“Daddy Cool” Scored High Ratings in Premiere Week

TVB’s suspenseful time-traveling drama Daddy Cool <逆緣> has opened to decently high ratings, scoring 29 points in viewership ratings in its first week of broadcast. Produced by award-winner Amy Wong (王心慰), Daddy Cool consists of a solid cast featuring TV King Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Carlos Chan (陳家樂), David Chiang (姜大衛), Rosina Lam (林夏薇), Joel Chan (陳山聰), and comeback veteran actress Patricia Ha (夏文汐).

When speaking with the press during a cast dinner, producer Amy Wong said they won’t be celebrating the ratings performance just yet, but she is satisfied to hear about all the good comments coming in. “I’ve been keeping track of audience and netizen reactions. A lot of them got invested in Wayne Lai’s and David Chiang’s characters, which gave rise to many interesting discussions online. They also found Carlos Chan a refreshing face to watch, so viewers have been very accepting of the show so far.”

Though Daddy Cool has 35 episodes, Amy Wong tried to keep the storyline suspenseful. She specifically pointed out viewers to pay attention to Joel Chan, who plays two different characters in the show.

Joel shared, “One lived in the 1940’s, and another lives in 2018. It’s pretty interesting! I’m very happy with the good ratings that the show’s been getting so far! I hope everyone will continue to support it, and the ratings will continue to climb!”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @nori True, nice cast. I watch it because of the good acting. The grandfather, father and the middle-aged son are all into their characters with good acting. Much better than 翻出武林。Especially that Carlos Chan (陳家樂) who made me laugh unexpectedly although he didn’t tried hard to be funny. It is fun to see a new fresh face who can act, unlike TVB’s Miss HK.

      1. @rainbow28 Very true, though technically Carlos has been in the industry for 15 years already and as an actor for 12 of those years, so definitely can’t be compared to the newbies at TVB currently who can’t act to save their lives. But yes, it IS refreshing to see Carlos on TVB again after a 10 year absence (his previous series with TVB – the only other one he filmed for them – was Dressage to Win from back in 2008)…and I agree that he is funny without meaning to be and so far, he’s been doing a great job with his role. The series itself so far isn’t stellar, but it’s definitely above TVB’s standards, plus the acting from the main cast is great – love the chemistry between Wayne and John Gor especially (btw, @jayne, his English name is actually John, not David – I remember in an interview a few years back, John Chiang had said that people always assumed his English name was David because of his Chinese name but his name is actually John…after awhile, he stopped responding to anyone who called him David because that’s not his name). I’ve watched the first 5 episodes and am interested enough to keep watching, though not to the point of “chasing” the series (haven’t watched this week’s episodes yet)….not sure if I’ll be able to hold on for 35 episodes though, especially when TVB series are known to drag on the longer they get….

        Another thing I like is that producer Amy Wong is humble about the series’ “success” so far (29 points is high by today’s standards) and isn’t taking the arrogant, delusional approach that Lau Ka Ho did with HAG….makes me more willing to support her series…

  1. just finished the latest episode and had a great laugh. Carlos Chan is indeed a gem in this series. He is absolutely on point with his 1940s sort of antics, speech, fashion and the way he walked. I laughed very hard when he looked at his son and grandson especially that scene where he visited his son in prison with his daughter in law and grandson except in the other guy’s eyes he is like a vulture waiting to replace the old man in the young woman’s heart! Very funny. But the first few episodes was horrible. I hated David Chiang’s character, very disgusted but now not warming to him yet but I get his difficulties. Still trying to see what’s the connection with the rich woman. Frankly am annoyed with Rosina Lam who slips in and out of her J-mode so to speak. Yes admirable about the japanese but her acting is so put on, it was when she was relaxed that she was better. Her entire okasan otosan stuff makes me cringe especially when she clapsed her hand tightly and she really reminded me of hirosue ryoko. I get hirosue ryoko is her reference point.

    I also hated those shanghainese dialect scene. Especially one where there was a long scene and it was annoying.

    1. @funnlim I haven’t gotten as far as you have but so far, I agree about Rosina – there is something unnatural about her acting and the hand-clasping thing is a bit too obviously fake in my opinion. Like I said earlier, she’s definitely the weakest link so far in terms of the acting and the only thing that sticks out after the first few episodes is her ability to speak Japanese and make it sound fluent….looks like the next couple episodes will be focused on her and Pat Ha’s storyline though so maybe she will have more chance to improve?

      John Chiang’s character is supposed to be hated though and so far, his performance has been spot-on. But yes, Carlos is really the one to watch in this series (at least so far) – unintentional, subtle humor is something that TVB rarely does nowadays (mostly because they’re not capable of doing it anymore), so to see it in this series in the form of Carlos’ character is definitely refreshing.

      I actually liked the Shanghainese dialect scenes, but probably because my mom is Shanghainese and sometimes speaks it at home so I have a good grasp of what they are saying without having to look at the subtitles. The scenes where they speak Japanese I’m ok with too (though of course I have to rely on the subtitles for those scenes). I didn’t feel as though the dialogue was excessively long in those scenes but that’s just me….

    2. @funnlim TVB has this thing where they spend the first few episodes not knowing where it doesnt quite match what it was advertising in the trailers. Same thing with the Exorcist meter.

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