Carat Cheung To Marry Lawyer Boyfriend

Ruby Lin (林心如) isn’t the only goddess who has gotten off the singles market.

On Friday (July 31), former Miss Hong Kong winner Carat Cheung (張名雅) dropped a surprising announcement on her social media that her boyfriend, lawyer Joe Choy, has proposed to her.

The 28-year-old shared a portrait of her and Joe looking lovingly at each other in the eyes on Facebook. She wrote, “He stole my heart. So I’m planning to take his last name.” She added the hash tags “the one”, “only one”, “our Joe Kamho Choy” and “thank you to the close friends who have kept this secret for us for a long time”.

Carat wasn’t actually the first person who broke the news. Her close friend, former Miss Hong Kong winner Toby Chan (陳庭欣), dropped a hint to the press earlier that day, revealing that a close friend of hers is getting engaged.

“She’s also a Miss Hong Kong.” (Same class?) “I can’t say.” (Pregnant?) “I don’t know, but her fiancé is not from the entertainment circle. She’s going to announce it soon. I’ve already tried out the bridesmaid gown!”

Indeed, Carat predictably dropped the big news a few hours later on Facebook. In a phone interview, Carat confirmed, “My boyfriend has proposed to me, and I said yes. I’m very happy. This is a very happy occasion! I will keep everyone updated. Thank you all for the blessings! We’ve been planning our wedding for a while now, and [Joe] has a great plan for it. Please give us some more privacy and space so we can plan it well.” (Rushing to get married because of a baby?) “That’s a bit of a stretch and in the far future. I don’t want to say more! I want to do what I need to do first. Very busy with the wedding right now.”

Numerous friends and colleagues rushed in to congratulate her, including Philip Ng (伍允龍) and Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎), the first runner-up of Carat’s MHK year. “Congratulations once again!” Jacqueline commented on Facebook. “Haha puts pressure on everyone [in] our Miss HK Year!”

Source: Oriental Daily (1, 2)

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  1. why are these reporters so irritating? for every wedding taking place, must the girl be pregnant?

  2. Also no clue who she is as I don’t really follow Ms.HK’s and if haven’t watched much TVB dramas lately. lol..haha
    But she looks very pretty up there and groom looks cute too.

  3. So sick of the annoying reporters. Can’t a couple decide to become engaged unless the woman is pregnant? How insulting to the couple. Some of us still believe in getting married without the girl being pregnant. I love the way she handled the questions in her phone interview, friendly, professional, yet simple and to the point.

    When Kevin Cheng asks Turbo Tongue (Grace Chan) to marry him cause he will, she will need a whole newspaper to print what she has to say. Jayne stars will have to run it in part 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8, etc, for several months on a daily basis.

    1. @bubbletea HI-FIVE!!!
      if and when Kevin Cheng proposes to Turbo Tongue, she will blow it up and IF she gets pregnant, nobody else will be in the newspapers EXCEPT her.

  4. Big congrats to Carat Cheng and Joe Choy. Happiness, health and love to them in their lives always. Marriage is a wonderful thing when we are committed to it. Not easy everyday, but wonderful overall

  5. Perhaps it is better for an actress for being not promoted highly by TVB. She will have to take another better route to pursue her future ………….other careers and a good future life with a husband.

    Carat Cheung has never been highly promoted by TVB either.

  6. How can she compare to Ruby Lin, who’s been in the industry for 20 years with impressive credentials.

    Never heard of Carat, but hope she gets a 14 karat ring.

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