Vincent Wong, Kenneth Ma’s Feelings After TVB Anniversary Awards

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Vincent Wong, Kenneth Ma’s Feelings After TVB Anniversary Awards

Winning the TV King award based on his well-received performance in Legal Mavericks <踩過界> Vincent Wong (王浩信) opened up about the struggles during the earlier days in his career.

Recognized for his acting talent and rising in ranks over the last few years, Vincent said the road to success was definitely not an easy one. Recalling the days when he and C-Kwan (C君) did not even have money to buy cheese buns and when his bank account balance was in the double digits, Vincent said, “I was really angry at myself back then. [How long was this period of struggle?] One to two years. I only had income during some days. I’m thankful that my family took care of me during this time and didn’t expect me to bring home a lot of money.”

Continuing to work hard in the new year, Vincent already started filming for his new crime thriller drama Fist Fight <兄弟>. Asked if he will ask for a salary raise, Vincent said, “As long as it’s suitable; I’ll let the company take care of it.”

Kenneth Ma Reflects on Losing TV King

Losing the TV King race again this year, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) expressed that he is not disappointed and is happy for Vincent. Winning the My Favorite Male Character award for hit series, The Exorcist’s Meter <降魔的>, Kenneth laughed, “I’m already happy that I got two awards. I understand why some fans felt bad for me and I’m very thankful.” Asked if he felt the My Favorite Male Character award was just a consolation prize, Kenneth said, “Of course not! Any type of reassurance for my TV character is a big prize to me.”

Besides planning to celebrate the excellent ratings of the award show that night, which peaked at 29 points, TVB senior executive Felix To (杜之克) revealed that the company hopes to strengthen presence in the Taiwanese, Singaporean, and Malaysian markets by incorporating more join ventures with Mainland China. Adding a total of 10 joint productions to their TV lineup this year, Felix hopes to widen TVB’s recognition in the Asian TV market in the new year.

Source: Oriental Daily

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Vincent Wong, Kenneth Ma’s Feelings After TVB Anniversary Awards

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  • 6 comments to Vincent Wong, Kenneth Ma’s Feelings After TVB Anniversary Awards

    1. jjwong says:

      Funny how almost every artist recounts how poor they were right from the bat. Literally and apparently everyone struggled. So what? They were 20s then. Lots of 20s struggled when they were that young. Stop jumping on this band wagon.

      So 29 is excellent/ acceptable enough for a celebration now? Glad the crew gets a free meal but that’s pretty low standard, no?

      What does strengthen in Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia presence have to do with collaborating with China? Is Cdrama more popular in these countries? Does China have more influence or outlet in these countries? Hasn’t HK been involved and has roots in these countries already?

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      • llwy12 replied:

        @jjwong As if the emphasis on Mainland co-productions isn’t enough of a deal-breaker for me, it is apparent that Wong Jing will essentially be “taking over” TVB now too (his company recently signed huge deals with TVB and Shaw Brothers and it is being reported that the anniversary awards were rigged to favor the artists participating in his upcoming projects). So basically, in the coming years, TVB audiences can “look forward” to seeing more series along the lines of “Bet Hur” – not only that, there will undoubtedly be a plethora of remakes / reboots / sequels, etc. that will grace the screen in coming years as well, since Wong Jing has a well-known penchant for “recycling garbage” both with his movies as well as TV series (and with Wong Jing’s “influence” infiltrating TVB’s sister company Shaw Brothers now too, don’t be surprised if they move into producing category III films in the near future as well). Argh….so I guess this means that I will finally be abandoning TVB altogether in the coming years, since I have no intention of watching the crap that will undoubtedly come out of that station with Wong Jing “not officially but indirectly” running things….

        Login or Register before you can reply to llwy12
        • jjwong replied:

          @llwy12 It’s pity that TVB and mainland flock to WJ. I seriously find his creations (movies, shows, etc) repulsive, unimaginative, vulgar and boring. First time, it might be funny because of fresh and shock. 3-4 decades of it though?? o_O Must handed to him though. He has to be some kind of smart to build himself a high position in his empire. Good for him. Bad for us 🙁

          Wonder if he’ll run TVB to the ground like he did with ATV? I couldn’t finish Bet Hur nor the one with Liza and Hawick . Both series were so bad. Can’t believe there’s people found that entertaining and gobble them…

          BTW “The Forgotten City” has been a snooze fest thus far. Louisa owned all of her scenes but the oomph is lost with the younger gen of females. None of them can act, express or even control/speak convincingly. One thing for sure though, they must invested in a lot of eye drops because everyone seems to cry with only wet eyes at will, lol.

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    2. coralie says:

      I honestly felt Vincent made it after Over Run Over. He should’ve gotten Best Actor then too. But I’m happy he was awarded this year.

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      • wm2017 replied:

        @Coralie Exactly, that was the series that actually made me notice him. Not for his looks there, but the accent of the language and his tacky hairstyle & outfits. 😀 haha lol..

        Login or Register before you can reply to wm2017
    3. emiliachan says:

      i noticed vincent a long long time ago and when he took male lead on brick i started noticing all his dramas, he was so good and it’s really great to see him winning best actor. as for kenneth, getting favourite male actually suits him, he should’ve gotten best male back when he filmed on call 36 II because i loved his performance there but he also only got favourite male then. feel a bit sorry for him but maybe he’ll get best actor in the next few years!

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