Edison Chen Recalls Sex Photo Scandal: “I Wouldn’t Change a Thing”

Edison Chen (陳冠希) stepped away indefinitely from the Hong Kong entertainment industry when his obscene sex photo scandal took the public by storm in February 2008. The scandal received widespread media coverage around the world due to the number of famous actresses involved, raising questions about privacy and free speech.

Since leaving his entertainment career behind, Edison pursued a career in business, establishing his own brand CLOT. In the last few years, Edison have made brief cameo appearances in Hong Kong films, and also released two albums, but he chose to keep his focus on his clothing business.

Recently, the 35-year-old released a three-part reality miniseries, Being EDC <觸手可及>, for Vice China to share his own stories. In the show, he recalled the 2008 photo scandal and the impact that it had on him. He said, “I know many unhappy things have happened, but I never had any evil intent. It wasn’t done on purpose. It was an accident.”

Edison’s image plummeted after the incident, and his personal life was also affected. “I used to have thousands of friends that I could count on, but after the incident, none of them wanted to do anything with me anymore.”

But the scandal also made Edison stronger in many ways. Since retiring from entertainment, Edison dedicated most of his time to his clothing line and multimedia company, taking his business to new heights. His business now earns over $10 million USD of revenue per year.

“I want to prove myself to those who said I’m useless, unsuccessful, and only rely on my looks,” he said. “I wonder what they have got to say about me now.” He then added with a laugh, “I know I still have many supporters. They’re rather smart. Those who hate me must either be jealous or brainless.”

However, Edison said he has no regrets of what he has done, saying, “Many people have asked me what I would change if I could go back in time. I told them I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m very happy today.”

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Yes Edison, you need to change some things. Although the fault of the photos being exposed rest squarely on the shoulders of the greedy pc tech, you sill continued to be a sex addict with that young girl. You can get some help cause you need to see a shrink. You have a sexually perverted problem which only you can make e first move to fix.

    I do not blame you for the scandal, it was the fault of the slimy repairman who should be in jail. I do not blame the women either, as it was consenting, women of legal age who were having private moments with a man, never expecting these moments to be exposed for the world see.

    Edison be a little kinder when you say you won’t change a thing, cause it makes you sound callous.

    1. @abc123a : Yupz dude should just remain silent – way more helpful for his gutter sleaze image and sensitive .. instead of making such callous-sounding comments or raking up more scandalous sex-related news.

  2. “I told them I wouldn’t change a thing.” Who wants to be friends with such a person who makes such comments after all the hurt and shame he caused the females involved.

    1. @holiu , Edison did not cause these women shame. They knew they were being taped. Many sexual partners do that. He never put a gun to their heads and asked them to do sex acts. Can I use the s.e.x word here or is it too rude and sinful. It is the fault of the people of hong Kong that the real criminal sleezeball repairman got away.

      However, Edison should be more sensitive to what the women went through and chose his words with more compassion and consideration.

      1. @abc123a
        I agree that those women were all willing participants so it is not like they were victims. They went through a bad period and so did he but they are all ok now. I agree that he should have been more careful with his words so that he could be more considerate towards the women who were involved.

        He seems like a very lucky person because after all he has done,he still manages to make big bucks and live well. This is where I wonder if karma exists? He sounds very sleezy and stuck up. It is no wonder no one wants to be friends with him anymore.

      2. @hetieshou he is sleezy, I agree. What bugs me is he is still up to his old ways. I am one of the people who dropped him after the 16 year old model affair, disgusting.

      3. @abc123a Yep. Totally agree. The issue was with the person who was fixing his laptop. Him and those woman knew what they were doing. I do feel bad for those woman as it affected them more then him IMO. He is still sleazy as ever.

        But yes Edison, there is 1 thing you would have changed and that was you should have think twice before bringing another laptop to a repair shop again.

      4. @abc123a He probably considers himself the biggest victim of them all – sacrificing career, rep et al.

        While not his fault in exposure – his “lack of sensitivity/compassion and consideration” is revealing despite what he says in apology … of what is inside. Massive ego, and sense of self.

  3. If that had happened in other countries outside of Asia, that repairman would be in jail. The people would have rallied together and made sure he got what was coming to him cause he is the real criminal here. Instead all of hong Kong and Asia villified Edison and let slimedog repairman get away.

  4. He managed to generate 10 million USD from his fashion business? That’s a lot of money from a brand that is mostly promoted thru Asia, and thus, less revenue (I would think.) It’s not like his clothes are sold in the U.S. which will increase his exposure & revenue throughout the world. So I wonder if that $10 mill USD is really an exaggeration.

    And why does Edison always look like he’s high & on drugs?

    1. @coralie That’s because he probably is high on drugs!! Ha!!

      Asia is a pretty big market and labor are cheap there so roi for his product is probably a lot.

      1. @nomad822 lol haha i’m not surprised. i’m more surpised ppl buy his merchandise at all! his style is so street sloppy. if they’re teens, i can see why. but teens don’t have that much purchasing power! he’s like the Asian Kanye West, except less talent and more fashion sense.

        @happybi, it’s possible, but i dunno. my friend’s company produces hubcaps for trucks. he pretty much says that anything produced inside of Asia (with exception to the wealthier Asian countries) is guaranteed to turn up a profit if sold elsewhere. but companies who try to sell the same merchandise to Asia doesn’t work (unless it’s related to electronics or big certified brand names.) Competition’s stretched thin and cutthroat so you really can’t turn up huge profits there. That’s how I see Edison’s products. Cheap to manufacture and probably also sold cheaply…so where’s the money coming from?

  5. Since I’ve never followed him, my opinion about him is based solely on this artile. He sounds like an ******* -_-; The scandal not only affect him but also others, his friends even. For him to just brushing it off and claiming, nope I won’t change a thing, meant he doesn’t think he had done anything wrong. That’s irresponsible. No wonder why his friends didn’t stick by him.

    For those who said the women were willing participants, yes, they filmed the tapes together but I highly doubt anyone of them (Edison included) talked about hey I’m totally fine if this intimate escapade ever been publicized for others, fans, and stranger to see. Or hey, I’m filming this so we can sure it to public. The exposure of it was all on Edison, but it sounds like he doesn’t think so -at least from this article.

  6. I’m surprised he’s still in the industry. Never liked him on or off-screen, before or after the scandal.

  7. I’ve been wondering what happened to him. I just read his biography and he is such a womanizing jerk. It’s a miracle he hasn’t gotten anyone pregnant yet. I bet he’s still up to his old habits with a camera, but he’s more careful now about where he stores his photos. But on the other hand, it’s nice that his business is doing well. Talk about a dual personality.

  8. I am amused that he said those support him is clever, those who not is jealous or brainless? Who is he to say this???? As a person, much more for celebrity, he should gracefully acknowledged that there will be people who support and who don’t like him. And definately not just because of jealousy or stupidity. Damn egoistic male we have here.

  9. He should be a bit more careful with his words…. lol. I don’t hate him though, but yea…..

  10. “I Wouldn’t Change a Thing”
    really? I’m not saying he is all to blame but one would hope that with all the problems he caused for the women who were involved you would think if i could go back in time I wouldn’t have suggest to take those photos or something.

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