Zhang Ziyi Comments on the Death of Coronavirus Whistleblower, Dr. Li Wenliang

The outbreak of the coronavirus is not seeing an end in sight yet. There have been several more cases reported from different countries, and the death toll of those infected has increased to over 800. The rising fear stemming from the epidemic was exacerbated when news surfaced that the whistleblower doctor, Dr. Li Wenliang (李文亮), succumbed to the disease. The young doctor was only 34 years old and was expecting his first child in June of this year.

Although the ethical doctor tried to warn others about the SARS-like virus, Dr. Li instead was warned by the government to not spread rumors and make false statements. A few days after he had begun warning his fellow doctors, he was summoned to the Public Security Bureau and was told to sign a “reprimand” letter. In the letter, Dr. Li was accused of “making false comments” that had “severely disturbed the social order”. The delay in taking action against the disease has contributed its viral spread and the loss of many lives.

Zhang Ziyi (章子怡), who has continued to voice her concerns and support to those fighting the deadly virus while recovering from labor in the United States, once again took to social media to lament over the situation, “The doctor who was the first to issue a warning about the virus is now gone! How many lives did that shameful exhortation cause?! He is only 34 years old. He has an unborn baby! This is heartbreaking.” Many netizens left comments praising for her courage in speaking out.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Oh no, she should not have done that. The Chinese government might “silence” her. I am afraid for anyone who dare to speak up against such evil people in power. I wonder if the two Chinese men who risked their lives to inform the rest of the world the situation in Wu Han are still alive.

    1. @myden26
      From reading just the news, the government is saying that they r encouraging people to speak out about the truth but at the same time scrubbing the internet for any mistruths (we all know what that really means). Anyone with a conscience would say something right now. Keep in mind though, the central government has drawn this divide between them and the local Wuhan gov and openly criticized the local gov for their lack of reporting and actions that had caused this chaos. The primary official of Wuhan stepped out to apologize for all this and said he would take the sole responsibility but people r saying he’s just a scape goat for the central government.

  2. So ZZY is still in the U.S. then? No wonder she’s been criticizing her motherland so frequently the past few weeks…I wonder if she still intends on returning to China, given that she just made her life there more difficult.

    I’ve been following the situation with this Coronavirus thing and Dr. Li’s case is one of the saddest I’ve seen. The reprimand letter he was forced to sign is all over the internet now and people in China are livid at the way he was treated. The CCP is freaking out right now because for the first time since Tiananmen, there is a nearly ubiquitous visceral reaction toward the government from citizens all across China over Li’s death. I’m sure the central government is terrified that history will repeat itself, which is why they made the unprecedented move of sending an investigative team to Wuhan to look into the circumstances of Li’s case. Heads are definitely going to roll, there’s no doubt about that — the local officials in Wuhan will most certainly take the fall, as that’s how things work over there…the true question is, will that suffice this time around? I guess we will have to wait and see….

  3. I cannot figure out why the government authorities could not quietly sit down with Dr. Li and figure out a way to combat the epidemic, instead of making him sign a warning letter. Are the government officials and police officials (all government) in China that heartless, ruthless and corrupt?? Hell yes, they are. Maybe the Coronavirus could have been contained. Instead we have an epidemic that is spreading rapidly, and there has been lost of hundred of lives. All this because of their stupid, arrogant pride to hide this disease because it makes China look weak in the eyes of the world? Dr. Li seemed to have been getting better, even taking selfies from his hospital bed. I was surprised to hear that he died . Myself, along with so many others, have a big question mark over Dr. Li’s death.

    1. @renren it’s not that they are heartless or there is pride at stake, it’s more the fact that under Xi JinPing’s current rule, they are afraid. Anyone does something Xi JinPing doesn’t like, he takes them out, make the lower people less incentive in bringing in the bad news. And the news of the outbreak is just one of those.

      And yes, the death of Dr Li is very questionable. As much as sure the virus is around and he’s at the front line, but he’s dying among the other 800 is just too much coincidence, considering the median age is 45-59! And most of these have underlying medical conditions.

      I doubt we will ever know what happen to him. And China will again get away with this, just like they did with SARS.

      1. The fact they reported that he died, then said he’s in grave condition, then again reported he died. It’s extremely fishy and seem like a cover up for something.

    2. @renren Yup…exactly! Actually, it’s precisely because we went through all this already with SARS 17 years ago, yet no one in the leadership ranks seems to have learned their lesson….that’s the piece that has everyone pissed off. SARS – which also originated in China back then — became such a big deal partly because the Chinese government covered it up for months and by the time people found out, it was already too late to contain the virus….this time around, they did the same thing with the Corona virus, though thankfully people caught on after 1 month rather than several…but still….and to make matters worse, the timing was more crucial this time because of Lunar New Year and people travelling all over the place.

      I saw reports this morning that the 2 newest cases in Hong Kong may have been linked to the virus passed on through restroom vents and pipes in a residential building and so they had to evacuate everyone who lived in the flats connected to those vents — which of course has people freaking out, especially those Hong Kongers who remember what happened with Amoy Gardens and SARs…

    1. @anon I watched the video to the link you posted. I believe Dr. Li had no knowledge of the investigation going on and was merely trying to alert his colleagues of the Sars like virus. After all, they are the ones who have to treat the patients? Of course he is going to warn them so that they can protect themselves. Sick doctors are no use to sick patients. Even if he knew of the investigation, the government officials were purposely keeping the doctors in the dark.Why did they (the investigative team) not summon Li to join them to figure out a way to combat the virus? After all, isn’t the health and the lives of the Chinese citizens the most important factors in all of this? That video put me off. Instead Dr. LI WAS summoned and threatened to shut up. and made to sign a document to keep quiet and behave.

      #littlefish was right. Xi Jinping will take out anyone who he perceives to be a threat to him. I will always think there is more to the doctor’s death than the cease of Coronavirus.

      1. @renren

        “Xi Jinping will take out anyone who he perceives to be a threat to him. I will always think there is more to the doctor’s death than the cease of Coronavirus.”

        There’s what you believe, then there are facts. If your mind firmly believes in your cause, no facts will change your mind.

      2. @renren yup, and ignore anon, china can do no wrong to him. (His usual argument is like the west also do many wrongs, which is true, but that doesn’t neglect the fact China is still in the wrong and it’s not learning from its mistake, SARS and now this Coronavirus). Many have gone vanished when they tried to speak up against Xi JinPing, why would Dr Li’s last word resonates so much with the public? “More than one voice is healthy for a great nation” (couldn’t be bothered to find the exact quote but the idea is there), because atm, China only has one voice, Xi JinPing, any other voice will be eliminated, (people feels this, experience this) and let’s face this, this is the same dude who changed the law so he can be in power forever >_>

        Poor HK though, this and the previous protest will wreck HK, and in a sense, China is causing this, and HK will never be the glory trade hub it used to be.

      3. @littlefish Well-said! Someone told me once that leaders who are super-sensitive about every single perceived threat to their power are usually the ones who got that power illegitimately and because they’re terrified that they may lose that power some day, they do everything they can to eliminate those threats….definitely sounds like the leaders in China at the moment!

        I honestly don’t get some people’s mentality in terms of their fervent defense of China and its government’s actions…but oh well….like you said, no point in arguing with those people. The important thing right now is getting this virus thing under control and not letting it spread any further…the numbers keep climbing, with more and more people being affected, which is not good. My family has relatives in both China and Hong Kong, who live in the areas impacted, and I can tell you for a fact that things are a mess over there right now. My sister-in-law’s brother, who lives in Guangzhou, said that even though their city is technically not under quarantine, most people are afraid to leave their homes and certain areas are pretty much a ghost town – he had to buy some necessities for his family and had to drive all the way to the outskirts of town to find a shop that was open. Also, the lack of masks and other sanitary / health supplies is pretty dire – it’s gotten to the point where city leaders are openly seizing shipments of supplies that pass through their towns but don’t belong to them…we were told by all our relatives in China and Hong Kong not to send masks or any supplies because it will never get to them, since almost all of it is either being confiscated by the local governments or employees at the courier companies / mail services have been taking for their own use….it’s pretty bad….

      4. @llwy12 My relatives told me not to send parcels via local post or private Chinese carriers since there were cases of them being opened and taken. They also don’t have private planes for shipment. I sent multiple packages this past week via DHL where the fees are pretty high but all the HK parcels arrived safely within a few days. The ones off to Guangzhou are taking much longer though. Hopefully, they arrive safely as well.

        Yeah, Guangzhou is quite like a ghost town. Some condominiums won’t let residents leave if people don’t have any masks. And buses will not stop to let you on if they see you without a mask. Major cities in China have police using drones to patrol and shoo off people outside without protection.

      5. @jaylee You may want to have your HK relatives check the ones they got through DHL too….those packages may have arrived safely, but whether they were tampered with or not is another story. One of my co-workers sent a box of face masks to his elderly parents in HK (he sent it through DHL and paid a premium rate for it), and it arrived safely all sealed and everything, but when they opened the inner boxes containing the masks, they found that each box was actually missing half the masks. My co-worker was the one who packed the masks into the box and he knows for a fact they were full when he sealed the box, so he thinks someone from the courier company must have taken them (though of course, he has no proof). People are getting desperate, since the shortages are everywhere now, it seems….I checked all of the local pharmacies and supermarkets in our area a couple days ago and couldn’t find a single face mask…most Americans don’t wear face masks, even in situations like these, so most likely Asians have been buying them up for themselves or for their relatives overseas….all the hospitals and clinics too are no longer putting face masks out on the counter as they used to because they said people have been taking stacks rather than one and depleting their supplies…

      6. @llwy12

        Well said points in the comments from both of you. You have touched on some very important issues concerning the SARSlike Coronavirus. It was baffling me for a brief moment why the leaders in China dont5 care about what this pandemic is doing to the people, and then it hit me… Tyrants don’t care. THEY only care about enforcing total control over the citizens of China, and the figurehead of this heartless regime is Xi Jinping himself. Like at #littlefish said, Jinping has appointed himself to be leader for life. Only a heartless tyrant who cares about nothing, or no one , and who craves total control over every Chinese citizen would make such a declaration. Hoping has the lost of lives of those who died from the epedimic on his hand, but not like he cares one bit. How could anyone who has an ounce of compassion, common sense and human decency defend this monster. Thank you both for the advice to ignore. Sometimes, that is the best thing we can do.

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