Aimee Chan Brings 3 Kids to Canada for the Summer

After marrying Moses Chan (陳豪) and having three children, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) took a hiatus in her acting career to focus on taking care of her family. Now that summer is here, the Toronto native is taking her three children to spend three weeks with grandparents in Canada while Moses will stay in Hong Kong due to work commitments.

Due to the 16-hour transatlantic flight, Aimee’s father accompanied her and the children on the airplane. However, Aimee may have little to worry about, as her children were very well-behaved.

Sharing a video clip of their flight journey, Aimee’s children appear to be very independent and even pulled their own luggage at the airport. Netizens praised Aimee for teaching her children so well.

Although the Chans will be temporarily separated due to Moses remaining in Hong Kong, Aimee will make sure the children have a fun and enriching summer with new adventures in Canada.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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  1. Didn’t think much of her as an actress or her acting skill. I do applaud and praise her as a mom. She seems very down to earth and motherly. She gives genuine proud-to-be-a-mom and love–kids-to-pieces vibe. She’s like your mother next door. \o/

  2. Been seeing her instagram posts, the kids are so cute and well behaved!
    Very loving family

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