2019 TVB Anniversary Awards Nominations Revealed

TVB’s annual Anniversary Awards ceremony will be held on January 12, 2020 and the list of nominees was released today. Many artistes including Selena Lee (李施嬅), Ali Lee (李佳芯), Joel Chan (陳山聰)), Raymond Wong (黃浩然), Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿), Samantha Ko (高海寧), and Iris Lam (林凱恩) attended the press conference.

The award categories will include: Best Drama, Best Actor, Best Actress, Most Popular Actor, Most Popular Actress, Most Popular Theme Song, and Most Popular Couple. These awards will be based on public and TVB management votes.

There is another category that will be based on TVB management and TVB artiste votes. These awards include: Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Most Improved Actor, Most Improved Actress, Best TV Host, and Best Variety Show. The last award decided by TVB management solely will be the Lifetime Achievement Award.

One of the highlights of the press conference was when Iris Lam wept while thanking for her nomination in the Most Improved Actress category. She thanked everyone for the opportunity and promised that she would keep up the hard work.

“Big White Duel” Has 23 Nominations

The fight for Best Actress this year will be fierce. Actresses nominated include: Kara Wai (惠英红) for The Defected <鐵探>; Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) for Wonder Women <多功能老婆>, Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) for Big White Duel <白色強人>, and Selena Lee ( 李施嬅) for Barrack O’Karma <金宵大廈>. Other than Natalie and Ali, this will be the first time the others have participated in the race for Best Actress. At this point, it seems like the fight is really between Kara, Miriam, and Selena as their dramas have also received high ratings. However, all three actresses are not directly managed by TVB and this may be the biggest barrier towards them receiving the award.

The fight for Best Actor seems to be between Vincent Wong (王浩信) for The Man who Kills Trouble (解決師) and Philip Keung (姜皓文) for The Defected. However Kenneth Ma (馬國明) for Big White Duel and Joel Chan for Barrack O’Karma are also seen as strong competitors. Many netizens feel sorry for Kenneth as he is nominated every year, but it always seems to slip out from his fingers.

Another interesting point is that Handmaidens United <丫鬟大聯盟> is slated to air on December 30 in Hong Kong and Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) has already received a nomination for Best Actress even though the drama has not even aired! One can see how much she is being promoted by TVB. On the other hand, the female lead of the series Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) was not nominated at all due to her scandal with Andy Hui (許志安).

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I think the Best Actress fight is mainly between Miriam Yeung and Kara Wai. If the ratings for “Wonder Women” rise higher, this will favor Miriam more.

    I think Kenneth will have a good chance at Best Actor to the favorable response for “Big White Duel”. Plus he’s in high profile dramas such as “Line Walker 3” and “The Exorcist’s Meter 2.0” next year, so the award will boost his profile further.

    1. @jayne i think the best actress fight is between miriam, kara, and selena. Between kara & miriam, kara has been in more TVB dramas, so maybe that will make her more preferable to voters.

      if the best actor award is between kenneth, vincent, and philip, I do think Kenneth has the best shot because vincent already won TVB King before. Kenneth is also favored by voters (both HKers & TVB)

      1. @wm2017 @anon I think Selena does deserve it among her great group of friends she’s the only one that hasn’t won an award. Tvb owes her big time sadly she’s left the management which is great cuz she’s so underrated and they never give her any chances.

      2. @oligodendrocytes

        I think the Best acting award should always be awarded to one that is worthy – not deserving. Selena might be a great actress by TVB standard, as a whole, her acting is mediocre.

      3. @oligodendrocytes that’s a bit unfair to say about her friends aside from myolie. Ever since selena debuted she had more chances than any of her friends. Within her first 2 years of debuting she was already given second female lead and super meaty roles. Not saying tvb was wrong but she definitely had more chances than most people in Tvb and starting off definitely way more opportunities than nancy wu and elaine Yiu. Nancy and elaine pretty much got their big break within these few years mainly nancy but selena was just missing a bit of luck. Hope she wins something and hope barrack o’karma wins for best drama.

      1. @anon To me, it’s a no-brainer to give it to Kara…she is a much-decorated (lost count of how many BA awards she won in the movie world) A-list movie actress whose worse performance is 10x better than all the actresses on the list. And yes, she won the Huading BA for The Defected a few days ago, which gives her an advantage going into this. But then again, it’s TVB we’re talking about here, and their awards are notorious for being rigged, so it’s really hard to predict what will happen.

  2. I think it is not quite fair to include Kara Hui and Miriam Yeung in this year’s race for TV Queen Award. Both Kara and Miriam had won Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress and they both have been actresses for over 20 years.

    The TVB Best Actress and Best Actor awards should be awarded to artistes who have filmed mainly for TVB in their drama series, such as Selena Lee, Ali Lee, Natalie Tong, etc. and Kenneth Ma, Joel Chan, Vincent Wong, etc. These awards serve as recognition and encouragement for their hard work over the years working for TVB.

    1. @orchid123 as long as theyre in a TVB drama, they can be nominated. As stated in the article, the best actor/actress awards are voted by both TVB & HKers.

    2. @orchid123 If that’s the case, then TVB would have to close up shop, since no “outside” artists would be willing to film for them and their own managed artists can’t cut it on their own. The proper way would be for ALL artists who was in a series that year have a fair shot for any award, but of course, that doesn’t happen either, since these awards famously involve a lot of politics and nowadays very rarely reflects audiences’ sentiments. Personally, I feel like TVB should stop doing these awards before it becomes a huge embarrassment like JSG…but that’s wishful thinking of course….

  3. I will scream if Selena doesn’t win BA this year. Barrak O’Karma was such a solid drama that made all the characters stand out. Kara and Miriam’s roles don’t seem so challenging given their expertise. It seems like their roles are tailor made for them so I don’t see why they would win. Ali and Natalie were unimpressive this year.
    I can’t believe the article doesn’t mention Ben Yuen for his role in Defected.
    If Kenneth wins it’s 50% pity due to his ex’s scandal lol.

    1. @bubbles23 I agree. I screamed when Selena got nominated I really hope she gets the award she really deserves it!! I’m a bit anxious that people might not vote for her since she’s left TVB but honestly she really deserves it. TVB owe this to her at least.

    2. @bubbles23 Barrak O’Karma was great!! All of the characters definitely stood out. I think it’s unfair to say that if Kenneth wins, it’s because of his scandal. He’s been in TVB for sooooo long & never won TVB king. If he does win, people will say it’s due to the scandal & pity. Who wants a title based on that anyway? It devalues his hard work…

  4. How does Roxanne Tong get nominated for a show that hasn’t aired yet? This just shows how fake and pointless the awards are. Maybe somebody needs to renew their contract so they may win Best Actor or Actress.

  5. Fierce fight for kara, miriam & selena.
    These 3 are most solid dramas for this year.
    Selena is quite underrated… i quite like her. Good for her to venture out of TVB more opportunities.
    Will be unfair if BA goes to Natalie as she’s the only TVB biological daughter

  6. oh my goodness! It just screams desperation for TVB when newbies like Owen get nominated for Best Actor. What a joke! His role in that Justice Bao drama is nothing but supporting. Same goes for Jonathan Cheung’s role in MWKT. How on earth do these people even get nominated? By shining the right shoes? As for the females, newbies like Kelly Cheung are nominated?? TVB might as well scrap the awards if they can’t even come up with a decent list.

  7. miriam yeung….don’t see the acting skills in her. she’s only noiminated b/c she’s a big star. i vouch for kara, she’s a solid actress

    1. @m0m0 Same here. Kara is good.
      Anyway, Kara acted in a TVB drama so don’t see any issue for her to compete with the other TVB regular leading actresses who have participated in this year shows.
      I hope Eric Li wins but doubt he will have the chance now that he is no longer with TVB.

  8. I wish I was a local HK citizen with a HK number to vote it sucks. From the nominations I’ve seen so far I would want to vote for Gloria Tang or Iris Lam for Most Improved Actress (Iris Lam did really well in Girlie Days even though being in the industry for 4 years though I’d probably root for Gloria more since Iris is still relatively new).
    Best actress in my eyes is definitely Selena Lee, everyone else who got nominated bow down. If selena wasn’t there I would’ve picked Ali Lee.
    I can’t believe Kelly got nominated for Best actress in BWD she’s not even the lead! Astonishing. And Roxanne Tong as well that’s funny.
    Best drama for me defos Barrack O’Karma hands down, though I did like Girlie Days and BWD.
    Best actor I’m not sure between Joel and Kenneth will need to look into it more.
    Best song would be either one of HANA’s 5 nominated songs or Vivian Koo’s Mandarin version of Barrack O’Karma.
    Best couple defo Ah Siu/Yuk Fi and Alex/Coco. I found I strange Kenneth and Roger’s characters got paired together and not Ali’s and Natalie with Kenneth lols.
    Wish I can vote darn it!

    1. @oligodendrocytes I see a lot of potential in Iris Lam. Her acting is natural and she has the looks for lead. I think HANA’s English song in Black White Duel will win. It has millions of views on youtube. Same…cant vote haha

      1. @luye Yeh I see a lot of potential too. Considering there are basically so few fadans now she can be in the line of actresses that would get promoted by TVB. Through right now it’ll be Sisley, Rebecca, roxanne, Natalie.

        Lol I like that song but it was so overplayed that I hate it now. It’s overrated hahahah

  9. TVB is unpredictable sometimes. Even if they want to give the awards to their biological children, they might still give it to the more deserving actors if that drama was a hit that year (e.g. Anthony Wong, Dayo Wong).

    For Actress, it’s definitely a fight between Kara, Selena and Miriam. I’m rooting for Selena though. Recognition for her is long overdue.

    Definitely agree with the comment that TVB is desperate to promote some people by giving them the nominations. There are some main lead nominees who should be in the supporting role category (e.g. Kelly Cheung in BWD, Rebecca Zhu in WW). Having 20+ nominees in the categories is just laughable. No prestige at all!

    For Actor, I’m rooting for Kenneth and I think it’s 80% chance he will get it lol.

    Most Improved will probably go to Owen Cheung & Kelly Cheung/Roxanne Tong.

    Also wanted to mention, anyone here so tired of seeing the same TVB singers singing all the theme songs? Hana Kuk, Jinny Ng, Fred Cheng, Kayee Tam, etc. It’s a bigger joke when these people win everything at the JSG Awards. Miss the good old days (aka I am getting old haha)!

    1. @1piscesish I really don’t mind the same singers singing the songs. I like HANA’s, Fred’s and Jinny’s voices. To be fair Kayee hasn’t got as many opportunities as them. TVB only promotes one singer and for the time being its just HANA.
      Though I’d like it if Vivian Koo got some recognition and sung more songs. Though she sings more Mandarin songs. But I wouldn’t say her Cantonese is bad since she also sung one of the Line Walker drama songs.

    2. @1piscesish Yes, completely agree about the singing. But of course, can’t expect otherwise when TVB has their own record label now…though of course, Voice Entertainment can’t hold a candle to all the other “real” record companies out there…no offense to singers who sign with Voice, but how embarrassing is it that the only place they are able to get awarded for their singing is at TVB? I guess that’s what happens when they sign with a record label that is hardly recognized as “legit” outside of the company they work for.

      I miss the old days too — specifically the 80s and 90s, when the theme songs were written by award-winning songwriters and sung by “real” singers. …

  10. Best actress is definitely between kara and selena but kara definitely has a higher chance. Hope selena gets my favorite actress at least she definitely deserves an award. Miriam as best actress is a joke even in movies she always plays the same type of characters it gets so repetitive they just tweak each character a little bit to fit her ditzy yet “strong” roles. Plus they are always pairing her up with younger men like raymond lam and shawn yue now it’s pakho. I felt like pakho, and alice carried her throughout most of the drama.

    1. @holiday
      Totally agree. I don’t see any acting skills in Miriam. In fact, how she even got popular in the first place is a mystery to me consider that she can’t act, no looks and average singing skills.

  11. Definitely rooting for selena. She is way long overdue for an award and this is her best performance to date. She deserves it by a mile. But i have a feeling she may just end up winning the most popular female character. TVB will most likely give best actress to Kara Hui coz she is a heavyweight actress and has surprisingly not win anything before at TVB but have won film queen multiple times. As for best actor, weaker competition this year and that may lead to kenneth ma finally winning for the first time. Most popular will be joel chan i think. Barrack o karma for best drama…

    1. @vinceboy
      Kara’s performance was far superior to Selena’s. That always happens when these powerhouse movie actor/actresses return to TVB. The acting is light and day compared to TVB developed. It would be weird to give it to Selena but I hope she gets it…

      1. @jimmyszeto i think kara is doing good but lacks certain required depth for her character in “defected”. Meanwhile in my opinion selena still stood out among this year nominees

  12. Honestly with the kind of critical acclaim Kara Wai got after filming movies, I’m surprised she still decided to film for TVB. This is a really big courtesy considering they always relegated her to supporting actress role and never promoted her much.

    If TVB judges based on the most popular drama of the year, Selena will win. If TVB judges based on the best acting of the year, Kara Hui has got her beat. You’re talking about someone with 40+ years of experience versus someone with 15. There is no fair comparison. If TVB judges based on clout, Miriam will win.

  13. Selena Lee for BA hands down. Just her playing Alex alone should win it, being able to do both characters well is icing on the cake. I did not like her much in previous shows but she is so compelling in 金宵大厦.

    Unpopular opinion: I like Kara Hui but her acting in Defected wasn’t great?? Felt like she could’ve played the character with a lot more finesse. It was too much shouting and forcefulness, but maybe that’s how she wanted to play it idk. Because of that the Madam wasn’t that intimidating to me.

    I really can’t wrap my head around the hype around Natalie Tong (and her winning BA). She is literally the same in every show. She’s natural and likeable enough but far from BA material.

    As for Best Actor, don’t think any were outstanding this year but the best to me is Philip Keung.

    For Best Drama, I liked Defected for the action and drama but it also had many flaws. But when 金宵大厦 came out it it won for me hands down. It’s an underdog like 阵魔的, I don’t think they expected it would do as well as it did. The music, the chemistry of Selena/Joel, the compelling stories and strong supporting cast, the timeless charm esp of the 1960s part, the creepy vibes of the building, how everything was connected – it is a show I will remember for a long time. If it wins over the much higher budget and promoted Defected and hospital show, I would be so happy. But even if it does not it’s the best TVB show in years to me.

    1. @boomer Did you watch Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain? She also played 2 different characters, filming with Kenneth Ma. I liked her that drama.

      I agree with the comment about Kara Hui, I don’t see what everyone’s so hyped about her for. I only remember her crying and screaming in the drama and her intense angry stares. I found the drama kinda dumb too, everyone’s basically dead. She’s alone and still goes to that person that killed 2 of her sons. Her relationship with Bingo was dumb too like a sort of frenemy thing going on.

      I agree with 金宵大厦 being a really good eye catching and memorable drama. Not a storyline that we’ve seen often for TVB. Just the little intricate elements even at the beginning foreshadowing the future and throughout the storyline. Idk why but I really liked that even though they focused on a particular person’s storyline they still involve the other people in the building. Like how the chef was adding curry recipes because of his daughters fiance was cute.

    2. @boomer Selena should’ve won that year when she was in Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain. That role, in my opinion, was her best to date.

  14. Does anyone know if there’s any online voting for non-HK residents this year? Doesn’t seem to have the ‘fan favourite drama’ category this year…

    Also do you need your identity number to vote or just a HK mobile number?

    1. @boomer I’m not sure but I would love to vote

      To vote in Bigbigfun app you need a HK number (8 digits long) then they will send you a code via SMS that you have to Input. I only got that far. No HK sim card. Or personal number.. 🙁

    2. @boomer If they’re doing it the same way as years past, you’ll need a Hong Kong ID number in order to vote. With that said though, I personally feel it’s useless to vote because at the end of the day, TVB is going to give the awards to whomever they want….they say that the audience vote counts, but it actually doesn’t (unless it aligns with their own agenda, which it rarely does)….

  15. Although the big favourites for best actor are Kenneth Ma and Philip Keung, I feel TVB are more likely to give it to someone from their stable so tbh they’re more likely to give it to Ben Yuen than Philip.

    Imo I think Pakho has done well in WW, I’d personally like him to win my fav male character. And as usual, Vincent Wong has acted well but he’s already won a best actor I guess

  16. Miriam might not act well or sing well, but there’s something about her that makes it “comfortable” to watch. Also, with her role in wonder women, I cant think of any mature artist fitting her role better than her. Kenix, Ada, Jessica, Alice all seem too strong for that particular housewife role. Maybe Leila Tong can fulfill it?

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