2011 Best of TVB Awards @ JayneStars.com

Entering 2012, it’s time to look back upon the past year and decide on your favorite TVB series and performances of the year! Vote in the “2011 Best of TVB Awards” at JayneStars.com!

Upset by the television awards results this year? Want to have the fans decide on the awards process instead? This is your chance to participate in a unique polling system, which literally allows you to rate the quality of every TVB series released in 2011 and the major performances of the year

The “2011 Best of TVB Awards” at JayneStars.com include awards in the following categories:

1.   Best Series
2.   Best Actor
3.   Best Actress
4.   Most Memorable Male Lead Character
5.   Most Memorable Male Supporting Character
6.   Most Memorable Female Lead Character
7.   Most Memorable Female Supporting Character
8.   Best Villain
9.   Most Improved Artist
10. Best Onscreen Couple
11.  Best Special Guest Appearance
12.  Best Theme Song

You may vote in one or all awards categories of your choice! Deadline to submit all votes is Tuesday, January 31, 2012. Have fun voting!

Important Note:

To enforce fairness of results (one person may vote once in each of the awards categories), you must verify your Facebook account before you can vote. Your personal information will not be released or used in any other manner other than to authenticate your vote for this awards poll.

Click any of the above awards categories to start voting and follow the instructions on how to verify your Facebook account. Thank you!

Note: Many thanks to SDS for the suggestion of creating a year-end TVB poll. I am extremely grateful for Funn, Kidd, and Bridget’s extensive help in compiling the nomination lists for the “2011 Best of TVB Awards.” This poll would not have been possible without your help! Thank you!!

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  1. How many times can we vote? Is it daily vote like the Sexy poll or one time only vote?

    1. Ok, found the answer liao. Only vote once. I have to think carefully then.

      1. Kidd & Funn,
        A rating is a rating and our opinion of it should not change from day to day. Due to the ability to rate multiple nominees (in each category) equally and more comprehensively, I think one vote per person per awards category will make the results more fair.

  2. I’m sure Tavia is going to win every category possible…her fans are hardcore.

    1. No, she won’t. Each voter are allowed to vote once only. So, Tavia fans cannot come everyday to vote.

      1. Thank goodness there’s justice and fairness in this world.

  3. A very well-designed voting method. If only TVB lets their viewers vote like this.

    1. Amy,
      Thanks to SDS for suggesting this rating system, so we have more numerical insight and accuracy in determing the best series and performances of the year.

  4. Thank you guys for the poll. It is very fun and we as fans can vote for who we truly like.

    1. Summer,
      Enjoy the poll! I can’t wait for the results to see who the fans really think are the best in each category! Hehe….

      1. As usual tavia fans… the whole world revolves around tavia? Why Fala’s picture is not there?!?!?! WHY Kate’s picture is not there!?!

      2. @ JN WHY should Tavia be up?

        From the pics they are stars that had roles that got us talking

        Maggie = FH3 was like her comeback role
        Kevin = LA LAW
        Myolie = COTRH – Whether you love or hate he she was still talked about + Ghetto Justice
        Bosco = His played his role very well in LOO if fact i dare to say he was more interesting the Laughing
        Linda: Miss Koo
        Micheal: Laughing phenom
        Charmaine: Yat Jie, Sistar Fa controversy
        Raymond: Bottled Passion – need i say more
        Niki: Bottled Passion – Milk Candy
        Ruco: His acting in The Other Truth was epic and he basically carried the show.

        Tavia? sorry she had no break out role last year. Just being brutally honest.

      3. Before anyone corrects me yes i know Maggie was in Beauty Knows No Pain but i dint watch it LOL I suppose FH3 was breakout role after many years away from TVB

  5. I have a question:

    – At the end, are we looking for the many rating of the many votes?

    1. Loekie,
      At the end of the voting timeline (Jan 31st), the best in each category will be determined by the average RATING score.

      Since not everyone watched every series, the number of votes for each nominee will tell you the size of the voting sample and possibly tell us how conclusive the voting results were.

      1. so does this really determined the real Tvb awards winner or just voting for fun?

  6. Decisions, decisions.

    Agreed with everyone else on the polling / vote-counting method so that crazy fans can’t stomp all over this thing.

    1. Anti-fans and fans can still greatly influence the results with biased rating to skew averages. Fans will vote 5 for their idols conversely anti will vote 1 for their idol’s rival(s).

      1. I was thinking that people could do this but I didn’t want to say it to give people any ideas.

        I would just hope that people don’t do that because it would make the results more interesting!

      2. If that is the case, crazy fans voting will be neutralised by crazy anti-fans voting and vice-versa. 🙂

      3. Unfortunately, some actress has more crazy fans than others. Already one came and cried blasphemy over WHY tavia’s picture not on the poll page.
        You don’t see Fala/Kate/Selena/Sharon fans coming to do that.

      4. O find it very annoying for anti-fans keep complaining about Tavia fans. It their matter to pulling the vote for her. If the hater find dissatisfaction, they also can crazily pulling the vote for own idole. Why every pool need to keep complaining Tavia’s fans and implicitly insulting them or making them as joke? Yup Tavia fans can be crazy but haters more annoying by keep complaining. I dun see Linda, Kate or myolie hater keep complaining about them.

      5. @a-pop: Linda’s haters were that crazy but now the wind changed to TY. Myolie’s haters is equally crazy, dun need to go anywhere, here in Jaynestars have one who used multi-username.

      6. P.S: For Kate, you can see even harsher words on her in here come from anti-fans :). So don’t talk like TY is being treated unfair by haters.

      7. Why we complain about tavia fans? The rules on this post as stated by Jayne is one VOTE per person. but tavia fan in fact post on forum to ENCOURAGE tavia fans to vote for her multiple times.

      8. @a-pop:

        Honestly, did u or will u vote more than once for tavia?

      9. I just vote once for Tavia .I cant vote twice and I have no intention doing tat because I also love other actresses. I love all five fadan but Tavia top of my list.

  7. Great job putting together this poll! A very accurate, fair, and indepth voting system. The results are turning out great so far and the fact that we can only vote once is a big plus. JayneStars continues to be a fantastic website. 🙂

  8. this was fun to vote for but then after i was looking at the list, i realize, i watch way too many dramas. excited to see what this year will bring.

  9. jayne,

    Is it because many ppl praised RW in BP that made you make this competition just to satisfy RW’s fans? LOL

    Anyway, this is a good competition, we can vote our favourite here. Good work!

  10. Jayne please look into this-

    sweetieyuki, on 07 January 2012 – 10:03 AM, said:
    omfg u all we need to support tavia at dis Jaynestars website which is holding a TVB voting for year 2011! vote Tavia for best actress! most memorable female! best villain! and PangYi for best couple!! i kno many of us dun like dis web but let’s dun care about their malicious comment n juz show support to tavia! its only one vote per person so the poll will be quite fair. lets support her!

    Support Tavia here:

    I did a little experiment. It’s not one vote per person as stated.

    Try it.

    — As usual…

    1. I believe other idol’s fans like LF, Bosco, Charmaine will also does thing like that… It’s pretty common for extreme fan to vote for their idol and said those stuff.

      1. No, i mean they use the SAME computer to vote multiple times. I tried, and the votes went up.

      2. No, I dun see their fans do so in anywhere. I bet I know their sites better than you as I’m a fan of LF and I track both Bosco and Charmaine. Up to now, if tomorrow anybody posted then I can’t know :P.

        The funny thing is not from the announcment but because they said they hate Jaynestars and come here to vote frequently, haha.

      3. Oops, look back to the list, 24 Raymond Lam- Men With No Shadows 2.57 266, LMAO~, I blv haters rated more than fans. So you can’t see the fact that the fans come here to vote for him.

    2. Of course. Use different computer you can vote multiple times. The thing is this takes AVERAGE score. So for Tavia to win, everyone who voted for her has to give her the highest score and ignore everybody else. Not possible. Now I wish I compiled a list of WORST PERFORMANCE since they just vote blindly and so Tavia can be BEST and WORST.

      1. @Funn. no, can use SAME computer to vote multiple times. I tried

      2. If Tavia abruptly shot up in ratings, we will know it’s the antics on these Tavia fans.

        Haha, this really happen, we will know now to counter. 😛

      3. It really isn’t difficult to vote again if you are that desperate, but if there are people doing such things it should not be hard for Jayne to track, in which case, depending on what Jayne ultimately decides, the particular poll affected may just have biased results.

  11. Hmmm, I haven’t cast my vote yet..and I’m not bias towards anyone in the list..My vote will goes those really deserved it

  12. I hope all voters will honour the system and not take advantage of the computer glitches. If the rule says vote once, please vote once, even though you can vote multiple times.

    1. If only people abide by the rules… had a look at best actress just now and Well Tavia has suddenly shot to 2nd *roles eyes*

    2. Oh wow Tavia is also currently 2nd in most memorable lead too… urgh

  13. Best Villain and Onscreen couple! Awesome categories!! =D

  14. To make this poll meaningful, please abide by the 1 person, 1 vote per category guideline. Also try to submit rating for artist’s acting for what it truly is.

    We created the “2011 Best of TVB Awards” so that fans can have a voice. It would be hypocritical for certain fans to declare that TVB awards are so rigged and unfair (they give to who they want to promote) and that they are not awards for true acting skills.

    Now here is a chance at JayneStars.com for us to rate acting performances in a comprehensive manner. If we cry that TVB awards are unfair, why take this poll at JayneStars.com and cheat ourselves the opportunity of that fairness we were so eager to see in the TVB system?

    Voting a perfect “5” for your idol because you like him/her is taking away that chance to make this poll a fair and meaningful one (the intent of the poll design) because we are tired of TVB’s system. You should vote based on your true opinion of that artist’s acting in a series, whether the artist is your idol or not.

    This poll was created for you. JayneStars is not handing out 24K gold trophies to the winners.

    Why cheat democracy by gaming the system? We can all make this poll more fair by voting fair. Cheat the system and you are cheating yourself.

    1. I suggest we restart the poll with one vote per IP only.

      1. Won’t be any better. Can change IP by software like Hidden IP or Change IP (check with Google) or even with proxy sites (google proxy and you can have millions).

        So only hope on the collaborators of the cheaters :).

      2. Nicole,
        We have already limited one vote per IP in the poll design already. However, some users have dynamic IPs depending on which internet providers they use when they log on. The majority of the votes already reflect one vote per IP, but there are ways to game the system if people are truly so desperate.

        We are looking into a possible solution, but we will not be restarting the poll. There will be bias in every online poll.

      3. Jayne – I do agree with you that there are way to overcome the system even if checks are in place, but that doesn’t mean that more controls shouldn’t be added in. Like if there’s cookies in place, I shouldn’t be able to vote multiple times just by refreshing the screen, even if my IP address is dynamic. Email verification where they have to verify their email when they vote. Add in a dynamic captcha recognition.
        Just because they can overcome the system, doesn’t mean that it should be easy for them to do so. If it’s just so easy to refresh screen to vote, why won’t the fans cheat? If they have to clear cookies, verify their email, and type in some random words each time? Maybe not so much.

      4. Nicole,
        Thank you for all your suggestions! We will carefully think about our options and take a suitable course of action to implement more controls for the poll.

      5. Jayne, first off, kudos to you for attempting to set up a fairer poll, but, good luck. Regardless of how many checks are implemented against fraudulent voting, there are always means and ways to circumvent them. For e.g. starhub voting requires voter local ID#, email address and local address to vote, however, determined fans (including overseas ones) not only circumvented that requirement with fake info but also voted multiple times. Thus idols with ‘crazy’ computer savvy fans (usually youngsters with time on their hands) can easily skew the votes.

        Ironically, this ability to rate all contenders may unwittingly skew the voting results even more, because it acts as an irresistible lure to incite anti-fans out of the woodwork to cast a strike against that much hated idol. I believe that is the case with Raymond Lam. So simply put; honor system of fair voting for the best or for the worst is non-existent as online voting is inherently flawed, though some like yours strive to be fairer than others that are nothing short of being a joke.

      6. Claimine,
        “first off, kudos to you for attempting to set up a fairer poll, but, good luck. Regardless of how many checks are implemented against fraudulent voting, there are always means and ways to circumvent them.”

        While online polling may include some fraudulent voting (in our case ardent fans eager to support their idols may submit multiple votes), we can observe the final rating scores taking this into account. However, we will try to implement further controls to limit such fraudulent votes, so at least the results will strive closer to its intent: a chance for viewers to rate acting performances over the last year, so that we can obtain a consensus of what the public’s assessment of individual acting performances were.

        “Ironically, this ability to rate all contenders may unwittingly skew the voting results even more, because it acts as an irresistible lure to incite anti-fans out of the woodwork to cast a strike against that much hated idol.”

        Perhaps some anti-fans may do so, but the larger the sample size of the voting population, perhaps this effect may have less impact.

        We are working on a possible solution to solve the issue of one voter voting many times due to dynamic IP or IP masking software.

      7. We have implemented a Facebook verification tool in order to enforce the one person, one vote per awards category (by rating multiple nominees). This helps overcome the one person voting many times due to dynamic or masking of IP issues.

        For new voters who have not yet participated in the voting process, they will need to verify their Facebook account (follow instructions on the various polls pages) before they can submit votes.

      8. @clamine for a local competition to run, Starhub could have implemented a SMS verification, which will require a local mobile number verification for the vote to count which will drastically cut down the number of overseas voters if they even bother to. And also a algorithm that calculates the checksum of Singapore IC numbers. IF they bother to, that is.
        Cheating is no doubt profusely common, but no need to make it easy for them.

      9. I believe Starhub voting started with sms voting on mobile phones but was later opened to online voters.

      10. I’m not refering to SMS voting, but SMS verification. Online voting tends to generate more buzz if compared with SMS voting.

    2. “Also try to submit rating for artist’s acting for what it truly is.”

      Only in an idealistic world, Jayne. Can’t believe Tavia is currently 2nd in Best and Most Memorable for “The Other Truth”. Although she was the female lead, her role seemed so minute.

    3. @Jayne: OMG! I believe that ‘they’ cheating!!!

      Anyway, I think your message is very clear. However, your comment should be on the top of this article. I don’t think that ‘die hard’ fans will scoll and read this. But I totally agree with you and have respect of your poll and your website.

      Hopefully the another people will also have respect for your poll and website.

      Thanks for your efforts and for sharing this site 🙂

  15. Managed to have internet in my friend’s house. And think of not voting. Hmm, I’d like to see the result more than vote by myself, LMAO~. It will show that whose fans are craziest :P.

    1. Yup, those crazy fans are everywhere especially the ones who pay more attention to some artists that they love to hate, hummmmmm that would be called “psycho fans” lol

  16. What has the world come to if people cannoy accept an internet poll vote as just that. Its the internet, the actors and actresses don’t care if they win or not. Its your chance to put forth YOUR opinion so I wish people would stop hiding behind their idols and saying its to support them. No, its because people who would go out of their way to cheat the system has control and obsessive issues they need to deal with. Sorry, but is it so hard to JUST VOTE ONCE.

  17. You know where my votes are going…Raymond Wong, Raymond Wong, even for best actress, Raymond Wong lol

  18. How about a best child actress/actor award?

    #Vote goes to the kids in Bottled Passion =P

    #Random, what happened to that Jackie kid? He was cute but then he got annoying =P

    1. I liked Fung Chi Feng the most as a child actor back in the days.. He is all grown up now though.

      1. Lol i got no clues on child stars real name =P
        But TVB should do a where are they now special – Child Stars

        Im curious to what happened to the kids in A Kindred Spirit

  19. Why is Linda Chung’s series for best actress award River of Wine and not YSSS? That’s stupid. Linda’s performance in YSSS was the best.

    1. Tony,
      Linda Chung’s screen time was more significant in “River of Wine” although her role in “Yes Sir, Sorry Sir” may have been featured in the news more.

  20. Don’t understand LC fans. During YSSS’s broadcast, Linda fans complained voraciously and loudly that Linda’s role in there was so small and her screen time so little as to a mere supporting character, definitely not deserving of being labeled a female lead. I have only watched the 1st two episodes of YSSS so can’t judge if her performance in YSSS was “the best” or not but I have watched her “crying scene that shook the entire city” during the award presentation, and imho, wasn’t all that spectacular as reported. In fact, I was more impressed by her crying in her AJCL’s miscarriage scene. Now her panicky crying in that scene was amazing. I have watched River of Wine,and I thought Linda delivered a good female lead performance.

  21. Personally, I don’t think the results will mean anything other than the support of certain artistes’ fans. They will surely not fair results.

    I could see in The Sexiest Man and Sexiest Woman voting results!!

    There is no way that Niki Chow is ranked the 1st in the Best Actress category. Her acting is only considered “decent and not too bad”, vs. Charmaine’s excellent acting. Niki is still fairly “green”, and Charmaine has won so many awards in HK, China, and overseas. It is just ridiculously pure supports of Niki’s fans.

    1. Not saying the results will be fair, but Charmaine’s ‘excellent’ acting is only ‘excellent’ to you and not everyone/the majority.

      And I’m laughing at the fact that Charmaine has won soo many more awards than Niki, yet still has less support than Niki. Where are Charmaine’s fans?

    2. I have agree with Devilx3

      In 2011 the actress category… nobody was a major standout to be quite honest.

      I agree that Niki isnt one of the best actress but she is bearable/watchable/acceptable and with all the overpromoted Fa Dan i guess when she came along it was a breath of fresh air and audiences gelled to her nickname “Milk Candy”.

      If your comparing Ah Sheh. Tho im a fan of her old work in 2011 her two roles – Sistar Fa and Yan were not standouts.

      Sistar Fa personally i felt she over did everything from speaking to gestures and even in crying scenes i did not really sympathize for her i was more awwr poor her… so whats next? I dont want to compare but ima have to.
      Square Pegs, that series was part comedy it was funny when needed and Roger was likable and i was laughing WITH Roger not at him. When the serious stuff happened (eg in the forest protecting his Lo Por cookie) he brought me to tears. Sistar Fa on the other hand i felt Charmaine over did it.
      When Heaven Burns- I found her “cool” act unwatchable. It wasnt just her, i found Moses unbearable as well.

      2011 was not Charmaine’s year, yes she has a strong resume but we are judging 2011 and IMO she was not excellent

      1. Yan is not just cool. There are a lot subtleties in the character.

      2. All the characters were tortured souls.
        Except for the annoying detective who I think was trying to hit on her.

      3. Bravo! Kangnam.
        You spoke my mind!
        Niki has had only 5 or 6 dramas to her name but has shown her potential. With more on the way, she will definitely makes it!
        She is not too eager to please type so as to becoming fakey. She is natural and unassuming and I find that I am able to “breathe” watching her dramas.
        Thanks Niki.

    3. Sandcherry,
      “Personally, I don’t think the results will mean anything other than the support of certain artistes’ fans. They will surely not fair results”

      When the voting period is over (Jan 31st), we can assess the poll results and see. Even if no online poll is perfectly indicative of what the world thinks due to sampling issues, we at least get a picture of what they may be.

      The new Facebook verification will make significant cheating of votes more difficult, so we will see whether any of the current top artists’ rank will shift. If they remain where they currently are, then they are indicative of the sampling population’s opinions.

      Each polling result may be slightly different due to sampling population (geographic factors, age, website reach) etc. Our current top nominees seem to be different than TVB’s earlier Top 5 results.

      The results may not agree with what we personally have in mind as the “best” in each category, but that does not necessarily mean they are invalid. While fans play a role in rating their favorite artists’ score higher, everyone is also allowed to rate the performance as they see fit. Thus, the checks in place (while not perfect) do have a degree of influence.

      Also, I wish to add that if everyone doubted their own votes do not matter (thinking the results would always be rigged, swayed by powerful fan groups, anti-fans tampering with votes, etc.), then it is a self-defeating mentality. If everyone believed that their own participation did not count (usually a large factor in low voter turnout), then yes the results will be indicative of our lack of participation.

      The Nomination Committee worked very hard to compile a fair and inclusive list of nominees. Our technologist worked hard to implement tighter controls to make the voting process more fair. It is now up to the voters whether they will vote as the performances deserve.

      I feel like a voters’ rights advocacy group urging people to vote for the best candidates.

      1. Is it possible to do gmail verification? Obviously some people may not have gmail but I think gmail has a pretty good prevention system against people making multiple accounts (mobile phone verification?).

      2. SDS,
        “Is it possible to do gmail verification? Obviously some people may not have gmail but I think gmail has a pretty good prevention system against people making multiple accounts (mobile phone verification?).”

        Google mail accounts did not have mobile verification in the past. Personally, I have several Google Mail accounts.

        In addition, a Facebook API for account verification was already publicly available, which made incorporating the verification for the poll easier to add. Given the time sensitive situation, Facebook was the more ready-to-market solution for us to authenticate individual votes.

        The one IP per vote control is still in place. Thus, this will limit the amount of significant fraudulent votes by one user.

  22. BP is conquering the awards and i hoping it stays ROFL. The power of Lee Tim Sing’s great series 😀

  23. @Jayne how does the new facebook thing work? Is the IP thing still active? Im just worried people will make multiple FB accounts =/

    (i havent tried the new facebook thing as ive already voted and im going to abide by the rules even if some dont… =))

    1. KangNam,
      “Jayne how does the new facebook thing work? Is the IP thing still active? Im just worried people will make multiple FB accounts =/”

      The one vote per unique IP limit is still in place. We implemented the Facebook verification as a further check. Together, these two controls may prevent significant fraudulent voting.

      On the polling pages at JayneStars.com, new voters will be prompted to verify their Facebook account (by logging in the pop up window) to confirm that they are valid unique account before they will be allowed to vote.

      Sites such as CNN.com have also implemented Facebook API to recognize users to allow for submission of comments.

  24. @jayne: do I have to vote again? (with my FB account?).

    1. Loekie,
      No if you have already voted, then your vote is still valid.

      Facebook verification is only for those new voters who have not placed any votes yet.

  25. FB verification? seriously??

    feel kinda insecure to login w my fb credentials, eventho the info won’t be shared. how would you prevent spoofing??

    1. @hello Please read our chief technologist’s technical explanation of the Facebook Authentication with JayneStars.com:

      Other credible websites such as http://www.cnn.com are using Facebook for user Authentication.

      We don’t request any of your facebook information such as emails, likes, or friends. The Facebook login popup clearly states we don’t request personal information. We only request for the basic public information. Here is the technical specification for Facebook authentication: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/authentication/

      This is a dataflow diagram explaining the interaction between your browser, the JayneStars.com server, and the Facebook server.

      Basically it goes through the following steps
      1) From your browser, you click on the “Verify” button on Jaynestars.com
      2) A login pop hosted by Facebook.com comes up and you send your login credentials to Facebook.com server.
      3) Your browser sends the authenticated user id to Jaynestars.com server.
      4) The Jaynestars.com server signs into the Facebook server with an application passcode and query for basic information from Facebook server.
      JayneStars does NOT save your Facebook password. All Facebook authentication is done through Facebook servers.

      All communication between your browser and Facebook server, and Jaynestars.com server and Facebook servers are base64 encoded: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/authentication/signed_request/

      Hope this technical explanation gives you confidence about the way JayneStars.com handles reader’s privacy.

  26. Thanks Jayne for trying to put together a poll. In theory, I think this is a nice way to determine the “best”, but I actually think there is no real, fair way of putting together an online poll just because there are a lot of rabid fans for their idols. Most likely, they’ll rank their idols high and their direct rivals low and vice versa, so the winner just ends up to be the person with the least haters. lol. I do wish everyone voted honestly because then the results would be more interesting.

    Also, have you thought of putting your own tvb spin on it? Jayne, your vote can count for 30%, your committee can be another 30%, and the audience votes would be the last 40% (just like TVB although I don’t know their actual % breakdown). haha. 😉

      1. SDS,
        I believe you may be an expert on logic and statistics. Please help us out here!

      2. I have been writing many passionate messages to urge higher voter turnout. Here is a philosophical spin:

        Again, voting like many actions in our lives are driven by our own state of mind. Life can become a self-fulfilling prophecy if you allow it to happen. If you look at the results and doubt whether one vote will change the overall poll results. Perhaps we are too results driven as people. If we do not attempt to experiment or participate in the process, or even while we are doing so, we care too much about the end results. We are constantly checking the results and upset when the results do not meet our standards. Is it THAT important who wins, or is it more important to voice your own opinion, share (after all we are all friends due to our passion for HK entertainment). What started out as a fun exercise (ability to rate performances in a comprehensive manner) quickly became overly competitive and pessismistic about the potential results.

        If you question the quality of elected officials in office, but you do not care to vote. If you vote, but do not vote for the best candidate for the job. If you vote without earlier knowledge on the candidate’s performance. If you vote, but care too much about what others will vote. Therefore, you change your vote to counter the potential expected voting patterns of other people. Living in a speculative society, keeping tabs on the unknown behavioral patterns of other people (while all thinking the worst that others are capable of). All these are actions we can correct. I think we should only be concerned whether we have voted in the true manner we had originally wanted too, rather than to be swayed by a circumstantial method of thinking causing us to lose sight of our original goals.

        If you believe others are always cheating, will that prompt you to cheat? If every student in a class had answers before an exam, will you also cheat because you are too scared that you will be unable to achieve the ideal results based on your own merit? Cheating occurs when we lack confidence, in others and in our own capabilities.

        Anyhow, we need more positive beliefs, otherwise we start doubt ourselves, others, and whether our actions truly matter in the end. We need voter confidence! 🙂

    1. @Jayne,

      Thanks for coming up with a more secure voting way to avoid any cheating incurred, however, I don’t think i will cast my vote under some reasons that I am not able to access to FB during my working time and I’m not that active in FB even at home due to my house chores.

      I’m not saying using FB to verify is bad, but to some ppl like me who has restricted and limited access to internet during “working time” definitely won’t be able to cast their vote.. and I can’t be bothered to login into FB just to cast vote at home after my tiring day from work.

      Anyway, I was just expressing my experience from someone chatting during working time only.. Not saying this is not a bad idea.

      1. Veejay,
        Well voting doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. Perhaps you may come across a dull, free moment off=hours that will make you think of the Awards polls. 🙂

      2. lol Jayne, I will try my best to cast my vote from home when I’m truly available and free hehe.

        But atm, I have limited access to certain websites..therefore, I could only read and post stuff.

  27. Thanks Jayne for trying to put together a poll. In theory, I think this is a nice way to determine the “best”, but I actually think there is no real, fair way of putting together an online poll just because there are a lot of rabid fans for their idols. Most likely, they’ll rank their idols high and their direct rivals low and vice versa, so the winner just ends up to be the person with the least haters. lol. I do wish everyone voted honestly because then the results would be more interesting.

    Also, have you thought of putting your own tvb spin on it? Jayne, your vote can count for 30%, your committee can be another 30%, and the audience votes would be the last 40% (just like TVB although I don’t know their actual % breakdown). haha. 😛

    1. AC,
      “Jayne, your vote can count for 30%”

      Haha thanks for your suggestion. If my vote were to count 30% towards the winners, there will always be fans that disagree with me and upset with the results.

      What I learn from the polling results is that each person has different standard of the best and when the polling results disagree with those results, people tend to question the validity of the results. Not everyone votes for their idols and rank their idols higher. Sandcherry for one noted this.

      I believe there is fairness and while our poll may have some sampling issues, there are various checks in place. Yes fan groups are voting, but so are neutral voters such as Sandcherry. We still have a few more weeks to go before the conclusion of this poll.

      I feel as if this “2011 Best of TVB Awards” poll launched an entire discussion on statistical sampling (sampling design, collection of data, technical controls, statistical significance, and data validity). We all need to go back to Statistics class to make this a better sampling exercise. 🙂 We have spent more time on discussion of polling methodology and sampling rather than the actual TVB series and performances themselves! Amazing… Bet TVB.com’s poll did not stimulate such deep discourse!

      Let’s not forget also the importance of voter participation and the importance to vote for the “best” candidate as voter campaign rights advocates would do so. Let’s not all be such pessimists and give up only after 1 week of voting. So the display of polling results tends to have a negative effect on voter psychology and discourage voters whose candidates have lower ranking scores to participate? I urge everyone to vote with fairness and we will see at the conclusion of the polling results. Some candidates’ scores are only decimals apart, so there is still a chance that rankings will shift. Let’s make conclusions when the poll concludes.

      1. I actually wasn’t sure if I should comment under each category what my thoughts were, so I decided to just wait until the results came out. Did you want us to make comments for each?

        Can I make a suggestion for the next poll to hide the results until the final tally? Maybe, this way, it wouldn’t affect the voting and won’t sway the votes.

        Thanks for all you do Jayne!

      2. AC:
        “Can I make a suggestion for the next poll to hide the results until the final tally?”

        I’ll consider this for the next poll. However, the downside would be that there would be less excitement finding out the immediate results after we submit votes. There would be alot of waiting behind the scenes not knowing the trending results, therefore miss the excitement that online polls offer.

  28. I wrote this comment under Supporting Actress but wanted to bump for the main thread:

    For this year, I will always remember the time Sharon Chan ran topless down the block for Ghetto Justice – not many TVB ladies have ever allowed themselves to be linked as prostitute and naked runner. Props to Sharon Chan.

    1. I don’t think she really ran naked. When the scene shows Jing Jing’s back, it doesn’t look like Sharon’s back.

    2. She wasn’t topless but she was wearing very little clothes. The prostitute part is a character. If an actress is so morally righteous as to feel acting as a prostitute is a shame then perhaps that actress is in the wrong business. Some very conservative people may view being an actress is a branch of prostitution. And didn’t you know? The way to recognition or awards is to play a prostitute, a disabled person or generally a person with a huge misfortune?

  29. I don’t get this voting thing. So do you just choose your choice you want and vote. Then you don’t vote again. It will automatically say your name and last time and thanks for verifying your facebook.

    1. After you verify your facebook account and you get the confirmation message (which you did), you are allowed to rate all the nominees in each awards category. For example, you rate however many number of nominees you want (scale 1 to 5) in the Best Actor Category. Then you SUBMIT your vote.

      Once you hit SUBMIT, you cannot vote/rate in the BEST ACTOR category again.

      You can vote/rate in the other awards categories such as Best Actress, Best Themesong etc.

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