadays, Greg just remain silent when reporters approach him. Will only answer to questions not related to the relationship matter.

      1. Agree. Lee Ka Ding has a colorful personality, he is ruthlessly honest and amusing. Augustine is a chip of the old block. I find Lee Sr. quite entertaining and I tend to believe his side more than Shirley’s. The latest news is that Cha Sui Yan made a comment that Shirley is digging herself deeper and deeper into a hole with all her little white lies.

      2. @ Lacey

        I’m reading a thread in HK Forum where they bring back the ‘Angel of Mission’ rumour where Charmaine and Sonija supposedly boycotted Shirley. They reanalyse the situation and also bring up some issue during the filming of come back clan. It seems that Shirley is prone to telling little white lies and also didn’t get a long well with people on the set.

      3. @Lacey:

        Speaking of Eileen Cha, her again! I think this woman should refrain from commenting, isn’t she the culprit who first sparked the rumor that Cecilia was a greedy woman who coveted most of Nicholas’ wealth and somehow or another, caused future trouble in their already troubled marriage (Cecilia doubted how Eileen could know all these intimate details and suspected Nicholas to be the one who blubbered away to her)

        Sometimes I wonder why Eileen Cha is willing to be a puppet and allow her friend, Deborah Dik, or perhaps Nicholas be her puppet-master. No doubt it will increase her radio show ratings but she should have given some thought about the bigger situation and Cecilia’s “face”.

      4. *I meant further not future, sorry typo error! 😡

      5. Yes, I remember reading about that during the set of “Angel of Mission” too.
        As for this Shirley’s scandal, getting extremely boring now. Too much drama!!!Shirley is grown woman, she make her own choices for her life, good or bad, right or wrong, the person will pay the consequences is hersel ownself.
        Haha!!! Will be more drama, if couple months later there news Shirley is pregnant, LOL!!!

      6. @Kidd:

        Now that’s interesting! Unearthing some skeletons in the closet!

        But I thought @Sehseh previously cleared that up as Shirley’s lack of common topic and interests between the already bffs Charmaine and Sonjia?

        Hmm…but the suspicion that you brought up about Shirley’s poor behavior back then could not entirely be wrong. Given Shirley’s many years in the television industry, it comes across being abit weird that the only friend we know she has is Linda Chung, wonder why….

      7. @K

        From the story dig up by the netizens, Shirley wasn’t popular among working crew because she doesn’t want to chip in buying food, but yet was the first one to grab free stuff. Lol.. apparent some reporter caught her doing so, yet the working crew doesn’t step in to say something on her behalf. She was kinda humiliated and had to put back the stuff she took.

        Abt the story with Kiki Sheung, the reporter remarked that Shirley denied being upset but put on a pitiful face when interviewed.

      8. LOL so her true nature has been revealed. Makes sense to me that she acted like a living parasite feeding on Gregory blood while looking for better host bodies.

        Why haven’t TVB frozen her yet? Her image is beyond repair and there are more talented actresses everywhere.

      9. From the story dig up by the netizens, Shirley wasn’t popular among working crew because she doesn’t want to chip in buying food, but yet was the first one to grab free stuff. Lol.. ——– Hahaha!!! Perfectly explain why she have money to buy a flat on her own, because she so cheap. Let even say that she paid for roof repair ($10,000 HKD) which is still cheap considered moving into Greg family house for 5 years of living in Kowloon Tong.
        Finally her truth character coming out, thank you to HK netizens!!

      10. @ Lacey

        Where can I listen to Cha Siu Yan saying this?

      11. “Speaking of Eileen Cha, her again! I think this woman should refrain from commenting, isn’t she the culprit who first sparked the rumor that Cecilia was a greedy woman who coveted most of Nicholas’ wealth and somehow or another, caused future trouble in their already troubled marriage (Cecilia doubted how Eileen could know all these intimate details and suspected Nicholas to be the one who blubbered away to her)”

        Speaking about Cha Siu Yan, if I heard correctly she also commented something “unpleasant” about “how Cecilia’s fans reaction towards her(Cha Siu Yan) is reflecting how Cecilia’s attitude is” – however I still haven’t found her exact comment. Does anyone else heard about this too?

      12. @ Masaharu

        You can check out her blog. She wrote this comment there.

      13. @Sehseh:

        Thanks for clearing that up! Abit ROFL at this line, “Shirley wasn’t popular among working crew because she doesn’t want to chip in buying food, but yet was the first one to grab free stuff”

        Hmmm…sounds kind of familiar! Well, guess it was her money-pinching act which did her in. Being thrifty is probably a good virtue but sometimes one must strike a balance as being too thrifty might come across as being overly-stingy to some people.

        Kiki Sheung didn’t like Shirley? Oohs, but it can’t be that Kiki has some character problem right since there was a huge turn-out of celebrity friends at Kiki’s wedding? So strange, seems like there’s alot of clash of personalities or moral values in the entertainment industry. But it could also be that Shirley does not have the popularity fate ( 人缘) in her life.

      14. @sehseh,

        Ah, thanks for clarifying that Shirley was already a free-loader at the time! I heard that she didn’t get along with the other two leads at the time, but I never understood the reason. As I follow more and more of Charmaine and Sonija’s news and get to know their personalities, I was pretty sure it was Shirley’s fault.

        As for Kiki, I always felt she had a fiery personality just like some of the roles she plays.

      15. @ Ah K

        The news about Kiki and Shirley is that Shirley stand in the wrong position while filming and Kiki inform her ‘You stand in the wrong position’. Shirley was upset/offended and rush out of the set and cried. She said something before she rushed out.

        Normal people won’t act like that. So, maybe Shirley has personal problem at that time and in a lot of stress?

        Btw, one thing I have notice before and I think I’ve also mentioned it. Shirley was not one of Heidu Chu’s bridesmaids or guests in her wedding even though they competed together in the same pageant. Instead, Heidu has a lot of other pageant participants from other years attending.

      16. @Kidd:

        Ah, I see! Thanks for the information input! I was wondering what sort of conflict did Kiki and Shirley possibly have cause I remembered that they rarely acted together. Guess I need to start googling their filmography to see which drama sparkled that conflict!

        Wow, guess Shirley seems like an ultra-sensitive girl and has probably intentionally/unintentionally offended people even from her early pageant days! 😛

      17. @ Ah Ke

        This Kiki/Shirley incident happen on the set of ‘The Comeback Clan’.

      18. @Kidd:

        Ah yes! It was that drama that they collaborated together, brought back memories indeed! Thank you for pointing it out! 😀

    2. @Kidd – It was only a brief article that I read abt Eileen Cha’s comment. No video clips whatsoever.

      BTW, thanks for the info about Shirley not getting along with Charmaine and Sonjia, this is news to me.

      @Ah K – Cha Sui Yan is the mouthpiece regarding the disintegration of C & N’s marriage. Somehow, you have to admire her to have the guts to spill the beans on air. By doing so, she is prepared for the public reactions whether good or bad. I am sure you are right that the juicy tidbits certainly helps her show’s ratings.

      @sehseh: I had a good laugh about Shirley’s cheapness in not contributing her share. Ha ha. (There is a big difference between the meanings of “cheapness” and “frugality”

      1. @Lacey:

        I agree with what you wrote that we have to admire Eileen Cha’s guts as it does take alot of courage to spill beans about one’s marital problems and in such a public manner.

        Yes, Eileen Cha does seem like a strong-headed woman with clear disregard to what others think about her. However, if it was me though, I doubt I would be able to do so as I would feel guilty for life, especially knowing that I had indirectly played a part in ruining someone else’s marriage. So sometimes I really wonder how Eileen could actually act like nothing had happened and continue to criticize others? Life isn’t always about her, her, her ratings and herself, sometimes we have to take into consideration the feelings of others before we do anything to benefit ourselves. That is one thing I simply don’t get and probably don’t wish to find out.

  5. I think Lee’s Family really hurt, just let them blow up…the fast it gets blow the fast it cool down,,, better if they hold guts inside of them

  6. I think that the Lee family is definately seizing this opportunity for media coverage. I mean before this incident…Gregory was basically known as “Shirley’s boyfriend” and the others were her future in laws. Especially his brother Augustine…it’s like I feel that Shirley and Gregory have already let go…but he keeps coming out and speaking. I was reading in Eastweek on their coverage on this breakup…and it was interesting to see how they pointed out that the Lee family is somewhat strange (I forget the exact term they used…but something like that). It basically said that in 2000 Gregory’s parents divorced and it was pointed out the mother was beaten by the father. His response was that he would never hit a women. As for the mother…she expresses that she can see dead people and can communicate with spirits from the other world. Augustine openly told reporters that he can see things that occured in previous lives…and claims that Gillian Chung was his wife in his previous life and will persue her again (I do remember watching his interview before on TV and he was saying that he bought flowers for her and will write a script for her to film).

    I do think that the way Shirley handled this situation was pretty stupid. However after reading her interview with Ming Pao…I felt that she probably did all those things like attend his bday party and had dinner with him because she felt bad for dumping him. She probably didnt want to speak up…but perhaps its all the things that the Lee family has said that made her clear things up.

    1. Choco,
      Your comment mentioned that Shirley may have intended to attend Gregory’s bday party in the capacity as a friend. However, Augustine said that she went back home with the Lee family and slept with Gregory in his room on the same night. If this were true, it indicates that Shirely was likely caught between two men as late as May time frame.

      1. maybe she sleeps with her friends which is normal for her hehe

  7. Lee Ka Ding and Augustine’s protective words towards Gregory and bashing of Shirley is getting boring. You two, shock me and say something different! 😀

  8. Also, I found it hilariously ironic how some here were saying that what comes around goes around and that sooner or later, Shirley will be dumped. And just 2 weeks after the outbreak of their break up, her new bf is accused of being financially indebted! And according to most of our assumptions, Shirley choose Andy over Gregory despite loving the latter more (maybe, just guessing) is due to financially practicality.

    Har har har har…

    Hope tomorrow’s headlines aren’t about Shirley trying to reconcile with Gregory, claiming that it was all a publicity stunt to get Gregory’s name out there so he can have more working opportunities. 😀

    1. Tomorrow headlines will be:
      hahaha. u all pick a wrong guy..Andy is not my pursuer….is someone else who is 10 times richer than Gregory…..

      1. Lmao, that is what another tabloid claimed yesterday. That Shirley real boyfriend is actually Andy’s billionaire boss.

      2. Sehseh, that’s hilarious. So what’s Andy’s role? As the scapegoat only? Hehe 😛

        This Shirley/Gregory gate is getting more unpredictable day after day. Hehs.

      3. @Masaharu

        The tabloid said that Andy introduced Shirley to his boss, a 45 yrs old multi-billionaire. He even bought a mansion for Shirley in Beijing. Since Shirley was pictured shopping with Andy, she went ahead to use him a smokescreen.

        I don’t really believe the story though. Lol…

  9. Even though I don’t understand much Cantonese, I gotta say the appledaily animations are hilarious! Between that and the dad’s rants, this whole affair is easily more entertaining than anything the tvb scriptwriters can come up with.

  10. Now I’m fed up with Lee Ka Ding and Augustine. They are getting over.

  11. Lee Ka Ding: “The only thing we did is being poor people” LOL

  12. I can’t blame Lee Ka Ding and the family’s behaviour and attitude towards Shirley. They find it very difficult to forgive her for the lousy way she treated Gregory. If I was in that family I would feel exactly the same, cause she was in the wrong. If the roles had been reversed and Gregory had dumped Shirley for someone else and then exposed the whole story to the world, I would definitely have sided with her, because it means that he was in the wrong. I am not the type to just stick up to family whether they are right or wrong. I only stick up for what I believe is right.

    1. Seriously, the relationship between mister G and Shirley ended, one person got hurt, the other person made a fool of herself whilst announcing the break-up, the story should ended there….BUT…the brother and father were and are reluctant to give up their spotlight. Their continuous action at the moment is going to do more harm to Gregory, especially if he wants to find another girlfriend in the not too distant future.. Who in their right mind would even consider dating him after reading and listening to the brother and father go on and on talking trash about the ex-girlfriend.….Any potential girlfriend of Gregory would be scared “s*****” and her family would be wise to caution her that if things do not work out there will be hell to pay from the brother and father.

  13. In one of the videos, did Lee Ka Ding also confirm that Shirley’s mom doesn’t like Gregory? Based on my limited Cantonese, he says that Gregory drove Shirley and her mom to eat and while he went to park the car, Shirley calls and says that her mom doesn’t want to be seen eating with him? If that is true, I can understand why Greg doesn’t like to be around her and doesn’t initiate any contact with her. He also says something about Gregory right after that, can anyone translate?

    Like Jayne commented a few days ago, at the end of the day, this is a heartbreaking story. It’s a testament to their early love that they lasted as long as they did, considering the problems with both families. I’m curious, from HK netizen comments, is the public generally on Gregory’s side still? Or I wonder if the sentiment is different than from those in Western cultures?

    1. @Jenny:

      Yes, what you have interpreted was confirmed in one of the articles today, will be translating out and emailing Jayne in a while! 😀

      Hmm…according to this article (, there are 139 netizens who supported Shirley and they even had an online support rally for Shirley -_-“

      1. There’s netizens who support Shirley and there’s netizens who support Greg. There are also some who unsupport Shirley but didn’t support Greg either. Others just watch movie.

      2. Ah K,
        Thanks for your passionate contributions and dedication lately!

  14. I just read an old interview of Gregory that was done before the break up.

    Everyone say Shirley suffered a lot for this relationship, being frozen and all. But, Greg suffered even more. For as long as he dated Shirley, he has been portrayed by media as eat soft rice. Even people on the street look down on him and there’s people who openly made fun of him. But, the truth is, his and Shirley’s financial are independent of each other.

    I think him being so damn quiet now is partly caused by all these years of criticism and slanders where he just bears it all.

    I’m trying to translate the interview. Hope it’s successful. Long time didn’t translate any article liao.

    1. I think it’s sad all-around how both of them have been through so much hardship as a result of their relationship. Even in their post-breakup interviews, both have mentioned that in the past, they would try to solve problems together. To me, it is almost like an ‘us against the world’ mentality. I know that it is highly unrealistic, but the romantic in me hopes that they can reconcile in time. If not, at least still be friends once this mess is all over.

    2. Hi Jayne.

      I have emailed you the translation. Please read the first email and take the attached text from the last email. Those in the middle can ignore.

    3. Hi Jayne

      Did you receive my email with the article submission. I didn’t receive any reply from you. I’m just worried that my email didn’t reach you. The email address is [email protected], right?

      1. @Kidd:

        Yupp, the email address you provided is correct! 😀

        Maybe give Jayne some time, I also emailed some articles to her but I think she’s still busy working now since it’s still Friday now over in the United States? 😀

      2. Hi Kidd,
        I got both your article and Ah K’s…I was able to post only some articles last night around 12 midnight. I will continue to post the remaining articles I got, including yours. 🙂

      3. @ Jayne

        10s. Just know that the article reach you safely will be enough. 🙂 . Just want to make sure (b’cos I sent you many copies. Sorry about that). The correct one is the txt file ‘Greg Lee Interview (revised)2.txt’

  15. Why would a young girl, Shirley Cheung, give up nine precious years of her life going out with someone she looked down on. What sense does that make. She thought she had a prince but he was a wimp who allowed his family to torment Shirley. And Gregory’s father saying that they (the family I presume) were ready to set the wedding date. What hogwash. You want to tell me that grown, rusty couple were not allowed to decide for themselves.

    1. I do find it strange. She gave up 9 years of her youth, putting career at risk because of her relationship just so to become a ‘freeloader’? Esp when youth is important in this type of industry.

      Wouldn’t it make more sense if she just rent a place. I’m sure her earnings will be much much more and rent can easily be covered. In this sense, she sacrificed the most.

      I think she really loved him but guess she kind of dishearten and gave it up due to his family problem.

      She definetly didnt handle it well.

      1. Maybe it’s a combination of both. She loves Greg but also stingy. Of course, she won’t be together with Greg just for the free house rental. I believe she really does love Greg. But, her being stingy and feel that living with Greg’s family free can save more money can also be true.

        Ebenezer Scrooge is also filthy rich, but, still very stingy. So, it’s not a matter of whether she can afford to rent a place or not. It’s the thinking.

  16. Am I the only who find it wrong for the whole family to come out to support Gregory’s past relationship with Shirley? I understand the whole family-stick-together mentality, but that pose of Gregory and his dad posing is too much. Let Gregory stand up for himself… hopefully he does for his sake.

    1. That pose is for the series ‘Boxing King’. Both Lee Ka Ding and Gregory has a role in the series. There are actors with this pose standing beside Greg and his dad. The magazine just cut them out.

  17. Okay so does that mean that she didnt leave for money?

  18. Okay so does that mean that she didn’t leave for money?

    1. @Jwr:

      Not sure but in the article, Andy was exposed to be a “heartless old groom” (空心老倌) and after googling it, it meant a person who loves to put up a deceptively rich front when in fact he is poor (an empty shell)

      And in the latest article I sent Jayne, it was revealed that Andy was heavily in debt due to his borrowings to woo Shirley (so Shirley probably mistakenly thought he was rich?) but now even if the truth was revealed that he was in fact not rich and putting up a false front all this while, Shirley was allegedly pregnant with this child so she has no choice but to stick with him.

      However, right from the first interview that Shirley gave after the break up, Shirley did clarify that Andy was not a rich businessman as claimed but an average employee.

      In that article, Andy Ng was also portrayed as a man who was extremely thick-skinned to stay at his friend’s Shenzhen home for over a month and even abusing his friend’s trust to steal DVDs and stacks of cash from that friend’s home. And it was revealed that Andy Ng loves patronizing Shenzhen night clubs and he had even lied about living in a high-class luxury apartment when in fact he only lived in a room in a unit of a public housing estate of Hung Hom.

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