Eric Tsang to Invite Andy Lau in TVB Drama

After TVB announced that Director Wong Jing (王晶) had confirmed to produce a mega budget 40-episode drama, it now dishes out another trumph card. TVB majority shareholder, Charles Chan (陳國強) reportedly invited Eric Tsang (曾志偉) to produce a blockbuster drama. Known for his creativity and wide network in the entertainment circle, Eric confirmed that he will use his friendship card to invite Andy Lau (劉德華) to appear in his new  TVB drama!   

TVB Prepares For Battle

With new television stations like CTI and Now TV producing local dramas, TVB is prepared to invest in talents, assets and even enormous amounts of money to continue to reign in the Hong Kong television industry. Although there was news that the approval of CTI’s broadcasting license will be delayed until next year, TVB has already started to prepare for battle.

There were reports that Charles Chan had invited both Eric and Nat Chan (陳百祥) to join TVB’s management team, but the pair had declined.  

Andy Lau Interested to Act in TVB Drama

Eric was given a free hand in producing the new TVB drama. He was personally involved in the script writing, selection of film director and choice of actors. Even TVB’s senior production executives, Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍) and Tommy Leung (梁家樹) reportedly were told to co-ordinate with Eric!

Confirming that he had indeed accepted TVB’s invitation to produce a drama, Eric said, “There are no concrete plans yet. I have many ideas, and I won’t rule out filming ancient or love dramas. I may link it to a movie. Perhaps I will film the movie first, and then continue the story in a 30 to 40 episode drama. It may resemble Laughing Gor: Turning Point <變節> or Tiger Cubs <飛虎>, in which it will air once a week. There are different formats; we can use new directors such as Wong Ching Po (黃精甫) and arrange newcomers to act in the drama.”  

Eric also disclosed that he had plans to ask Andy to appear in the new TVB drama. Eric said, “I did mention to Andy before and he was interested! However, Andy replied, ‘If there is a script that I like, I will consider acting in it.’ It is very natural that an actor will place emphasis on the script. I will think of a script that will move him!”

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  1. Andy seems to be a grateful individual that remembers his roots. I think he may say yes depending on whether the drama is worthy of his appearance.

    Eric can use his friendship card and ask Carina Lau too.

    1. I’ve read so many interviews from A-list HK movie stars who have expressed that relegating back to TV would demote their worth as celebrities. The idea that a big time movie star like Andy going back to TVB does sound somewhat preposterous.

      1. I don’t know which stars you are talking about, but my impression from most TVB stars are that they are generally quite grateful to TVB for giving them their breakthrough. The Chinese culture values these kind of things. However, since they are big shots, TVB would need to either pay big bucks or have something else like a compelling project, to offer. Which of course, they do not.

      2. I don’t think that Andy would come back for money related reasons since he has plenty of that. But I do agree that it would have to be a compelling project that would make him want to come back. It is true that many former TVB stars are really grateful to TVB for what they have done for them. I think since TVB is on the verge of sinking ship and having to compete with the new arising companies, this is one of their ways of getting themselves back up again. They have a long history with many famous artists which is something that the new companies just don’t have, so they are using it to their advantage.

      3. Maybe Andy can guest star in the TVB series instead of leading it.

    2. I think most past TVB actors are generally quite grateful to TVB so if they ever had good scripts, I feel like they could easily attract vets. The problem is that TVB have been lacking imagination for years, and their scripts are carbon copies of each other. In addition, they are cheap. So of course, none of their past stars, regardless of how grateful they are, would guest star under such conditions.

      I’m mostly interested in the fact that Eric Tsang is looking at new directors. Hope he’s also looking for some fresh blood when it comes to script writers.

    3. Yea,he is the grateful type that does remember his roots. I think he will never forget that he was with TVB in his old days and they did help him in the past.I remember Andy saying many times through the years that he wanted to act in another TVB series and his asking price was not high at all. I really miss seeing him in an ancient TVB series and hope that he will say yes. I guess even if it is a modern series it is ok too. It would be great if Carina can join as well. I miss seeing her in a TVB series as well…

      1. When Gordan Lam signed under Andy’s management company, he urged Gordan to stop starring in TV dramas in order to make a successful transition over to movies. It didn’t work out but that tells a lot about Andy’s attitude towards the tv/movie dynamic.

        It’s the equivalent of asking Tom Cruise to star in his own TV show on NBC.

      2. Even if Andy did say that, it does not mean that he objects to filming series all together since he has said many times though the years that he has wanted to be in a series for many years.

  2. Sounds interesting. I’m excited to hear what he comes up with.

  3. They need to bring back Louis Koo, Vivian Leung, Aaron Kwok and a few 90s actresses/actors.

    1. exactly. with a good script and a bunch of good actors, this would be a well known drama

      1. Of course a good plot is also extremely important as well…

    2. TVB does occasionally bring back some actors from the 90s. Unfortunately, they treat them terribly which severs any friendship cards there might have been.

      1. I have seen many blacklisted actors and actresses always come back to TVB, so I don’t think there are forever enemies. Therefore, it is possible to bring everyone back if they are willing to come back and still remember their roots.It would great if Tony Leung can come back too.

  4. I think they should bring everyone back: Tony Leung; Maggie Cheung; and the entire HK entertainment industry. LOL!!

    The monopoly then will sure be secured.

    1. Haha, the cast in the 80s version of The Yang’s Saga was pretty epic. Take note TVB, that’s what you should call a “grand production”…

      But the underlying problem here will always be the lack of good scriptwriting.

    1. If they do come back it is more for friendship, gratitude or other reasons not money…

  5. Andy Lau has achieved almost every thing professionally and I think now he just wants to challenge himself at his own leisure. I hope it is not some modern drama or cop drama. I mean something new please.

    1. If it’s not something new, I doubt Andy would even come on board.

    2. exactly! and for Andy who is already famous, coming back to TVB wont be a bad idea.. however he can’t afford to work 0600 -27:00? so I guess he will be guest staring

  6. Great news. Even if Andy doesn’t join the project in the end, at least we know that Eric Tsang will still be producing it, and the budget of this drama will definitely not be as embarrassing as usual TVB dramas.

  7. That is huge if Andy returns to TVB. My feeling is that he would not be a regular in the series and would instead make cameo appearances.

    1. I agreed. If the script and the character is interesting enough to attract Andy, he would do it. But I don’t see him wanting to be the main character and commits himself 40 episodes. I can only see him agreeing to a supporting but “kickass” role.

    2. I think if he does agree to be a lead, it will be 2nd or 3rd lead and not first lead since that would take up a lot more time. I hope that his role will still be significant though…

    3. That’s true. The drama would most likely be a spin-off of the film version. Andy will probably lead in the film, and just make a guest appearance in the spin-off.

    1. You never know since I remember Andy saying many times through the years that he has been considering doing another series for TVB…

    1. Larry,
      Agree on your suggestion that Alex Man should come back. But it’s all dependent on whether these artists still have good relationship with current TVB management.

      It appears that Alex has not been in contact with TVB for many years.

      1. Is Alex still acting?? I thought he retired already?? it would be great to see him back again… really miss seeing him as well. He and Andy are good friends so it would be great to see them act together again.

      2. He was in a film “懸賞 The Bounty”, this year with Fiona Sit and Chapman To

      3. Thanks for the info Larry! Glad to see that Alex is still acting.

  8. Andy is way too good for TVB. Just look at its rubbish scripts and who they are promoting.

    Hope Andy will reject the offer as much as I want to see him in a series again.

  9. If Andy is the lead actor at TVB. Who will be the lead actress. I can imagine one lead actress that can compare with Andy.

    Can you imagine:
    – Andy & Fala?
    – Andy & Travia?
    – Andy & Myolie?
    – Andy & Linda?

    NO NO NO NO! No one of them

    Maybe Ada Choi…….

    1. I can imagine TVB pushing one of the above to pair with Andy too. No no no 😐

    2. Maybe bring Idy Chan back again! Andy Lau had a crush on her after all! XD

      1. Idy did return to Tvb so it would be great if they paired up again. Just like the good old days if Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nu. Really miss those days.

  10. Andy Lau is too not good for TVB; he is too good to act Eric Tsang’s production. I never liked Eric Tsang’s production, all of them were lousy to me.

    Well, after all, it there was no TVB’s support, there would be any Andy Lau. All TVB artistes should be thankful that they had taken TVB’s artistes’ training course and got their promotions.

    1. I agree that many of the famous Hk artists all came from and started at TVB. They would not be where they are now if it weren’t for TVB. I really hope that Andy says yes because it would bring back so many fond memories if he did come back to TVB… I really miss the big cast in Yang’s Saga 1985… I don’t think any series will ever have such a big star studded cast like that ever again…

  11. It will be an excellent idea to film a drama series with the 5 “old” TVB’s Tigers (Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Michael Miu, Felix Wong and Kent Tong). It will definitely score high viewership ratings.

    1. felix already signed with cti. and can tvb put up that much money for all of them?

      1. Yeah, I forgot about that …… Felix Wong already signed up with CTI. Too bad……

    2. That’s a good idea but I think we are dreaming a bit much since even getting one of them back is already hard but all of them?? That is really pushing it and making me nostalgic about the good old days…

    3. Michael Miu is a yes, definitely. And if Andy Lau does return for sure, I’m sure signing Kent Tong wouldn’t be that hard to handle. Felix Wong would return if he didn’t sign with CTI already.

      Now, Tony Leung is a pretty hard guess. Also considering that Tony Leung was the odd one out of the five tigers.

    1. If Andy does accept then I bet they will all fight to pair up with him… I can totally imagine them having a contest/auditions just like they did in China back then for the Yang Guo and XLN roles. It would be very interesting and entertaining..

  12. That’s def good news for TVB. But, I doubt Andy will shoot a series. The hours are long, and he’s a father now. Cameos work best for him. But, if it’s a movie, then the storyline must attract him.

  13. I wish that Andy Lau would take part in Tvb’s drama. I dare say there’ll be a large amount of people watch this drama! I shall await of this moment!

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