Zanilia Zhao, William Feng Announce Marriage

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Zanilia Zhao, William Feng Announce Marriage

On Zanilia Zhao‘s (趙麗穎) birthday on October 16, the 31-year-old Mainland Chinese actress announced her marriage with William Feng (馮紹峰) on Weibo. In the photo, the couple held up their “little red books”, indicating they had already registered for marriage, finally putting to rest the rumors which had been circulating since Zanilia’s hiatus in July.

The couple fell in love after filming The Monkey King 3 <西遊記女兒國> in 2016. Although spotted on many occasions while dating, and Zanilia was even photographed staying overnight at William’s house, they continued to dodge the media when asked about their relationship.

Zanilia Hides Baby Bump in Birthday Photos?

Sharing photos of her birthday party in her private friends’ circle afterward, Zanilia wrote, “Thanks everyone for your well wishes. I have to thank my ‘him’. I hope my birthday wish can be a new one from now on.” The house was festively decorated with balloons and flowers for Zanilia’s birthday.

In her photos, Zanilia wore a loose jacket and used William to block her stomach, causing many to speculate whether it was an intentional gesture to hide a baby bump. Attentive fans also noticed that Zanilia seems to have gained weight and her face appeared more round.

Although the couple finally confirmed their marriage today, some media outlets claim that they had actually registered their marriage in January and Zanilia is expecting. She had already made arrangements to have her parents stay in Beijing, to have them take care of her more easily during her pregnancy. Hopefully fans won’t have to wait long before the couple follows up with a pregnancy announcement.


South Korean media outlets also picked up on the story about Zanilia’s marriage, but amusingly they published a photo of Kenny Lin (林更新), who was mistaken for William Feng.

Sources: Ettoday, Sina

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18 comments to Zanilia Zhao, William Feng Announce Marriage

  1. tungamy says:

    Congratulations to the couple!
    Happy that there will be someone to take care of her now, she’s worked very hard these past couple of years. Good that she can get some rest

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  2. tiffany says:

    A year full of wedding bells. Congrats!

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  3. coralie says:

    yup, she’s preggo.

    still find FSF smarmy-looking, but they seem like a decent couple. congrats! hope ZZ will still film once she’s delivered.

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    • replied:

      @coralie Yeah, love how her stomach is strategically cropped out or covered up in all the photos, lol

      FSF’s face does look smarmy, but I find it more tolerable than Huang Xiao Ming’s smug face.

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      • coralie replied:

        @sugarcane XD yep. i had my suspicions at the beginning when she started hiding from the media. because everyone knows Zanilia is a workaholic and she doesn’t really do breaks. we’ll see in a few more months.

        i can stand HXM a little more only because he’s more handsome (imo) lol. once upon a time, i had a crush on this dude…until he started lookin’ like a villain. FSF is too skinny (?) i think. but maybe if he had more meat on his bones, i’d find him more appealing.

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  4. says:

    It is amazing how good ZLY is at hiding this relationship. Before this announcement was made, I always find the photos she took together with FSF very distant, never close together. They didn’t even appear like friends in their pictures, even when caught hanging out. Compare that with pictures she took with other men such as Lin Gexin, Chen Xiao, Wallace, even just people like He Jiong and Huang Bin, she is way too close and even intimidating with them.

    She could have dated tons of men without anybody knowing or suspecting, because that is just how good she is at hiding those information. People need to stop saying how swarmy, sleazy, sketchy, player, etc FSF is. I want to ask, how clean is ZLY too?

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    • terrycrews19 replied:


      You got a good point.

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    • mimi8 replied:

      @davy I guess it’s true on how people believe what they see, no one really ever seen information on Zanilia dating except for rumors while we’ve seen many of william’s relationships. It’s true she’s pretty low profile with William since all her other rumors seemed like she was really close to the other party.

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      • replied:


        So far, the only 2 affairs I believe was Ni Ni (open relationship btw) and Jelly Lin. The rest are so far fetched like with Yang Mi and Huo Siyan. Although Zhao resembles both of those 2 ladies very much, I might reconsider.

        But let’s say if he takes a woman to an island during holiday people would say it’s a honeymoon, and he can never wash away that affair. But Zhao went to honeymoon with rich CEO and it’s only a rumor she can still bypass him as a friend. People are so unfair. FSF acting isn’t bad, he only fall out of favor for bad reputation. Zhao acting is NOT great, she wasn’t able to get famous at the same time as FSF because of her looks and no acting skills. Her acting have not improved much but she got famous because she looks very pretty now, and maintains herself a very good reputation regardless of what proofs were found. Just because people hate him does not make him a bad actor, and just because people like her does not maker her a good actress.
        It is not right when people complain FSF is not good enough for Zhao, be it in personality or skills (just things I hear people complain about in other sites).

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      • mimi8 replied:

        @davy people will always hate on him haven’t seen much of his works so I can’t really say much about his acting, but I’ve seen a lot of Zanilia. He seems like a pretty decent guy, but I guess after he dumped Ni Ni and dated Jelly Lin people might’ve not liked him much since Ni Ni herself is a very famous celeb. I do admit sometimes Zanilla acting isn’t that great but to me she has decent acting skills if you compare her to many other popular actresses or powerhouse name she’s doing a better job than them. I mean this industry is all about looks so it’s pretty hard to be famous without being skinny, pale, or vshape shape face hence almost all popular celebrities had done some kind of cosmetic fix on themselves. I mean if we compare many of them to when they first started out fans will never believe that their idol used to look like that. It’s also all about sneakiness I’m sure Zanilla has dated before especially when it comes to her ex costar Chen Xiao but again she’s good at hiding it.

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  5. mimi8 says:

    Well I’m glad Zanilia found the one. Hopefully she’ll continue acting she’s pretty and one of the actresses who can act decently. Zanilia, LiYifeng, and Yang Zi should all reunite again.

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  6. mangotango says:

    Congrats. Power couple. Gosh she must be really pregnant?

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  7. says:

    Wow. These two are some of my favorite actors in China. I am glad they both got together. I believe good people attract good people. They are both very geniune, sweet and hardworking people.

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  8. shishi says:

    Congrats to them! Poor FSF Korean media have mistaken him for Lin Geng Xin.

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    • msxie0714 replied:

      happens all the time in foreign media. BBC used Leehom’s pic in an article labeling him as JC Chan, Vianne Zhang, Zhang Yuqi, and Guan Xiaopeng were mistaken for Fan Bingbing

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  9. kidd says:

    The media and fans used to shipping Zanilia and William Chan, but, turns out, William Feng is the true prince. 😀

    I wonder if Zanilia and William Chan ever dated. I remember when Charlene Choi and William Chan broke up, rumours have it that it was because William Chan fell in love with Zanilia.

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  10. elizabeth says:

    So happy for them! I love it when a couple makes it to marriage! I just realised that William was leading in one of the earlier series where Zanilia was still starting out in minor roles as one of his maids. Strange how fate is.

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  11. funnlim says:

    Media was right. Never doubt the paps.

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