Zanilia Zhao Checks Out of Hospital

Giving birth this week, Zanilia Zhao (趙麗穎) and her newborn son were spotted leaving the hospital with husband William Feng (馮紹峰) by her side.

Although the actress was dressed down and wore a face mask and hat, she was in good spirits and had a couple of friends with her as she left the hospital. Zanilia let one of her female friends take the baby into the car, and had the friend shield the baby’s face away from flashing cameras. Grateful that fans took time off and arrived at the hospital to congratulate the couple, William and Zanilia gave their thanks before driving away.

Welcoming his son into the world on March 8, William was the first to make the official announcement on Weibo when he uploaded a photo of the baby’s footprints, and confirmed that his wife gave birth to a healthy baby. William didn’t upload any photos of the baby and didn’t make any more announcements afterwards. Avoiding taking any interviews from the press, the actor was only photographed going in and out of the hospital to visit Zanilia.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Glad she checked out so soon and looks healthy. Hope she has good rest and comes back with another drama soon

  2. Looks like she gained quite some pounds, totally unrecognizable.

    I still wonder about the one news saying she gave birth at the same hospital as Xie Na. It made no sense, why would the media want to publish about her giving birth only a few days ahead of the real date? If the media wants to create a false alert, why not do like a month early? But just a few days…? By any chance, could this couple have purposely try to mislead fans in case of getting stalked?

    I don’t know about @gkoh but she just gave birth, her child needs attention. From what I’ve seen, most people say YM is a very bad mother for not taking care, spending time with her child. So I hope it’s not favoritism with ZLY fans pushing her to work after having a child. It takes months to film and be away from home. How could any mother leave their young child for such a long period and only facetime or drop by a few minutes to visit?

    1. @davy read she join li bin bin’s new co so most probably she will continue working after resting awhile. Most women have 3-4 months maternity leave, then with help from her mum and mum-in-law should be able to work. Maybe take less project cos she is rich enough? YM is different cos her in law is in hk so harder to see her kid. Not sure whether YM’s parents are willing to help cos maids are not reliable

      1. @gkoh
        Filming requires traveling, doesn’t matter where the in laws will live. Hours will be crazy too, you might even be in the same city together but doesn’t mean you would get to spend time together at all.

    2. @davy correct me if I’m wrong, my impression (so far i hasnt seen an article said she gave birth somewhere else) is that she did indeed give birth at The same hospital as Xie Na. It’s not ZLY and FSF tried to mislead the press, rather the press sniff them out. The press seems to publish the news because they were convinced that the birth was very close! Because remember ZLY and FSF denied the birth will be in early March.

      With ZLY, it will remain to be seen. One thing is we don’t know much about Li Bing Bing’s company. That company has no other artist but Li Bing Bing herself. And Li Bing Bing barely has any work? She did 1 Hollywood movie and that’s it? So either ZLY gonna be the same as before, or extremely casual like LBB, remain to be seen. Another factor is FSF’s household is quite a rich family, the in-laws might have a say on how the baby is raised. Some in-laws believes it’s best that they raise the child and not the parents (could be the same for YM’s case, but I just didn’t think such thinking is the norm with HK, I know it is with mainland Chinese). Also whether or not she’s back at work isn’t the issue, the issue is her quality time with the child. Like I mentioned before I thought ABB was a bad mother, barely any news of her and her son, and she works a lot. But a few pictures appear, and she either took vacations with him, went to kid concert with him, he lovingly run to his mother on set shows otherwise. Anyway, we will see how ZLY deal with motherhood I guess xD glad Jayne hasn’t done the article how people accuse ZLY for being a bad mother because she has nail polish on xD (love how zoom in to look for faults antifans can be xD)

      1. @littlefish
        Hm, some friend in social media mentioned it somewhere that the hospital was another one instead. But I didn’t read into it closely. Now I cannot find who and where that post was. Should’ve double checked my sources before I said that, I don’t know what truth and false about them are anymore anyway at this point. Just way too many news article now.

        I think quality time with kids is not only a problem with celebrities but any rich people. Spending at least a few days per month together, sounds like a job rather than a natural thing that should just happen. The parents still at least committed time and efforts that way, but it still doesn’t always mean all kids will happy with that type of routine though. More time is never enough time.

  3. Li bin bin has 7 movies (3 of them blockbusters) in Hollywood- she just won best actress in 2018 with the Meg

    1. @gkoh best actress with the meg? Her acting in there was passable at best. Blockbusters doesn’t mean much when she’s only a support cast in a heavy ensemble cast with all the A lister.

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