“Two Steps from Heaven”, “Blue Veins” and More at HK FILMART

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“Two Steps from Heaven”, “Blue Veins” and More at HK FILMART

TVB promoted twelve of its upcoming television dramas for 2016 at the Hong Kong International Film & TV Market exhibition (FILMART) on March 14. Nearly 50 TVB artists attended the press conference to promote their respective dramas.

As March 14 is White Day, the press’s attention naturally fell on the real-life couples. Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) and Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) were there to promote Two Steps from Heaven <幕後玩家>, while Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Grace Chan (陳凱琳) were present to talk about their first collaboration, Blue Veins <殭>.

Edwin Siu “Not Happy” with Priscilla Wong and Bosco Wong’s Kiss

TSFH bosco wong priscilla wongTwo Steps from Heaven stars Edwin and Priscilla as on-again, off-again lovers. Their relationship complicates when lead actor Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) starts a passionate affair with Priscilla. The trailer shown at the press conference included a clip of Edwin and Priscilla kissing on their wedding day, which then quickly cuts into a passionate kiss between Bosco and Priscilla inside a convertible.

When this part of the trailer was broadcasted, Bosco joked, “What a confusing show!” Edwin then pretended to be mad and said, “I don’t think it’s confusing, but it makes me unhappy! They told me they wouldn’t include this scene! And I thought the kiss was fake?”

Not wanting Edwin to pursue the matter further, Priscilla said, “Let’s talk about this when we get home!”

TSFH edwin siu priscilla wongLead actor Louis Cheung (張繼聰) mischievously added, “Edwin was supposed to kiss another actress, but that scene was cut.” Edwin turned to Priscilla immediately and said, “No! Even if the director wanted me to, I would never agree to it!” Standing awkwardly next to Edwin, Bosco joked, “Am I a stand-in right now?”

In the backstage interview, Edwin turned serious and clarified that he wasn’t actually mad or jealous. “In the script, I am in love with Priscilla, but my character could also see the chemistry Bosco and Priscilla have with each other. Then I would think she looks more like a couple with him than with me. That part was sad… for my character.”

Edwin said he wasn’t on set to watch Bosco and Priscilla’s kiss. Asking Priscilla why she kissed Bosco behind Edwin’s back, Priscilla responded with a laugh, “I told him about it, but he had an early day!” The reporters suggested Edwin and Priscilla to reenact the scene, to which Edwin said, “But I don’t have a convertible.”

What was Priscilla’s gift to Edwin for White Day? Edwin joked, “That kissing scene [with Bosco]!”

Priscilla is not the only actress Bosco gets to kiss on the show. The actor revealed, “I will have kissing scenes with Moon Lau (劉佩玥) and my wife, Katy Kung (龔嘉欣). There will be a lot of intimate scenes. They like to say I’m filming a romantic action film!”

Bosco added that he was pleasantly surprised at how bold the script is, also expressing that he finds the subject matter of the show unique.

Kevin Cheng Romances Grace Chan and Kay Tse

Kevin and Grace’s love story in Blue Veins is less fortunate. In the fantasy show about vampires, Grace, who has unrequited love for Kevin, seeks to become a vampire for him. However, Kevin only has his eyes on her older sister, portrayed by lead actress Kay Tse (謝安琪).

“We really look forward to the show,” said Kevin in the backstage interview. “Everyone, the cast and the crew, worked really hard to make it a success. I do hope that the show can provide something fresh for the audience to see. TVB hasn’t done a show like this before. It’s a fresh collaboration, and there are a lot of action scenes with CG. The style is very different from Captain of Destiny’s <張保仔> CG. I do hope the show will be good entertainment for everyone.”

The actor said he has kissing scenes with both Grace and Kay, but when asked to compare which kiss was more passionate, he said, “What is there to compare? It’s unnecessary. We do whatever that’s in the script.”

Other television dramas promoted at FILMART include:

Come Home Love: Dinner at 8 <愛.回家之八時入席> (Teresa Mo, Wayne Lai, Power Chan)
Over Run Over <EU超時任務> (Vincent Wong, Tracy Chu, Benjamin Yuen)
My Love from the Planet Meow <來自喵喵星的妳> (Moses Chan, Kristal Tin, Nancy Wu)
Presumed Accidents <純熟意外> (Lawrence Ng, Sisley Choi, Selena Li)
Ne Zha and Yang Jian <哪吒與楊戩> (Wong Cho-lam, Linda Chung, Gao Yunxiang)
House of Spirits <一屋老友記 > (Bobby Au-yeung, Nancy Wu, Joyce Tang)
Law dis-Order <律政強人> (Alex Fong, Liu Kai-chi, Mandy Wong)
Dead Wrong <致命復活> (Roger Kwok, Joey Meng, Kenny Wong)
Brother’s Keeper II <巨輪II> (Edwin Siu, Kristal Tin, Louis Cheung)
A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄> (Ruco Chan, Nancy Wu, Benjamin Yuen)

Source: On.cc, TVB.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

10 comments to “Two Steps from Heaven”, “Blue Veins” and More at HK FILMART

  1. yummiki24 says:

    Well its okay to presume that tavia isnt there. Her last healer wasnt part of the promotion (Airing soon anyways.). Fingers crossed after the new changes in TVB she will stay!

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  2. llwy12 says:

    Out of the 12 series, I’m only interested in Dinner at 8 (for Teresa, Power, and Wayne) and Law Dis-order (obviously for Uncle Chi, since I’m not fond of the rest of the cast for the most part). Also, as much as I love Roger Kwok, kind of tired of seeing him paired with Joey Mung in like every series, so not really interested in Dead Wrong at this point.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I’m starting to get really annoyed with the ‘over-exposure’ of the Kevin/Grace and Edwin/Priscilla relationships, which is why I was totally turned off by TVB’s tactic of using them as promotion ‘centerpieces’ at Filmart. Argh…

    If those 12 series are the ones TVB is planning to air this year, then looks like it will be yet another lackluster year with nothing much worth watching, IMO. With additional players entering the market this year, all the more reason to check out what they have to offer….

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    • bearbear replied:

      @llwy12 I know what you mean about the two real-life couples. Each time we hear about either of them, it’s always about their love life and as if we need to hear more, TVB showcases their love in events.
      Presumed Accidents seems quite interesting though I am not a fan of Sisley. There are also and Dinner at 8 and Law dis-Order. Liu Kai-chi has always been a good actor, love him in Justice Pao (TVB).

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  3. dutchguy says:

    TVB-series BLUE VEINS was partly shot here in Holland. Sadly I didn’t know the shooting schedule. Some people I personally know went to take a look at several locations. It must have been nice. Chloe Yuen Yee, one of the cast members, was born and raised in Holland. She used to be the assistant in the former TVB-programme MINUTES TO FAME with Hacken Lee+Joey Leung.

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  4. elizabeth says:

    I am interested in “Law Disorder”, “Dinner for 8” and “A Fist Within Four Walls:. I wish DF8 was not related to “Come Home Love”, but oh well, I like Teresa Mo so I’ll tune in for it any way. I am so happy that “The Last Healer” is airing soon.

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    • llwy12 replied:

      @elizabeth Yea, I don’t get why TVB has to link everything up to Come Home Love.  It’s obviously an entirely different series, so what’s the point of using the CHL title?  Seems to me they are trying to ride on the popularity of CHL again and probably hoping that linking it to that ‘brand’ will somehow make it just as popular?  Don’t know the reason behind it, but it does seem like such an unnecessary move to me…

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  5. olivegarden says:

    Have just watched the “Two Steps from Heaven” trailer and surprisingly it was quite interesting. Didn’t expect the dry plot could turn out that way. Still wish Tavia was a female lead instead of Priscilla though. However, Bosco and the other two men can make it work. Looking forward to seeing this show.
    Also, the Blue Veins…haven’t seen the trailer yet but a combination of Kevin plus Holland scenery plus interesting storyline works for me. So this drama is a must see for me as well.

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  6. piper says:

    I’m actually excited for these series. The only ones I’m not interested in are 來自喵喵星的妳 and 哪吒與楊戩. So I’ll probably be skipping those. As for Dinner At 8 I really wish they’d drop the Come Home Love title. I’m a fan of the sitcom, but this a new show and it’s time to move on.

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  7. kaykay408 says:

    No love for my Natalie Tong? 🙁 I’m really wondering why TVB doesn’t want to promote her. She’s a very capable actress IMO. She was also very good in Sunday’s stage fight show. Even Lisa Wang was shocked at how good she was and kept praising her.

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