Sisley Choi- A New Mortgage Slave

Twenty-eight-year-old Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) has quickly risen the ranks at TVB since her Miss Hong Kong days. In the span of five years, she has already been promoted to female lead actress within TVB and won the My Favorite TVB Female Character Award last year.

With her success, her income has increased greatly and she decided to buy her first home in Tseung Kwan O for the convenience of commuting to work. According to registration details, the unit cost $8 million and is around 519 square feet with two bedrooms.

Due to the added pressure of her new mortgage payments, Sisley has been working very hard with back-to-back dramas. Recently she has been filming TVB movie, Police Story 2019 <警察故事2019> at the police training base in Fan Ling. There was a scene where the police trainer had to spray her face with pepper spray. The director decided to use real pepper spray and even though she used water to wash her face immediately, she still experienced breathing difficulties and teary eyes. Her eyes were still red and swollen throughout the day, but she used eye drops and continued to soldier on.

Source: East Week

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  1. 519 SQ feet?! Insanity. And I hope she’s only renting. 8 mills for a coffin apt isn’t worth it

  2. Just as many others here, i once dislike Sisley too when she first debuted, but now is slowly getting to like her.

    I can see that she is serious to build her career in the entertainment industry, & has been proactively taking efforts to improve her acting skills.

    Her acting still have room for improvements of course, but i believe with her strong determination and the right attitude, she will have a bright future in the industry.

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