Charmaine Sheh On Why She Didn’t Marry Wealthy

Charmaine Sheh’s (佘詩曼) entry into the entertainment industry was through the 1997 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, in which the then-22 year old was placed third. Back then, winners and contestants of Miss Hong Kong had two career options: to either become a managed TVB actress, or to become a socialite, marrying wealthy.

Charmaine obviously didn’t choose the latter.

On a recent episode of the Chinese talk show Shining Talk <發光的姐姐>, Charmaine opened up about her journey in the entertainment industry, including the decision to choose acting over everything else.

On why she didn’t choose to follow her famous seniors’ footsteps, such as Michelle Reis (李嘉欣) and Loletta Chu (朱玲玲), to marry wealthy, Charmaine gasped and said, “I was so young back then… I didn’t want to! I just finished studying, and now you’re telling me to get married? It’s just weird.”

The 45-year-old said she hasn’t had a single day of rest or long vacation since debuting as an actress 23 years ago. “I kept being pushed forward. It’s like being on a crowded street. There’s always someone behind you pushing you. I didn’t really take much thought about what I was doing. I was getting casted, I was getting good scripts and good roles, and I was happy. Every day, I happily went to work and happily left work. It just kept going like that, all the way til now.”

As for her relationship life, Charmaine stressed that she is still single, and said, “I’ll leave that to fate. I just want to find a funny and interesting soul.”

The host suggested that she should consider starring in the reality dating show Meeting Mr. Right <女兒們的戀愛>. Charmaine shared that she did get invited, but did not accept their offer. “I’ve been transparent most of my life. I’m always with the viewers. I hope to preserve this bit of privacy for myself.”

Charmaine admitted that she still thinks about marriage, and said she believes she would find “the one” someday. Charmaine does dream of starting a family and having children, but she does not regret the road she’s chosen.


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  1. it didn’t make sense b/c tvb heavily promoted her. if she wasn’t promoted the way she way, she might consider otherwise. wealth and $$ would suddenly become very tempting for broke persons

    1. @m0m0
      By her third year as an actress at TVB, on her 5th filming project, The New Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre where she played Chow Chi Yeuk, one of the leading casts, she was already acting better than most TVB actresses today that had been at TVB for 10+ years.

      This is why TVB heavily promoted her early on in her career because she had talent, the work ethic and the willingness to learn from her elders. A stark contrast to the actors born in the 90’s.

    2. @m0m0 Even before her participation in MHK, she rejected the proposal of her college sweetheart, who is a wealthy 2nd generation in Taiwan (she lived with him (and his family) for a year and she find old money lifestyle stifling for her. Hence she returned to HK and her mum suggested she should participate in MHK while searching for hotelier job. She still keep in touch with her ex-sweetheart as a friend though.

      After joining TVB, she dated another older businessman/prominent dentist. They broke up because Charmaine do not want to get married so young. The man later got married to another prominent socialite/actress (now divorced).

      Another example is when she was dating that ass Benny Chan, she was pursued by a son of famous tycoon (surname L). He try to gift her a Ferrari after hearing she told the press she likes the new car during an event. Back then, the press already caught wind and dropped blind items about this tycoon heir attempting to ask her out to yatch trip and expensive gifts. Charmaine rejected him by telling press that someone did offer to get her the Ferrari, but she rather earn her own money and buy one herself. That heir later courted and married another MHK in a lavish billion dollar ceremony.

      In conclusion, even though Charmaine was promoted by TVB, it’s no easy life. You can see many other MHK (even the winner and 1st runner up of MHK1997 scandal fighting over the same tycoon) are jumping on chances to get married to rich men. She stuck to Benny but thank god get rid of his cheating ass. I shall not comment on KC, because I think she is happier now with her life and career.

  2. Though Charmaine was lucky and got heavily promoted by TVB at the beginning, I think her personality, hard work, and good work ethics got her where she is now.

    When she was new, I heard that she was cursed by a producer (or so) with foul language. She just took it quietly. I don’t think many actresses were able to do it. I admire her personality and good tolerance. She always knew what to say at the interviews and press conferences, though some people might think she was fake. She never had problems with her colleagues. She never showed her “Big Sister” status in TVB, which was not easy.

    I must say that her acting had improved a lot through her hard work and dedication. When she started, her voice was commented as a chicken voice. She recited newspapers articles a lot at home to improve the articulation and volume of her voice.

    With her pretty look, she could have taken an easy path by marrying some rich heir and be a weathy socialite, but she didn’t, Instead, she worked very hard and non-stop to achieve her career and wealth.

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