William Feng Talks About Married Life with Zanilia Zhao

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William Feng Talks About Married Life with Zanilia Zhao

The actor enjoys a more carefree way of life with wife Zanilia Zhao.

Having dated under the radar before their surprise marriage announcement in October 2018, Chinese actor William Feng (馮紹峰) and Zanilia Zhao’s (趙麗穎) union caught many fans off guard. Recently interviewed, William Feng admitted that a “mutual attraction” drew himself and Zanilia together.

Initially keeping their romance under wraps, the pair fell in love after The Monkey King 3 <西遊記女兒國> and were already in a steady relationship during the filming of period drama The Story of Ming Lan <知否?知否?應是綠肥紅瘦>. In the drama, William’s character Gu Tingye is attracted to Minglan and eventually wins her over. In real life, the nine-year age gap between the couple made it hard initially for fans to believe that the two are romantically linked.

Mutual Attraction with Zanilia

“Just as Minglan did not think she would be with Guan Ershu, the audience did not see your relationship with Teacher Zhao (Zanilia’s nickname) coming. What exactly drew you together?” a reporter asked in a recent  interview with William.  Referring to the characters in the show, he answered, “Our (relationship) is a little like Minglan and Guan Ershu,” and replied smilingly in the affirmative when prompted if “mutual attraction” made them come together.

Finding Balance Post Marriage

Grinning from ear-to-ear, William said marriage and living with one another made him learn how to strike a finer balance between life and work. “It’s pretty good, now I have more personal time now, even a family life.” He added that Zanilia and himself are both taking a break and enjoying more freedom at the moment, and might go on vacations if they feel like it or take on new jobs if they land a good script. “Life’s more carefree this way, without having to plan or think too much ahead.”

See “The Story of Minglan” trailer here:

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William Feng Talks About Married Life with Zanilia Zhao

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