Sonija Kwok Wants a Son

A sun-kissed Sonija Kwok (郭羨妮) made a rare appearance a few days ago to show support for a skincare brand. The former TVB actress shared that her family—including her mother, husband, and daughter—recently went to Phuket and Vancouver for summer vacation. She originally planned on spending the rest of summer in break, but she has to get back to work to search for a primary school for her daughter Kylie, who turned five years old in May.

“Choosing a school feels like shopping,” said Sonija. “I found about ten schools. I’m going to register for the local schools first. I hope she gets into my old school.”

A few days earlier Sonija shared some old childhood pictures of herself, and netizens pointed out that Kylie really resembles her. Asking if she would want her daughter to audition for Miss Hong Kong, she said, “Everyone’s been asking me this. I would like for her to finish her education first. She does like to perform, dance, and do exercise.” (Would you like to do a reality show with her?) “I can consider that. I would want her to see more things.”

Sonija revealed in an earlier interview that she would love to chase a son. Asking if it’s been a success, she said, “Nothing yet. It’s making me very anxious. I want to focus on my work first.”


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    1. @passingby Now now, that’s definitely an unflattering photo of her (she has pics in IG and she looks fine). That’s the thing with aging – beautiful people can’t escape it either (aside from some lucky ducks). Plus, Sonija is mixed race – I wonder if her Caucasian side means she’ll age faster (don’t want to offend anyone but that is a fact).

      1. @lyu310 of cos everyone ages lol. She looked like she did some ps to try to reverse the ageing process cos she looks kinda different now, not the “growing older” type of different . I hvnt seen her IG pics but they cld hv been photoshopped, no one will put up unflattering pics of themselves on social media.

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