Zhang Ziyi’s Company to Produce Face Masks

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, numerous pharmacies and businesses have sold out of masks while the gaping gap between supply and demand continues to widen. To counter the shortage of masks and antibacterial cleaning supplies, various businesses are working to meet public demand by producing the goods. Though many celebrities have been donating masks to those in need, popular Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) is supposedly seeking to provide support on a greater level. 

According to reports, Ziyi’s company, Shenzhen Meili Ceguang Biological Technology Co. Ltd, will be producing face masks, infrared thermometers, and disinfection products. This comes as no surprise since Ziyi has shown great concern about the deadly coronavirus outbreak, and most recently, she addressed the death of the virus whistle-blower, Dr. Li Wenliang (李文亮). The spread of the virus drove Ziyi to join 700 other businesses in producing virus prevention supplies. 

Established in 2015, Ziyi’s beauty-focused company relies on biotechnology to develop and produce hair and beauty, skincare, cosmetics, and photoelectric products. As the company’s vice-chairman, Ziyi, who holds the company’s fourth largest share, is determined to provide aid to citizens by adding products that combat the coronavirus to the company’s line of production. 

Source: NetEase

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Maybe in Asia, this is considered a pandemic because they have so little resources to combat even simple viruses like the flu. But in the U.S., I find it annoying to see perfectly healthy people walking around with masks on. They’re not only taking them away from actually sick people, but they are endangering everyone else as well. Once bacteria and viruses are caught on those masks, guess where they’re transferred to? That’s right, everyone else! So now you’re a walking, talking time bomb about to ruin someone who might otherwise be healthy because you’re carrying around the virus that would’ve perished in the same spot that it got contaminated on.

    1. @coralie
      Trying to understand your logic, if task mask is not in shortage, how is it taking away from people in need when there is an abundant amount? I actually hold an opposite view about face mask. One time I was on a plane, guy next to me was coughing and sneezing his head off. I think it was just a cold but I did not feel comfortable and would have felt much more hygienic had he put a mask on. I think in the West people just have this thought that masking wearing means u have a super infectious disease hence people don’t wear it when they should because it’s just a cold or minor illness. I would feel a lot cleaner that people start wearing them when they r sick or during season if high pollen.

      1. @m0m0 , I get your logic. I wish westerners would become more acquainted with the face mask when out in public if they are suffering from any viruses. During allergy , cold and flu seasons, it would be a hygenic and healthy idea to mask up as well. I totally get your points. Also, whether we like Zhang Ziyi or not, this is not the time to accuse her of trying to capitalize financially. China, and the rest of the world is in dire need of gloves, masks and disinfectant products now more than ever. If Ziyi’s company can be ONE OF MANY COMPANYS to step up to the task of helping to combat the virus through providing the needed essentials, then that should be lauded.

      2. @m0m0 because if suddenly everyone wants one thing, it will cause a shortage. but not every one of those people who wants a mask actually needs it. if they’re not sick, don’t use a mask, simple.

    2. @coralie most of these perfectly normal people, are they asian? Because in Australia, even before the outbreak, only Chinese (maybe some HKers, not sure) would use face masks. Also, if the pharmacy is selling them, instead of say donating them to China, however people use it is irrelevant :/? Also the face masks people are using, the one that you saw possibly not the certified one that needed for the people in infected zone in China. So those masks could not be sent to China anyway?

      @renren I agree with your statement, even I feel that sentiment, as in if I see people with face mask, I would run from them lol. However, with the virus might become a norm, the practice of wearing face mask might also become a norm, and the same with everywhere has a hand sanitizer, we will just have to wait and see.

      More companies producing face masks will bring the price down as there will be more supplies, so she wouldn’t really make a profit.

      1. @littlefish I dont see the take up on face masks over here anytime soon. Brits never wear them outside hospitals. Their thought on seeing people wear them in asia was usually that they were protecting themselves from pollution, not colds.

        When I have a cold I usually cover myself with a tissue, but most dont even do that.

        Although – does increased usage of face masks in asia indicate that there is less instances of people catching things from each other?

      2. @megamiaow Yup, Americans are the same way (rarely ever wear masks)….the ones who wear masks over here are usually those who live in majority Chinese communities….in fact, at some of the schools in the predominantly Chinese districts, the parents even signed petitions requesting that schools let their children wear face masks at school and in the classroom (which to me, is going way overboard, but goes to show how paranoid some of the parents have become). In some sense, it’s a cultural thing to wear face masks – part of it has to do with traditional hygienic practices (or lack thereof) in some Asian countries, but a big part also has to do with environment, as the pollution in some Asian cities can get so bad, it’s impossible to walk on the street without wearing a face mask (which is viewed as protecting the wearer from all the toxins in the air).

        I’m with most of you guys where I also run the other way when I see people wearing face masks over here, lol. My sister-in-law’s sister lives in one of the predominantly Chinese communities and she was telling me the other day how depressing it is to see everyone wearing face masks everywhere she turns – whether it’s at the local market, parents picking their kids up from school, etc….though mostly in her area, it seems like it’s mostly the middle-aged and elderly Chinese people who wear masks (and the little kids whose parents make them wear masks)….many of the younger adults don’t feel it’s necessary as long as they wash their hands a lot and use sanitizer….

      3. @littlefish yes they are Asian who are perfectly healthy who wear masks, in hopes of preventing catching a sickness, which drives demand up and causing a shortage, which results in everyone else who are sick to not have masks when they actually need them. it’s simple supply and demand.

      4. @coralie
        even before the outbreak, people were wearing masks and prices were stable. Now prices in asia have gone up due to lack of supply. however, people are responding by making more so any increase would be short lived. it is not digging for gold per se, face mask is not exactly a difficult product to mass produce. there are probably qa tests and standards but i doubt that it’d be a totally complex process for companies to make more or start producing.

      5. @m0m0 yeah, supple can definitely be amped to meet demands, but in the meantime, those who actually need those supplies – hospitals, actual sick patients, public-facing personnel, etc. are given the shaft. it’s all because of massive fearmongering and ignorance. i just came back from mexico. i stayed vigilant, but did not wear a mask. i’m perfectly healthy and i don’t need one. on the plane, i saw at least 3 asian people with masks on, but they were also fine (screening will take care of that if they’re not.)

      6. @m0m0 Yes but people are using the opportunity to make money. When the product is in hot demand, sellers are going to use the chance to make fortune.

        I’m from southeast asia and the most annoying thing now is actually the endless hoax from social media and whatsapp such as victim drop dead in airport/street etc. People send each other the hoax they get before thinking about it first, the fear mongering causes panic.

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