Anita Yuen Will Not Tolerate Cheating in Marriage

The biggest scandals of the year have all been cheating scandals so far—first with Andy Zhang (張丹峰), and then with Andy Hui (許志安) and Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎). While Andy and his wife Catherine Hung (洪欣) have yet to make statements on their issues, related parties of the “Sum On Incident” have already stated their opinions. Jacqueline’s boyfriend Kenneth Ma (馬國明) has urged the media to go easy on Jacqueline, while Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) has released an official statement saying that she will stand by her husband, expressing that mistakes and forgiveness comes with marriage.

As expected, Sammi’s decision has sparked controversial reactions. After all, there is no same universal belief on what marriage actually entails. And while Sammi may choose to tolerate mistakes like cheating in marriage, Anita Yuen (袁詠儀) will not.

Appearing in a new episode of the Chinese travel show Viva La Romance <妻子的浪漫旅行>, Anita shared her thoughts about extramarital affairs, and impressed viewers with her straightforward, cutthroat response.

“It really is difficult to say,” said Anita. “Of course [with relationships] there is no guarantee that you’ll be together to old age, because how can you predict that? But I will always tell my husband that I can never be the last one to know [about infidelity]. And if that ever happens, everything that you’ve once owned would now belong to me. Why? Because you committing infidelity means that you’re ready to move on from this family. This family is no longer your priority anymore. You are willing to give up everything, from our love, to our children, or even our wealth. If you can do that, then leave. There’s no point of forcing you stay with me. We’ll all just suffer.”

Anita’s husband, Chilam Cheung (張智霖), agrees with her thoughts. He shared, “We all have the power to do whatever we want, and that includes infidelity. But be responsible about it. It works both ways.”


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  1. Pity Anita didn’t think like this when she was young and destroying someone else’s family. Anyway, I don’t agree that a man has to leave his whole wealth to the family before leaving…

    1. @jimmyszeto
      I agree 100%! Anita is such an arrogant and selfish woman! I used to defend her and all but now I see what an annoying person she has become. She was a mistress and home wrecker back then herself and never thought of the guy’s family and wife. If one day, her husband cheats it will be karma biting back at her! Does a person like her even qualify to not put up with cheating when she was a cheater herself? No way!

      I also totally agree that a man should not leave all his wealth before he leaves if he worked hard for it. Leave some but not all. Let’s be fair here and Anita is once again so greedy to even have that thinking in the first place. What if she was the cheater? Would she be willing to leave all of her wealth behind? No way!

    2. @jimmyszeto

      Very good point.

      “And if that ever happens, everything that you’ve once owned would now belong to me. Why? Because you committing infidelity means that you’re ready to move on from this family. This family is no longer your priority anymore. You are willing to give up everything, from our love, to our children, or even our wealth.”

      This makes NO sense. And I am female.
      50% sure – fair enough. The woman made sacrifices – whether in career, childcare and ou shared a home, a family, a life together. Kids? OK maybe 25% more of total assets for their lifetime maintenance , Getting all in one go is better than being at the monthly whim and fancy of an Ex’s husband’s (possible power tripping) with monthly child maintenance..

      And it shows how incapable and un-independent Anita is. Very 50s housewife kind of mindset. Modern Educated women like Jacqueline’s sister Scarlett – S didn’t take ANY alimony when she divorced. She is young, without shared children … and has capable means of making her own, and balls to stand on her own.

      1. But if you all watch the show, she doesn’t say it this bluntly. The translation kinda makes it more blunt than it was when she said it.
        She was answering the question of “what would you do if your husband had feelings for someone else” and she said something like:
        “I would be okay with it, but would ask him to let me know when it does (so I’m not the last to know). But he should also know, that when this happens, he has given up on everything that we had together.” Which is why she mentions it’s like leaving the family, kids, wealth. Because it would be like him leaving all of that behind for this new person.
        Chilam in response said he agrees and that those conditions are in place for Anita as well.

  2. She’s kind of making contradictory statements. On one hand she says she won’t tolerate infidelity and then on the other, the caveat to that is that she doesn’t want to be the last to know…like, what? And I specifically remember her saying if he ever cheats, to never let her find out. Like that’s implicitly allowing infidelity. How is that “not tolerating” it?

    1. @coralie
      I agree and I used to like her but now I find her very annoying. I wonder how ChiLam tolerates her? She even checked his phone which is a big no no in any marriage or relationship. If ChiLam did cheat on her one day, I will only say it is karma biting back at her for doing it to someone else.

  3. Its easy to comment when it is not you that its happening to. It takes two to make a marriage and this is not backing up Andy’s actions, but it cannot be easy to be married to Sammi Cheng, as she works very hard and is so focused on her projects that I am sure she neglects her family life to ensure she does her 100% on all her work, which is okay when you are single, but when you are married something will give and this is it. Andy must take full responsibility for his actions, but then Sammi also needs to balance work and private life. Getting married is the easy part, its keeping the relationship and marriage for a life time is the hardest. Hope that this has woken them both up and they can find a way to walk the same path and work on their realtionship, if not then to let each other find happiness somewhere else. As for Jacqueline if she feels she cannot be with Kenneth anymore then if you love him, then release him to find happiness with somebody else. He has been very supportive but she needs to question herself to whether its his support she wants. All these so called friends and other actresses commenting about cheating, well its easy to comment when it is not happening to you. Think about the people this is hurting and it might be better that they keep their opinions to themselves, also to concentrate on their lives rather than others.

    1. @shorty
      I think you posted the comment under the wrong article. Based on your response, I bet you have not followed Sammi or her news and all. I admit that I am not her biggest fan, but do follow her news from time to time and HK pop music. I must say that from what I know, Sammi does not work that much in these past years. She does but not much so for you to say that Andy cheated because she worked too much and neglected him is not accurate or true. Even if she did work a lot, it is still not an excuse for him to cheat. He should have told her about it if it bothered him that much. I agree with you that with any marriage, it takes a lot of work to make it lasting and blissful. Maybe since Sammi had forgiven him, they may work it out or that may not. It is up to them.

      Please do not talk to about Jacqueline and Kenneth! Kenneth dodged himself a bullet. Jacqueline does not deserve him. I cannot believe that he even considered marrying her. This scandal is a blessing in disguise for him because if he married her and she cheated like this, it would have been a double whammy!

  4. 1) Anita has this self-righteous vibe to her, all the time that I cannot stand

    2) She prob thinks she has it all – successful husband, and hullo, he doesn’t cheat. LOOK AT ME! Success Story
    Prison-Wardening Chilam, getting him to text or call 5x a day (vice versa) and appearing in person on set “to warn others off”.
    Hullo, to me this is hardly success – this is trying to instill fear and constantly being the Tigress to keep him in check. (Whether he automatically wants to self-regulate – that ius TRUE success!) – is another matter.

    3) Hullo lady, this is merely self-delusion. IF the cat is away – the mice will definitely play – the mice will just hide their tracks better.

    4) Yes Anita was one of the many in the 大刘 stable. What is she trying to prove?

    5) YES I agree it’s easy to say – when it’s NOT your bf/husband cheating. Being holier-than-thou so does not prove anything, unless you walk in those same shoes.

    6) While I DO think it is tough living with Sammi = she comes across as quite 好强, a dedicated perfectionist type (same with her determination for wt loss and constantly revamping image) but hey, it can’t be easy living with Anita either – she’s saying it becayse she’s got a tight clamp on Chi-lam, maybe even a chastity belt., and thus feels she has holier than thou self-righteous bragging rights.

    UGH. She’s irritating.

  5. I think that Chilam likes to let Anita think that she wears the pants in the relationship but at the end of the day, I do think Chilam still has the upper hand. She’s definitely more dependent on Chilam than the other way around.

    I wouldn’t necessarily say that Anita is making contradictory statements because at the time when she did that other famous interview, they were a bit younger and probably in a very different point of their life so we can’t still hold her to those words. As we age, so do our ideals and opinions. She may have been more tolerable of cheating in the past because they were still relatively new parents and Morton was younger.

    Unrelated but on a similar note, I remember watching a Louis Koo interview from a few years back in which he explained why he doesn’t really like to do interviews of directly respond to reporters. He doesn’t want anything he’s said in the past to ever get brought up again as opinions on things are always changing. I think this is smart, considering reporters and netizens will always continue bringing up sound bites of past interviews.

    1. @scarlett013 In an interview before, Anita has definitely said that it seems like she’s the one in charge cause of her personality/loudness, but in the end it’s what Chilam says that counts.

      I feel like any post related to Chilam&Anita translate badly to reflect Anita badly, and I don’t know why :/

  6. i still admire Anita’s confidence when young which has always been sky high. Even now she is strong or at least on the outside. I hope she does not suffer from over confidence at this age though. However pretty a girl is ,eventually younger girls will come through and surpass it. Anyway, Anita’s acting has always been far superior than Chilam’s….

  7. Does anyone knows how this couple knows each other before they got married and have a son? Who was she with before that you guys said she cheated? I have to agree Anita does sound like a controlling woman.

  8. I actually don’t understand many have to comment that Anita has to tolerate cheating because she was once in an extramarital affair. She came out of that 3rd party relationship, start new with another man and wish to be in a committed relationship. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Is it because someone had committed mistake in the past, they should then be condemned forever? Please think about this. Everyone should be given a chance to change for the better

    1. @s207 Then you should also give Jacqueline Wong a chance no? All she did was also felt in love w/married man if she wanted to call it love like AY called herself even knowing he had a family but only difference was JW got caught on video. Oh wait, JW had it a bit worse situation as the the 3rd party’s wife is a much loved singer that everyone loves and also she had a BF? Everyone isn’t as forgiving so they are digging up her colorful past and in the news daily over this and the guy practically has no news after that crying apology fiasco. JW is wrong no doubt but if ppl can forgive women like AY or that Michelle Reis and all those women who are willing mistresses then this one isn’t that much worse? All because she is/was still in a relationship w/another actor that’s the only difference. lol…..

      1. @wm2017
        Very well said! Maybe with time it will all pass even for Jacqueline. But to me, once you do a bad thing like cheating with a married man/woman, I am sure there will be a day that karma will bite you back. Michelle Reis was even worse in some ways as I heard she even called to curse at the wife and cause her or some other wife to get cancer and died. That is just so evil. Now that they are married themselves but have the nerve to say that they do not tolerate cheating. Then why did they do it to someone else? I guess maybe they are arrogant and believe that they can do it to others but others cannot do it to them. I hate people like that.

      2. @jimmyszeto
        Why is she going to America? I thought it would make more sense for her to go to Canada? I had a feeling she would need to leave HK to escape this whole fiasco. I had a feeling she would as she is a coward and cannot face everyone. I am guessing that she wants to go elsewhere to hide so she can wait fir this to die down for the time being. Then maybe she is hoping to make a comeback after all is faded and possibly forgotten. Sorry but that will take time and how long can she hide for? She cannot hide forever.

      3. @hetieshou
        Probably transferring flight from USA to Canada. She knows there’s is no way back and the audience will not accept her again. She is not being a coward because there is no value for her to speak up since she isn’t coming back to Entertainment circle so no need to bother….

      4. @wm2017 I don’t understand why you guys are pining the blame on Jacqueline Wong. She is not the one committed to long time of marriage. Andy Hui is and yet he is the one who got off easy. He broke his marriage vows and just pin it on a drunken stupor. Come on! We are not 3 years old. From the video we all can see he is not really drunk. The one you should be bitching about is the men who is MARRIED. It actually takes 2 person to cheat tyvm. Asian culture always lets the cheating male off so easily.

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