William Chan, Daniel Wu, and Stephen Fung Deny Posing for Rich Businessman

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Numerous young actors have been implicated in wealthy businessman, Lau Ding Sing’s (劉定成) private photo collection of partially nude or fully nude muscle men. Mr. Lau recently boasted of more past “camera conquests,” stating that William Chan (陳偉霆), Daniel Wu (吳彥祖) and Stephen Fung (馮德倫) had willingly disrobed before him! However, all three actors denied Mr. Lau’s claims.

Mr. Lau said that he was generous in rewarding his male subjects in posing for him. He said that many male actors took the bait of money due to their greedy nature. Despite being charged in a court case for indecent groping of 4 men during photo shoots, Mr. Lau has been chattering excitedly that he had photographed thousands of men in more than 100,000 photos for over 40 years! Due to their fit bodies, many Mr. Hong Kong participants became his favorite subjects in recent years.

Mr. Lau boasted that he took photos of William Chan before he had joined EEG. The 62-year-old millionaire’s claim has been denied in a press statement by EEG. William said that he has not been tempted in the past with such dealings. Asked whether he felt that the entertainment industry was full of indecent traps, William said, “I have never been tempted before. If I were, I will politely decline the offer.”

Him Law (羅仲謙) was also reported to be one of Mr. Lau’s subjects in his “muscle men” photo collection. When initial rumors surfaced, Him Law claimed that he did not know Mr. Lau and had never engaged in any unethical activities. Yet, it was revealed that Him had taken photos for Mr. Lau and assisted the police investigations last year.

William was asked whether he thought that Him’s initial statement did not match with what had in fact occurred, making him a hypocrite. William said, “I will not comment. It is inappropriate for me to respond over other people’s matters. I am not bothered by this incident. My girlfriend (Charlene Choi 蔡卓妍) did not ask me about it. People who know me do not belive in this incident!”

Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung Deny Modeling for Mr. Lau

Mr. Lau also claimed that Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung had taken topless photos with him after filming Bishonen. Mr. Lau cited their open ABC (American Born Chinese) attitude as the reason for their participation.

Daniel Wu denied that he had taken topless photos for Mr. Lau. In his Weibo blog, Daniel wrote, “I did not take such photos. It’s hard to say if Stephen Fung did though!”

Stephen Fung also joked on his Weibo blog, “I did not take such photos. It’s hard to say whether Daniel Wu did though!”

It appeared that Mr. Lau was a proud man eager to flaunt famous male actors as past “camera conquests.” Did Mr. Lau overstep the line by claiming that William Chan, Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung also willingly modeled for him topless?

Source: On.cc

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Jayne: Glad to hear that Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung took the matter lightly. William’s response skirted around the subject a bit. It was awkward how the press pointedly asked him about Him Law, when many other male actors also denied knowing Mr. Lau, yet had model in photos for him.

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  1. Hannahh says:

    wow more people got involved

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    • Critics replied:

      Looking forward to more revelations and hopefully some high profile guys.

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  2. Jack says:

    I don’t think Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung have ever posed for him. I feel that those two have too much integrity to do that sort of thing. Stripping for a movie like Bishonen is one thing but stripping in private is another.

    Great to hear that they have a sense of humor!

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  3. Kidd says:

    Cheung Wing Hong (張頴康) is the smart. He just admitted it from the start. So, the media can’t write anything more about him. Others who denied it are caught lying now.

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  4. Veejay says:

    I found Daniel and Stephen’s humors to be really cute and funny.. Both were making fun of each others while denying the allegations in a funny way.

    I really think that Him, William and etc might had posed for Mr. Lau though.

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    • Tikianna replied:

      Agree that him n those newbies posed for him! Don’t. Like any of them n don’t know who they r.

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  5. Masaharu says:

    Even if Daniel(and others) posed for those “risque” photos, so what? 😛

    He’s still a beautiful human being…heheh.

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  6. Vivien says:

    This is what Mr Lau think is hot? ROFL http://static.apple.nextmedia.com/images/apple-photos/apple/20120523/large/23ec2p30new.jpg

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