Ali Lee Cries Over “Mean Talk”

The actress was “forced” to reveal artistes she most loathed to work with during the prank.

On the heels of Prankenstein <大整蠱> ending its run with Ali Lee (李佳芯) as its finale guest artiste, she was once again invited on the premier episode of Mean Talk, co-hosted by Elena Kong (江美儀) and Bob Lam (林盛斌) to share her thoughts on her experience in entertainment so far.

Even TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) was present to ensure the quality of the program. However, all the elaborate preparations were really just part of a prank to fool Ali, while all production crew members were in the know. To put up a convincing performance, Elena had expressed her nervousness and stated that she would get guest stars to reveal real names for greater impact.


During the filming, Elena threw out three tough questions: their worst encounter at work; the program/drama they hated the most; and an artiste they most loathe to work with.

Known for her good interpersonal relations, Ali appeared rather distraught throughout the program as her responses were rejected several times by both Elena and the producer, with Ms. Lok reminding her to answer bravely and candidly lest the show becomes too boring.

Repeatedly probed about the artiste she would hate to work with, Ali had wanted to name Mayanne Mak (麥美恩), but her answer was rejected. Afterward, she finally named Elena and said, “because she keeps forcing me, especially on talk shows. For dramas, it would be different as she would have to drop this personality.”

Mutual Friends

Playing along, Elena pretended to be upset by Ali’s words and left the set on the verge of tears, causing Ali to feel so bad that she yelled out uncontrollably, and declared she would never appear on such programs in future.

Seeing Ali getting all upset and teary-eyed as she dabbed her face with a tissue, the group decided to end the prank. Elena returned back on set pretending she had calmed down, and revealed to Ali that the day’s events had been part of a prank. Stunned for words, Ali continued tearing up, and when she was informed again that everything had been an elaborate plan to foil her, she shook her head vigorously and even rolled her eyes.

Later, Elena praised Ali on social media, writing “Although you don’t like me, but I must praise you–you’re pure, truthful, and intelligent, and really treasure the friendship between us. Ali, I’m so sorry, but I love you.” Ali promptly replied, “Though I was pranked by you, I love you!”

Source: Sky Post

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  1. Ermmmmm.. she did not yell…in fact her reaction was liked by many who watched it….

  2. This was like a few weeks ago already. But this is what shows Ali’s genuine side. It also shows Elena’s superb acting skills.

  3. My heart broke for Ali but agree with @abdc, really shows how genuine Ali is and Elena’s acting skills. So good.

    Did anyone see that Mandy Wong is doing a play (I think) as a robot too? I saw clips of her doing it and it pales in comparison to Ali’s character in AI romantic. Again, it shows you the different caliber of these two actresses.

  4. I felt bad for Ali. The prank was so mean spirited, I felt uncomfortable watching it. But I gotta admit, it made me like Ali that much more. Seems like a pretty sweet person.

    1. @theyenman i think its ok…there were interviews before the show and the played this prank on Ali cos they knew she will be caught in a spot. Guess what they did not expect is for Ali to cry. Her reaction after knowing just confirm that she is a sweet person in general

  5. This has worked out well. Shows Ali’s beautiful personality. The Kalok Chow prank deserves a mention. It was harsh but it went mental and erupted like a mad man on the senior actors of his Come Home Love colleagues.

  6. I just heard rumours that Nancy Wu told her besties (Aka Mandy and Myolie etc) to ostracise Ali. I already don’t like them very much, now I despise them.

  7. Ali looks like she’s about to go on a psycho rampage in the pics above lol. Poor girl. I didn’t watch this because I don’t have the stomach to, but they played a prank on Tiffany Lau too and wow, that girl fought back! I didn’t anticipate that from her shy and sweet public persona. Very interesting.

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