Wu Jing is Asia’s Most Handsome Face?

Mainland Chinese martial arts actor, 44-year-old Wu Jing (吳京), defeated several raging hot and popular young male celebrities by ranking first in the list of 100 Most Handsome faces in the Asia-Pacific region. The annual list is released by TC Candler for the Independent Critics.

Beating out South Korean boy band BTS member Jeon Jung Kook and many of China’s pop idols including #8 Kris Wu (吳亦凡), #9 Jackson Wang (王嘉爾), #12 Deng Lun (鄧倫), #13 TFBoys member Jackson Yee (易烊千玺), and #15 Lay Zhang (張藝興), this result had many surprised.

Wu Jing scored successful box office hits with his self-directed and self-acted movies, Wolf Warrior <战狼> and Wolf Warrior 2 <战狼2>, in 2015 and 2017 respectively. He also met expectations with his performance in the latest Chinese sci-fi film The Wandering Earth <流浪地球>, which grossed an overwhelming 5.8 billion yuan at the box office.

Wu Jing actor is touted as one of China’s biggest action stars and is even set to star alongside global action star Jackie Chan (成龍) in an epic action movie that revolves around them climbing Mount Everest. As an acclaimed action star, Wu Jing works hard to master his craft and has successfully earned the recognition of many audiences through his realistic action scenes where every punch is seen ruthlessly thrown and received. His contributions to Chinese action films were acknowledged with him being awarded the Excellent Actor award at the 17th China Huabiao Film Awards Ceremony.

Given his tough exterior, many may think he would be a person difficult to approach. But Wu Jing actually has a soft side to him and is a loving family man. Though some were suspicious of the rankings being fake, a netizen had defended the actor by pointing out it was well-deserved since Wu Jing holds the record for China’s highest box office sales.

Source: Yahoo HK

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. That list contains like 70% not good looking guys. Or maybe just my taste, but the majority of that list is average looking at best. The list is totally rigged >_>

    1. @littlefish
      i was thinking of the same thing but beauty is more than just the appearance. lest, wu jin is a much better man than jackie chan given that they are relatively close in terms of fame.

    2. @littlefish I totally agree with you. What about Song Seung-Heon from Korea, Mario Maurer from Thailand, Aaron Kwok from Hong Kong, Yang Yang from China, Aljur Abrenica from the Philippines and so many more. Although Daniel Henney and Dennis Oh are from the US, but they are half-Koreans and are really handsome.

      1. @summer this list based on votes, whoever can get the most votes will win. Wu Jing is now a super star in China with multiple high rated, high income in hand. So no doubt he tops the list of vote.

      2. @alluka Uhm…. one movie… and it’s not a fan girls kinda movie, so I’m a bit surprised. Idc though about the no.1 spot, im just saying looking at the list, it features pretty average and bad looking men lol

  2. Plain looking men will suddenly become the best looking when they become successful. He got to where he is from hard work.

  3. Cant say Wu Jing is handsome just average looking …..I guest once you become famous and popular ppl state u as smoking hot……….

      1. @littlefish Chinese perpetuating a racist stereotype is not a good thing. That’s why all the racist jokes on Asian is funny even by non Asians. If vice versa, then everything goes crazy.

      2. @jetmasters
        Nah…I have no problems with saying ‘he looks like a Frenchman, he looks African, he looks like a chinaman’. If you are sensitive about your origins then that is your issue…

      3. @jimmyszeto At least have some self worth. If you want to say hes average looking Chinese, just say that instead. Your OP is what a typical racist would say. Stand up and be a IP Man and stop being a Charlie Chan. Nothing sensitive about being Chinese.

      4. @jetmasters
        Well that was exactly what I meant. He’s a typical average chinaman. He’s a typical average Chinese. To me there is no difference. Move on pal…

      5. @jimmyszeto Chinaman is a derogatory term, if you don’t know already. So just clarifying it. It gives the impression you are some kind of racist. If it does not make any difference to you, I apologize if I offended you. Nothing personal.

      6. @jetmasters To a person not from West, terms that are deem derogatory in the West might not seem so him or her. I’m of Chinese descent but from Asia and I don’t find the word Chinaman offensive. It does not trigger any negative emotion. I was also surprised when I read in the imdb forum that the term ‘oriental’ is considered derogatory in the West. I just thought that word sound nice.

      7. @kidd
        The experiences of Asians as a minority group in dominent white countries were quite different from Asians in Asia. Starting back in the 1800s, Chinese were called racist words like chink, slant-eyes, ching-chong chinamen. ‘Oriental’ is more descriptive for a rug than a human.

      8. @jetmasters while I understand your POV, but I’m still stand as what Jimmy said is fine. If black people can call themselves nigga, but find it offensive when white people use that term, so can a chinese use the term chinaman and is fine. Using certain words doesn’t mean one is self hating, to you it’s self hating, to a lot of people, it’s just a word, lighten up 🙂

        My Australian uncle who lives in the state also use the word oriental lol. I don’t find it racist either, though overtime, I can feel it in his attitude lol. (The way he talk about Asian, and his POV on them, etc, or maybe I got to know him better so I have a hunch lol)

      9. @littlefish I see both sides. I dont feel offended with chinaman in the same context as blacks using N word as you say. However, I wouldnt use the word Chink myself. I just cant seem to make a joke out of it myself. Maybe because Ive been called it a few times when I was a kid.

      10. @megamiaow
        I see Chinaman the same as the likes of frenchman, American, Mexican etr. It is how we portray the word in the brain, that can lead to different perceptions to the word. People who have heard the word in a negative sense will bracket the word as an insult. Personally if I am called a ‘chink’, I would get so angry to the point of using violence especially when I was younger but other words such as chinaman, yellow, etr does not get me even slightly heated. I guess it’s how we regard each word and how brain process each word as….

      11. @littlefish You can use whatever word but that does not make it appropriate because it is an offensive word in the first place. Black people casually using the N word gives racists the more reason to hate them as you can see all over the net. That’s why I want to clarify with Jimmy to make a point not to casually use offensive word. I mean people apologize for using chinaman on TV so you know what I mean. Personally I don’t find chinaman or even chink offensive but it is not appropriate to use terms like those. At least show some respect. No disrespect to different world views.

      12. @littlefish It is to prevent misunderstanding. Nothing wrong discussing something that could be considered offensive to others instead of just assuming that the OP is just racist. I remembered a time when some black dudes using the N word casually with a black girl right behind them. She didn’t say anything but she was disgusted from her facial expression.
        Everyone has different views on this matter and it is absolutely fine. Everyone’s tolerance is different and it is fine too. If you think I’m trying to be internet police, that is fine too but that was not my intent. I apologize if I rub you the wrong way.

  4. Ew gross! That guy in the photo just looks like any random chinese man on the street!

  5. Hehehee, I just read the comments in the yahoo HK news section where this article was translated from. They crack me up! The first few I saw says, “i laughed,” “better than Korean guys,” “i object,” “stop playing.” Savage

  6. Thought Wu Jing was kind of charming in Tai Chi Master but never once considered most handsome. Guess fame does boast one’s attractiveness.
    In fact most of the ones listed in the article aren’t that handsome either.
    For the younger generation, ignoring his acting skills, Yang Yang looks good.
    What about other Asian guys like Wallace Huo and Masaharu Fukuyama?

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