Edison Chen and Kris Wu Break the Ice at Lakers vs. Celtics Game

The ice has been broken between Kris Wu (吳亦凡) and Edison Chen (陳冠希), who threw shade at the Rap of China <中國新說唱> star for being a bad rapper.

Edison and the Rap of China cast had a history. For as long as the show has been on air, Edison never regarded the show highly. Earlier last year, Edison took to Instagram to call out all the Rap of China cast as “bi**hes”. When Kris started to use his coined word “skr” repeatedly on the show, Edison made another post that seemed to be directed at the young singer-actor, exclaiming that he didn’t understand the essence and spirit of hip hop.

But now, the ice between the two rappers may have broken.

On March 9th, both Edison and Kris were spotted in Los Angeles, watching an NBA game featuring the Los Angeles Lakers vs. the Boston Celtics. Both stars are huge fans of the Lakers and sat near each other. According to eye witnesses, Edison approached Kris first and the two had a long chat. In the photos and videos shared online, both Edison and Kris were seen engaged in a lively conversation.

What happens in the past stays in the past!

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I really wish Edison would just fade into obscurity. For a no talent douche, guy seems to still make headlines for some reason. Do people really still care what this guy says or does? It’s not like his social media posts are witty and smart either. They’re barely understandable, and are about as intelligent as a prepubescent teen rant. Just go away already.

    1. @theyenman
      you’re right, he’s really got not much talent in singing. don’t know why he keeps going around dissing people rapping when he’s not so good himself.

      1. @m0m0

        EDC’s relevance today is extremely underrated. Hip hop in the mainstream Chinese market would not be what it is today if it were not for him.

        The reason why he disses so many people, particularly the judges on the Rap of China program is because hip hop in China is not real hip hop anymore. The Chinese government has been cracking down on Chinese hip hop, they’ve been removing chinese hip hop songs from chinese music streaming platforms and banned the sales of Chinese hip hop albums, and therefore the program was on the verge of being banned from broadcast unless they agreed to change their themes and replace it with themes such as brotherhood, love etc. If you’ve watched both seasons of Rap of China, you’d understand where I’m coming from. FYI he isn’t the only one dissing Kris, and other underground rappers are coming at Kris harder than EDC.

        You can’t really blame him for getting pissed at people. He singlehandedly brought hip hop and street culture to China, only to see it being exploited by Record labels and companies that know nuts about hip hop but use so called ‘hiphop’ in their adverts anyway. People have the misconception of hip hop cause they think the only thing about it is talking really fast and they call it rapping. Well, sadly, its not. I’m sure if you put yourself in his shoes, you’d feel the same.

        As for his skills, check out his albums and give it a good listen because he has some really good songs. His style is a little futuristic and it might be foreign to listeners in the East, but hey, everyone has their own taste in music. His style and his willingness to break boundaries in music resembles ASAP Rocky and Kanye West. If you’ve listened to their albums Im sure you’d understand.

        As for Kris, well.. I think that he still has a lot to work on, but that doesn’t mean its a bad thing, it means that he still has room for improvement, and his debut album is pretty good, giving it a solid 7/10. EDC on the other hand.. needs to learn how to control his temper lmao.

        All in all, Kris is relevant to today’s audience, and EDC is responsible for paving the way. Glad to see that they’re both talking it out and the thing isn’t escalating.

        Sorry for the long post and Have a nice day! 🙂

      2. @ijeyye
        Edison only influenced hip hop because hip hop in Hong Kong and China was either crap or non existent. See how he would do if he was in the US…

      3. @jimmyszeto
        But that’s the whole point isnt it? He influenced hip hop in the China/HK area. He never claimed credit whatsoever for doing hip hop in the States.

      4. @ijeyye

        “Hip hop in China is not real hip hop anymore.”

        What is real hip hop? You can’t expect people in China to know what real hip hop is when it barely exists in America today.

        ASAP Rocky and Kayne West, the two examples you made, in my opinion, are garbage and ain’t real rappers either.

        Hip hop music barely has any TOP tracks on the radio these days. The ones that do become top hits aren’t even real rappers themselves. The only time you’ll see any resemblance of real rap is from the underground scene.

        Rap is dead. At least, from a commercial sense, it is dead. Mumble rapping ain’t rap. Sorry, it’s not!

        Most of the top commercial “rappers” in America today aren’t rappers. They may have alot of commercial success, but that doesn’t make them a rapper.

        Eminem is probably the only artist that I consider as a rapper that can consistently produce top hits on the radio. The rests are pretenders.

        Just do a search on Youtube using keywords like “Hip hop is dead”, and you’ll get hundreds of videos of people talking about it’s death including many videos from current hip hop artists themselves.

        I think EDC and Kris are both garbage as well. Their flow sucks and are just pretenders.

      5. @anon

        You’ve got a point but hey, that’s the direction hip hop is headed to in the future, with the emergence of the ‘Lil’ rappers. I don’t dispute the fact that most of Rocky and Ye’s stuff are shit but they took a so called futuristic approach to hip hop and it worked, and so did EDC, but evidently it didn’t work in China.

        Thing is, so many of these people who don’t knwo jack shit about hip hop are jumping on the bandwagon talking about flow, delivery etc after watching the Rap of China
        and it kinda pisses people who know their shit.

        EDC was better off as an actor, but he had some pretty decent tracks IMO, and Kris.. lol i don’t actually consider him a rapper. Pit him against those so called idol rappers in China and I’m sure he’ll get blown into pieces.

        Thing is Kris couldn’t really do anything when he came back from Korea cause hes not very talented, but because of his fame he was put in a position where he is supposed to be the leader of this so called frontline to promote hip hop in China. My opinion? Hip hop in China has gone to shit after Season 1 of the rap of china. As for the judges, i think only MC Hotdog and Wilber Pan are qualified enough to call themselves rappers.

        edit: Im not a fan of Kris but I won’t deny that his album is decent, though i dont consider it a rap album whatsoever.

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