Sneak Peak Inside Raymond Lam’s $20 Million Home!

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Since entering the entertainment industry, last year was the most profitable year for Raymond Lam Fung. This was due to his good album sales and concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum. In 2010, Raymond already filmed two movies, “Jade Pearl” with Charlene Choi and “Perfect Wedding” with Miriam Yeung Chin Wah. Raymond also revealed that his family made some financial investments for him, which reaped good profits.

It was a well known fact that Raymond was born in a rich family. His father, Lam Wah Kwok, is a renown real estate developer in Xamen, with the nickname “Xamen’s Li Ka Shing.” Allegedly, Mr. Lam sits on the board of seven real estate and construction companies.

In 2010, Raymond will juggle himself between television, film, and the music industry. He will release a Mandarin album, act in two movies, and film a television series in March.

Earlier, Raymond secretly bought at 1,186 square feet $20 million luxury home. The luxury condominium home is called “Island Crest” and is  located in Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong Island. Kelly Chen Wai Lam’s younger brother, Victor Chen, also purchased a home in the same building as Raymond.

According to property listings, “Island Crest” is a brand new development that opened for sale and occupancy in the second half of 2010.  Island Crest’s facilities include a Club House, outdoor pool, massage pool, reading area, gym, billiard room, club bar, games room, jacuzzi, jogging track, playground, sauna, and steam room.  There are 488 units for sale located inside the building. It is likely that Raymond bought a two bedroom, two bath unit located in the higher floors, which would offer a 180 degree view of the harbor.

Below are photos of apartment units for sale at Island Crest:

Article Source: Appledaily

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Jayne: Raymond Lam is one of the most eligible bachelors in TVB. He’s handsome, talented, and rich, a lethal combination!

Found additional photos of Raymond’s new home on Google. Hong Kong properties are very expensive. Island Crest’s price per square foot is approximately $17k! IMO, the outer appearance of the building, lobby, and elevator areas are not very striking. The bathroom looks nice, but still not that big.

Now you know what Raymond Lam’s bathroom looks like (if he decides not to renovate it)! And what view he sees everyday when he wakes up in the morning!

$20 million is a big price tag for a somewhat small space though….

10 comments to Sneak Peak Inside Raymond Lam’s $20 Million Home!

  1. gronk says:

    Wow! It looks so fancy.

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  2. jayne says:

    I especially like the CG rendering of the outdoor swimming pool and the tree-filled garden.

    I hope this post wasn’t too voyeuristic into Raymond’s private life. But for overseas fans, it’s a rare glimpse into the type of “dream homes” celebrities always talk about buying.

    The photo of the kitchen looks small. My speculation is that Raymond bought a 2 bedroom apt and may knock down 1 bedroom to covert an open-kitchen look?? According to the property open house listing, this conversion is possible in many apartment set-ups.

    Btw, he did not buy the 3,000 sq ft penthouse in Island Crest, which is the most expensive unit offered.

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  3. Jamie says:

    such a hefty price tag for such a small apartment, but then again, there’s all those cool facilities

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  4. Lorena says:

    Hi Jayne!

    Loving the new website!!

    And yes, Raymond is DEFINITELY an eligible bachelor in HK. The photos good great but I agree…the building and lobby do not have this “POW” effect that I would expect from such a high price apartment.

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  5. jayzemine says:

    Wow, nice view but for a very high price. And yes, Raymond is very very hot!

    Glad you are back Jayne. Love the new site.

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  6. Jaray39 says:

    I think he bought it for the location rather than for the structure. The pool’s nothing to shout about, the bathroom’s small and the kitchen is non-functional. Nothing about the place feels luxurious. Surely there are better looking places for half the price. The external facade of the twin towers looks awful, but the view is something else, especially if it’s from the upper floors.

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  7. Joyce says:

    I guess this is considered a luxury home in HK? It looks so small and cramped…. I’m sure Raymond is use to living in houses that are a lot larger than this one. Maybe he purchased it for investment purposes?

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  8. John says:

    I’m guessing thats 20 Million hk right? if that was 20 mill US, he could have bought like that whole building.

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  9. Kidd says:

    $20 Million for a 2 bedroom apartment?

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  10. Funn Lim says:

    Property is expensive in HK. The price may be more for the view plus location. 2 bedroom may sound small but it could have a large common area, etc

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