Triads Humiliate Catherine Hung in $4 Million Debt Collection

Former TVB artist, Catherine Hung (洪欣), has been featured in a series of street posters, demanding her to repay outstanding casino debt of $4.11 million HKD.

According to Oriental Sunday, posters with 42-year-old Catherine’s photo demanding her to pay the debts have been plastered all over streets. The posters were seen in crowded areas such as Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal, Happy Valley, Central district, and even TVB City.

Known best for her performance opposite Leon Lai (黎明) in 1993’s The Legendary Ranger <原振俠>, Catherine has focused on filming mainland Chinese dramas in recent years. Although no longer a TVB artist, triads plastered her poster in front of the studio, successfully capturing the media’s attention.

Aggressive Debt Collection Tactics

This is not the first time that triad debt collectors pushed aggressive tactics in trying to collect outstanding millions from celebrities. In 1999, triads called a “rape order” for then 19-year-old Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝) when her father, Cheung Yan Yung (张仁勇), failed to pay back his massive debts.

Since October, a triad handling the debt collection for a Macau casino has been responsible for plastering Catherine Hung’s posters all over Hong Kong and Macau streets, after $4.11 million HKD in debt has reportedly remained unpaid for one year.

The debt collection posters all feature the same head shot of Catherine, but with various slanderous remarks.

In the Central district, the poster had the following text:

Catherine Hung
Don’t believe this darling
She’s an expert in not paying her debts
In the past, she was an actress. Now, she is a cheat!!
Even if she pays back her debt now, it’s no use. Society needs to know about her terrible behavior!

In front of TVB City, a poster with the following text was found:

Miss Hung
Her job is a prostitute and she cameos as a cheat
She takes money and does not return it. Trying to stop us?
Even if you call the cops, you still have to pay back the money!!

Catherine’s Father Owed Debt?

Conflicting rumors emerged as to whether Catherine or her father owed the casino debt.

The debt collector claimed that Catherine had acted as a middle-person introducing new patrons to the casino. She reportedly took advantage to steal $4.11 million in casino gambling funds from accounts that did not belong to herself.

Catherine denied that she owed the debts, claiming that her father had acted as middle-person for the casino instead.

Regardless, desperate debt collectors have used increasingly aggressive remarks to force Catherine to pay back the debts, whether they originated from her or not.


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  1. wow, i remember her face but i think she married a china man and now all of a sudden this? haha..omg, the loan sharks are something else. i guess it does not only happened in those TVB series or they are following the script hahaa…

    1. She married China actor Zhang Dan Feng. I have not seen or heard about her for awhile now.. It is sad that it has to be such negative news…

      1. i agree, she was pretty back w/the leon series and still is w/o makeup. too bad :0(

  2. Call the police. blog on the internet so that even if they get you and turn you into Yammie Lam, your outrage will be on record. This brazen behavior should be unacceptable. It seems like triads rule the roost.

    1. yammie lam, gosh that is another sad sad case. she was so beautiful back then and she has worst life now compare to the women in her genre. WTH happened to yammie lam anyway? its just so damn sad w/her life as u hear from time to time now…. practically homeless, hanging in the streets, smoking and fighting w/neighbors or whatever…awww..sad :0(

      1. @kiki,
        Did you follow our discussions about Yammie?? Many things happened to her that may have caused her to be the way she is now… VERY sad and probably the saddest case for any living former celeb…

      2. @HeTieShou,
        my mom use to love her so she told me a bit here n there but i dont think she knows much thou haha…she told me she was on drugs or met the wrong guys and then no one wants to cast her in anything so shes practically homeless after that hahaa lol..all i thought was OMG, so damn sad since she was so pretty back in the days you know…

      3. @Kiki,
        well many things happened to Yammie as you have heard. First of all, 2 of her former boyfriends committed suicide, her parents both passed away, she can’t get out of her character in that one series(sorry, suddenly forgot the name of the series),got raped in Singapore,etc… The list goes on and on… I also heard another poster here saying that she got possessed by one of her ex friends since she wanted to snatch Yammie’s rich boyfriend back then. Heard that they are not still married… Not sure how true that is. Just one thing after another caused her to be the way that she is now… So sad…

    2. yammie got into this state because of a girlfriend who was envious of her, took a trip together with yammie to thailand and cast a spell on yammie with the help of some ‘sifu’ there, that very same girlfriend is now happily married to yammie’s ex boyfriend, yammie’s parents died and there’s no one to help her

      1. That’s what I heard too, but not sure how true that is… If it is, boy that one girlfriend of hers is surly evil. I can’t believe she can do such a thing.Karma will get her when her time comes…

    3. @ HeTieShou & beware,

      OMG, how horrible for yammie lam. i was still very young when she in those series back then but only thing i remember her is she is really one of the prettiest among that generation of female actresses. so hearing her in this fate at her older age is just so sad. mom tells me she actually leading in some of those series too….sigh…. gosh, hope in some way some old friends at least can give a her hand u know… i mean such a waste for someone like her. i guess nobody cares since shes not really in the TVB circle anymore that is close to her or else how can she be in this predicament? sigh..sad

  3. Wow! It seems the triad rules HK.

    Even the mafia or the Yakuza are not as overt in their respective home turfs.

    1. And how would u know? The yakuza is a “legitimate” organization in japan.

      The triads are illegal, it seems to me the yakuza rule japan more than the triads seem to “rule” hong kong.

      The gweilo mafia is every where in italy.

      These “triads” just plastered posters with het face and some text, no big deal, anyone can do that. The hong kong police have these triads in check

      1. My friend in hk said that since it was returned to china. The central government has managed to wipe out most of the activities and hence most triads have had to move on to legal businesses.

        It’s only plastering posters and not running down the streets fighting with machetes

  4. You lie down with the dogs, you get up with fleas. I’m not all that sympathetic…

    1. I think its her dad. She is popular and makes good money. If she had debts, she would work extra hard and would be able to pay for it. But I guess its her dad, so they did this to humiliate her so she would pay for her dad.

      1. Maybe… or maybe she was strapped for cash (playing someone’s mom in mainland dramas surely can’t be THAT lucrative) and decided to mess with the wrong crowd.

        If it really was her dad, then my statement is directed at him.

  5. I thought she was happily married with a good husband. What happened?

    Maybe TVB will help her and then she will come back to work in TVB to repay the favour.

    I think the debt collector’s conduct this time is quite lenient compare to the ‘rape order’ on Cecilia. That’s really really bad. But, this debt collector just plastered the poster on the street to make her pay, not harming her physically.

    1. That’s what I thought too but I guess things are not always how it looks on the surface…

    2. did cecilia got raped? what a stupid dad to get his child into trouble

      1. She did not get raped as her father contacted the police immediately.

  6. Talk to ET, he might able to help and will call the gangsters to take a walk.

    1. Correct ! What else the dark underworld could help these artists….no problem they are all well protected.

  7. the govt should put a stop to all these moneylending and casino bis, not good for family and nation building

  8. Poor thing , back to 90’s that she’s so pretty .If i am not wrong she got a child with Max Mok and they don’t married at all .
    Since she pregnant that she sudden disappear even there’s a high chance for her to get famous…mmm what a shame .Kinda same case with Shirley Kwan as well

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