Sunny Chan Teaches 9-Year-Old Son a Father’s Responsibility

Fifty-year-old Sunny Chan (陳錦鴻) was one of TVB’s leading actors, starring in many popular dramas such as At the Threshold of an Era <創世紀>, Secret of the Heart <天地豪情>. In addition to being a well-rounded and respected actor, Sunny is also a dedicated father. Despite achieving great success in his career, family remains his top priority. After learning of his son’s diagnosis with moderate autism, Sunny took an indefinite hiatus from his acting career in order to care for his son full-time.

Sunny’s son, Edgar Chan (陳駕樺), is already nine years old now. Under the attentive and patient care of his father, Edgar has been able to attend a regular elementary school and is performing well. Currently in fourth grade, Edgar is already developing interest in girls.

Sunny shared, “[Edgar’s] ideal girl is someone who is similar to his mother. He even said that after he gets married, he will have a son and name him ‘Little Tiger’. I even helped him prepare a Valentine’s Day gift! It’s a teddy bear.”

When asked how he will approach teaching Edgar about supporting a family, Sunny expressed, “I will tell him that as a father, you will need to work in order to support your family. I will also teach him the [Chinese] phrase ‘Starve your wife in a rotten home (餓死老婆瘟臭屋)’! This will help him understand that if he wants to become a father, marry a wife, and have children, he will need to work hard in school. Afterwards, he will need to work hard at his job. I want my son to have a role model.”

Recently, Sunny made a public appearance as a guest at an event promoting autism awareness.  Sunny shared many of his own experiences and reflected on the lessons he has learned as a parent caring for a child with autism. In order to improve the child’s adaptability, he encouraged parents to respect their children’s wishes and stressed the importance of parents maintaining a calm and peaceful demeanor.


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  1. I love Sunny’s acting, but love even more that he is a family man and such an awesome father! Not many celebrities out there would be willing to sacrifice their careers to the extent he did for his son. He definitely has my respect!

    Coincidentally, I’m currently reading the second book that Sunny wrote detailing his experience taking care of his son the past 9 years (the book is aptly titled “The Lessons My Son Has Taught Me”). It has been a bit of an emotional read so far, but I highly recommend this book (and the first one he wrote back in 2014 as well as the one his wife Ada To wrote back in 2013), even to those who may not be a fan of Sunny’s. It’s not often that a celebrity is willing to share so much about themselves and their families in such a positive way (a way that doesn’t involve gossip and all the negativity that naturally comes from being apart of the entertainment industry)….not only that, there is also much valuable insight on parenting, society, and life in general in this book (and the other 2 as well). I can’t speak for others but I know for me personally, it did lead me to self-reflect on a few things in my own life that I had previously taken for granted.

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