Ada Choi Gushes Over Perfect Husband Max Zhang  

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Ada Choi Gushes Over Perfect Husband Max Zhang   

In a recent interview with QQ Entertainment, actress Ada Choi (蔡少芬) showered praises on her husband, actor Max Zhang (張晉), who won Best Supporting Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards last year. The husband and wife duo will be appearing on the new weekly reality show, Fight For Her <為她而戰>.

When Ada and Max were first approached about participating in Fight For Her, a mainland Chinese reality show that pits celebrity couples against each other in various games and challenges, Ada was hesitant to accept the proposal. Though she was very interested in appearing on the show, she knew that her husband was concentrating on filming Ip Man 3 <葉問3>.

However, Max decided to make an effort for Ada’s sake and participate in Fight For Her, even though doing so would make his schedule even busier and leave him with less energy. As a result, fans have been able to witness the couple’s devotion to one another.

“Everything about Max Is Good!”

Ada has long been known for her adoration of Max. When he won his Best Supporting Actor Award, she was overcome with tears of joy. She even proclaimed, “Everything about him is good!”

Being elevated on such a high pedestal has understandably led to much pressure for Max, who humbly responded, “How could I be so good? I’m covered with shortcomings, but in her eyes, all of my shortcomings are advantages.”

It could be said that Max has gotten even better after knowing Ada, since her liveliness and extroversion has rubbed off on him. Moreover, Max shared that before he met Ada, he did not know how to be romantic. But thanks to a suggestion from his older daughter, who often says she wants to send flowers to her mother, Max will sometimes surprise his wife with a fresh bouquet.

Max and Ada are currently enjoying life with their two young daughters and have no plans to give birth to a third child. “If we have another one, who would raise him or her?” asked Max. “Right now, we’re not thinking about this issue.”


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8 comments to Ada Choi Gushes Over Perfect Husband Max Zhang  

  1. tess says:

    They look like a happy couple! Love Ada, wish them well! 🙂

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  2. llwy12 says:

    One of my favorite celebrity couples! Ada and Max have come a long way and overcome so much to be together, it’s great to see them so happy and blissful. All the best to them and their 2 adorable daughters!! 🙂

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  3. kidd says:

    I like this this couple a lot. They are full of affection for one another. Ada has a great attitude in marriage. I always believe adoration for your partner is an important ingredient for a happy and lasting marriage.

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    • funnlim replied:

      @kidd Adoration is given. But respect is another. I can see she looks up to her husband, she respects him immensely. Funny how she wants another child and he is the one who says no, enough. You can see who wears the pants and I think Ada likes that her husband is masculine enough to say no but is not MCP to deny her. After a lifetime of hardship in terms of personal relationship, well, she is happy and found herself a good guy. That’s most important really. A decent fella you love, adore and most importantly, respect. Don’t we all want that sort of guy.

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      • hetieshou replied:

        Wasn’t it Max that wanted a third child since he wanted a boy? I remember that Ada was the one that did not want a third child because she could not bear the burden of a third child.

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      • funnlim replied:

        @hetieshou Not the version I recalled. I saw an interview and she happily said she would like a 3rd child but he was the one who feels two is more than enough, from her expression. He didn’t say he wanted a boy.

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  4. hetieshou says:

    I also love this couple. Yes,respecting and admiring your guy is very important. It is also one of the keys to a lasting marriage. I still remember them together in Shui Yue Dong Tian. They were not paired up but it was great seeing them in the same series. That series is special for them because that was when they met. It would be great if they can have a boy for their next child if they do have another one. They can definately afford it.

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  5. hetieshou says:

    Ada and Max really remind me of Shui Ling and her husband, Chen Jian Ban. Shui Ling really loves,looks up to,respects and admires her husband too.

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