Who is the Final Boss in “Lost Love in Times”?

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Who is the Final Boss in “Lost Love in Times”?

Mainland Chinese drama Lost Love in Times <醉玲珑> stars William Chan (陳偉霆) and Cecilia Liu Shishi (刘诗诗), who respectively plays Fourth Prince Yuan Ling and the sorceress Feng Qingchen. The two fall in love and get married, but their marriage gets plagued by a political war. Yuan Ling eventually succeeds to the throne of Western Wei, but his younger brother, Seventh Prince Yuan Zhan (Xu Haiqiao 徐海乔), is willing to do anything to take it from him.

Desperately, Feng Qingchen activates a spell to go back in time and change history, where the threat of Yuan Zhan ceases to exist. But the new alternate timeline she creates is an entire new world, where Yuan Ling is no longer in love with her. Yuan Zhan is no longer the final boss, and a third prince, the Ninth Prince Yuan Ming (Ryan Zhang He 张赫), is eyeing the throne. Together with Third Prince Yuan Ji, Yuan Ming secretly plans his traps in the background. Yuan Ling and Yuan Zhan remain to be at odds, as they both fall in love with Qingchen. As Yuan Ming is about to execute his plan, it foils—another final boss has his eyes set on the powerful kingdom.

“Green Leaf” Actor Ryan Zhang Takes Spotlight

32-year-old Ryan Zhang, though known to be one of China’s “green leaf” actors, shines as the despicable villain in Lost Love in Times. He has shown his acting flexible with the different roles through his career, including the the noble Ling Yu in Eternal Love <微微一笑很倾城> and the charismatic Yin Shaoxiang in Love O2O <微微一笑很倾城>. Though he may not be getting any leading roles in high-profile productions, his exposure rate and acting talent will guarantee him a bright future.

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Who is the Final Boss in “Lost Love in Times”?

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  • 3 comments to Who is the Final Boss in “Lost Love in Times”?

    1. funnlim says:

      I am watching this series on TV and I have caught up and am dying of impatience. That being said, I am sick of QingCheng falling sick or vomitting blood or fainting every 5 min in reset no. 1. I still don;t get the story and the reset and no the article got it wrong. I believe whatever number of resets, she still loves Yuan Ling and Yuan Ling eventually falls for her each and every time. And I suppose they won’t get to consummate since I believe reset no. 1 also ended in marriage but nowhere near bedroom! I have my doubts about William chan. he looks so much younger than Cecilia. But the more I see, the more I like his Yuan Ling, a very decisive man and very masculine in the sense when he makes up his mind, he can be hardly swayed. He’s kind as well. Love his in story no. 1 what his “father” told him.

      Anyway 1st episode was a big turn off. I don’t believe the way they fell in love but I can believe that they are in love when I just disregard the question how they fell in love.And after that it was pretty easy to see why they both are crazy about one another.

      This series is like BBJX. There’s even a hypocritical “8th” prince in the form of Yuan Zhan. Here Cecilia’s QingCheng is so much more likable than that irritating triple crosser Ruoxi. I like how she protects her man without question and easy also because Yuan Ling is easy to put your faith in. He is Jon Snow, except more forceful.

      So far costume is the main draw apart from some nice effects even of the world is too CGI. Come on China! You got places that inspired Avatar’s world. You don’t need CGI. Just transport the actors there! And since this is not by the rubbish company that made Journey of Flower (who also botched Princess Agents by stretching it so much and still not ended yet) but did BBJX, I expect some tearful moments.

      Acting is so far, ok for those who matters except Cecilia who has improved so much and yet improved very little. She can do pining and some teasing but if this role was given to someone who can act better, it would be heavenly. Not Angelababy. She will ruin it.

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      • coralie replied:


        “Here Cecilia’s QingCheng is so much more likable than that irritating triple crosser Ruoxi. I like how she protects her man without question and easy also because Yuan Ling is easy to put your faith in”

        This is exactly the problem I had with Cecilia in BBJX. She was calculating & disloyal to those she loved. Fans went haywire because she’s cunning and smart, level-headed, all kinds of euphemisms. But what I saw was that she was unfaithful and selfish. Not necessarily a bad thing, but hardly something to brag about.

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      • happybi replied:

        @funnlim OMG can’t help but laugh at your description of Ruoxi!!! Hey the China version of Ruoxi still beat the Korean version though! ehheheheh

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