Andy Yang Criticized for Donating “Too Much” To Coronavirus Relief Efforts

The devastating Wuhan coronavirus outbreak is crushing through China, and with millions of people in lockdown mode to prevent the disease’s spread, more and more people are now forced to spend their leisure time online.

And for actress Andy Yang Zi (杨紫), one of China’s most popular actress. this large conglomerate of netizens online is not a good thing.

The 27-year-old has randomly attacked by many netizens online—first criticizing her for donating too much to the Wuhan coronavirus relief efforts and then accusing Andy and her team for leaking a set photo from her upcoming series The Oath of Love <余生,请多指教> with Sean Xiao Zhan (肖战).

The netizens—many who are fans of Dilireba (迪丽热巴) and Sean Xiao—left distasteful messages on Andy’s Weibo after a report claimed that Andy had donated 500,000 yuan to Wuhan relief efforts, the most of any artist. Reportedly, many artiste agencies had come to an agreement that they would donate 200,000 yuan together. According to the netizens, Andy’s solo donation effort is negatively impacting the image of other artistes.

Netizens also expressed their frustrations on Andy’s Weibo after leaked photos featuring Andy kissing Sean on the set of The Oath of Love started to circulate online. Netizens immediately accused Andy and her team for leaking said photos, also expressing that they were being insensitive for sharing the photo during this time. Many angry netizens had left messages attacking Andy’s family.

Of course, all these claims are baseless. Faced with a hoard of unfounded accusations, Andy had to release an official statement through her production studio, stating that they would pursue legal action to the accounts spreading fake rumors.


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  1. It’s good to donate more but if there was a genuine agreement for artistes to donate 200,000 each then she deserves the criticism. It just means limelight stealing and does make it look really bad for other rich artistes. We all know that top artistes can easily afford to donate millions but if there is an agreement and some are breaking it to promote themselves then this could cause other not to even bother giving the original amount which means less donations overall…

    1. @jimmyszeto Agree, but stealing limelight or not, I don’t think it matters. The big picture is that they are being donated. Right now is not the time to say who is trying to promote themselves or not. Any sort of criticism is just discouraging anyone to either donate less or to not donate at all.

      1. @mi520 Exactly! How petty and childish to be upset over some numbers when the cause clearly does more good than harm. If those celebrities are genuinely upset over this, then that says more about them than it does about her.

        “OMG, she donated more than me! Now I’m going to look bad!”

        Yeah, get over yourself.

    2. @jimmyszeto Agree, but at the same time I also wonder why they should be an agreement regarding donations. It should be voluntary and genuine. If someone want to donate much, why should they limit his / her donation. Good deeds should not be limited.

  2. Donate too much —> COMPLAIN!!!!
    Donate too little —> COMPLAIN!!!!
    Did not donate —> COMPLAIN!!!!

    (; ̄Д ̄)

    1. @rika agreed, what a bunch of idiots. but y’know what…lots of idiots are cooped up at home now, so lots of keyboard warriors coming out of the woodwork.

    2. @rika – I know, right? Netizens can be so cruel. You can never satisfy people. At least she is donating. I bet most of the netizens haven’t donated anything. So they should stop complaining.

  3. So ridiculous. They should just shut up and be grateful. Did they themselves donate a dime? Netizens are bunch of parasites.

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