2017 TVB Anniversary Awards Predictions

The 2017 TVB Anniversary Awards is just around the corner, and with half of the nominees for Best Actor and Actress already revealed, it is time for some major TV King and Queen predictions.

For this season, the 2017 TVB Anniversary Awards will not be held until January 2018—perhaps this extended time is to make room for anniversary dramas My Ages Apart <誇世代> and Heart and Greed <溏心風暴3> to run for the race. My Ages Apart, which stars Bobby Au-yeung (歐陽震華) and Moses Chan (陳豪), won’t air its last episode until January 12, 2018. Heart and Greed will end its run on January 19, 2018.

For this reason, it seems highly likely that Bobby Au-yeung, Moses Chan, and Heart and Greed’s Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Ha Yu (夏雨) would make it into the top five Best Actor nominations for their performances in their respective dramas. This dampens Vincent Wong (王浩信) and Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) chances to win TV King, despite their popularity.

Though Ali Lee (李佳芯) won Best Actress for her role in Legal Mavericks <踩過界> back in October in Singapore, the possibility of her making it into top five nominations at the anniversary awards is not high. Ali Lee’s Best Actress nomination is not for her performance in Legal Mavericks but in My Ages Apart, which is not getting the same amount of buzz.

What are your predictions for TV King and Queen?

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. My pick: Best Actor: Kenneth Ma, Best Actress: Nina Paw, Best Supporting Actor: Joel Chan, Best Supporting Actress: Grace Wong.

  2. Best Actor: Kenneth Ma
    Best Actress: Jessica Hsuan/Kristal Tin
    Best Supporting Actor: Joel Chan
    Best Supporting Actress: Elaine Yiu/Grace Wong

    1. Favorite male character: Vincent Wong
      Favorite female character: Ali Lee/Elena Kong
      Most improved actor: Matthew Ho
      Most improved actress: Sisley Choi/Moon Lau/Roxanne Tong

  3. Best Actor – Kenneth Ma or Vincent Wong
    Best Actress – Kristal Tin or Jessica Hsuan
    Supporting Actor – Joel Chan
    Supporting Actress – Elaine Yiu

  4. My Pick:

    Best Actor: Vincent Wong/Kenneth Ma
    Best Actress: Jessica Hsuan/Kristal Tin
    Best Supporting Actor: Joel Chan
    Best Supporting Actress: Elaine Yiu/Grace Wong

  5. Best drama- The Exorcist’s meter
    Best actor- Vincent Wong
    Best Actress- Ali Lee
    My favourite male character -Ma Kwai
    My favourite female character -Mall Jeh
    Best supporting actor- Owen Cheung but they will give it to Joel Chan
    Best supporting Actress- Elaine Yiu
    Most improved actor- Matthew Ho
    Most improved actress- Moon Lau
    My favourite couple on screen Joël Chan – Elaine Yiu

  6. best drama- the exorcist meter/destination nowhere
    best actor- kenneth ma (tem)
    best actress-kristal tin (destination nowhere)
    my favourite male character- ma kwai
    my favourite female character- ??
    best supporting actor- au sui wai (ua)
    best supporting actress- susan tse (tem)
    most improved actor- anthony ho/ hubert wu (tem)
    most improved actress- ali lee (Lm)

  7. Best Drama for me is definitely TEM. Im rewatching it and am amazed that right from ep1 the drama dived straight into the story instead of beating about the bush. Ar the same time im picking up LW2 where i left off. The story felt so messy and all over the place. Worse of all was Priscilla’s cringeworthy acting.

  8. Best actor: Michael Miu, Bobby Au, Kenneth Ma or Moses Chan
    Best actress: Nina Paw, Elena Kong, Jessica Hsuan or Michelle Yim
    Best Supporting actor: Jimmy Au, Vincent Wong or Ben Wong
    Best supporting actress: Alice Chan, Grace Wong or Ali Lee
    Favorite actor: Joel Chan, Ruco Chan or Louis Cheung
    Favorite actress: Elaine Yiu, Nancy Wu or Kristal Tin
    Most improved actor: Owen Cheung, Matt Yeung, Pakho Chau or Benjamin Yuen
    Most improved actress; Moon Lau, Roxanne Tong, Jacqueline Wong or Sisley Choi
    Best Drama: Line Walker 2 or The Unholy Alliance

  9. My bet
    Best actor: Vincent Wong
    Best actress: Jessica
    Supporting actor: Joel
    Supporting actress: Grace
    Best drama: Line walker 2

  10. My Vote:
    Best Actor – Kenneth Ma
    Best Actress- Jessica Hsuan
    Fav Character – Vincent Wong
    Fav Actress- Nancy or Kristal
    Best Drama – TME
    Best Support Actress- Elaine yu
    Best Support Actor- Joel
    Best improve actor- Hubert Wu
    Best improve actress-Sisley Choi

  11. I’ve only watched one TVB series this year, which was Legal Mavericks, and although I enjoyed the actors’ performances, none of them really stood out to me so I don’t really care about the awards this year.
    EXCEPT I really, really want Jimmy Au to win Best Supporting Actor. Just because he’s good. I didn’t watch UA but I know he must’ve been good.

  12. my pick:

    best actor – kenneth ma (the exorcist’s meter)
    best actress -kristal tin (destination nowhere)
    best supporting actor – joel chan (the unholy alliance)
    best supporting actress – susan tse (the exorcist’s meter)
    best drama – the exorcist’s meter

  13. best drama is definately going to line walker 2 although the excorcist meter was way better. given the history of tvb, they tend to be so predictable, always giving awards to the the grand shows instead of the underdogs.

    1. @m0m0 I think you might be right – with TVB’s usual track record, Best Series will likely either go to Unholy Alliance or Line Walker 2 (most likely the latter given the Mainland China connection, since TVB wants to promote the Mainland/HK co-production angle). The main reason for delaying the anniversary awards this year was to include My Ages Apart and Heart of Greed 3, but neither series is doing that well ratings-wise (HOG’s ratings combined across platforms was only around 21 points this week – that’s REALLY bad considering the number includes online ratings – if the ratings sink below 20 points, then my guess is HOG3 will definitely be out of contention for any award)…from a popularity/word of mouth standpoint, MAA is doing a better job than HOG3, but still nowhere near all the “hype” that was generated when TUA and LW2 aired.

      This year will probably be the first time in my 20 years of watching the anniversary awards (starting from the year it started in 1997) that I have no interest whatsoever in the awards show. In previous years, even if I didn’t like any of the main categories, there was always at least 1 category (Best Supporting Actor) that had nominees I could root for, but this year, even that category sucks for the most part (and we already know TVB is going to give the award to Joel, regardless of whether he is deserving of it or not).

  14. Best actor: Kenneth Ma
    Best actress: Louise Lee
    Best Supporting actor: Vincent Wong
    Best supporting actress: Ali Lee
    Favorite actor: Ruco Chan
    Favorite actress: Nancy Wu
    Best Couple: Joel Chan & Elaine Yiu
    Most improved actor: Benjamin Yuen
    Most improved actress; Moon Lau
    Best Drama: Heart of Greed 3

    1. @moonsp Vincent and Ali were not supporting characters.

      edit: also Benjamin Yuen won favourite male character last year so it won’t be possible for him to be nominated for most improved

  15. Best Actor Rico Chan
    Best Actress Nancy Wu
    Best Supporting Actor Joel Chan
    Best Supporting Actress Elaine Yiu
    Best On Screen Couple Rico Chan And Nancy Wu
    Best Drama Either Unholy Alliance/Legal Mavericks/Line Walker 2/Heart And Greed

  16. best drama – legal mavericks/the exorcists meter
    best actor – vincent wong
    best actress – jessica hsuan
    favourite male character – ma kwai (acted by kenneth ma)
    favourite female character – never wong (acted by ali lee)
    best supporting actor – owen cheung
    best supporting actress – elaine yiu
    most improved actor – matthew ho
    most improved actress – moon lau
    favourite on-screen couple – natalie tong & vincent wong
    favourite drama theme song – i would not pout (stephanie ho)/i was here (hubert wu)

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