Gregory Lee: “I Am Willing to Raise Shirley Yeung’s Baby!”

Last Tuesday, on June 28th, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) suddenly announced breaking-up from boyfriend of nine-years, Gregory Lee (李泳豪), at a promotional event. Shirley indicated that the pair broke up several months and stated, “There is no distinction of right and wrong in love.”  Shirley noted that the break-up was a mutual decision. Allegedly, Shirley broke-up with Gregory due to falling for her wealthy high school classmate, Andy Ng. In addition, Shirley may be two months pregnant with Andy’s child, thus there was no turning back.

In an exclusive interview with East Magazine, Gregory revealed that after Shirley announced the break-up at the press conference, she sent a text message to notify him. As a result, it was difficult for Gregory to accept reality. Discussing Shirley’s goodbye message, Gregory started crying uncontrollably. Although Shirley had a new love interest and was pregnant, Gregory was still deeply in love with her. “If she is pregnant, I am willing to marry her and raise her baby!”

After meeting on the set of TVB series, Blade Heart <血薦軒轅> in 2002, Shirley and Gregory dated for nine years. During their relationship, Gregory was looked down upon by the outside world, while Shirley was frozen several times by TVB. Although many people thought Shirley and Gregory would grow old together, it was shocking that she suddenly broke off ties with Gregory.

Broke-up Without Any Early Signs

On the day of announcing the break-up, Shirley wore a sexy tube-dress to the event. Indicating that Shirley and Gregory’s family were aware of the break-up, she refused to disclose the reasons for the split. Busy filming The King Boxer <拳王>, Gregory was startled by Shirley’s break-up announcement. Gregory said, “I do not know why she said that! Several days ago, we spoke on the phone and we were still boyfriend and girlfriend status.”

In fact, during Gregory’s birthday last month, Shirley attended the celebration. Future father-in-law, Lee Ka Ding (李家鼎), also attended. The pair openly hugged and admitted that wedding bells were close. It was shocking that Shirley ended a nine-year relationship with a single announcement.

Last week, Shirley’s new boyfriend, Andy Ng, sent a text message to Gregory, “Thank you for taking care of Shirley for so many years. In the future, I will treat her very well, love and care for her. I hope that you will wish us grow old together in happiness.”

In the interview with East Magazine, Gregory said, “I really do not know what is happening. I feel very helpless. I am afraid someone is influencing Shirley’s decision. I want to help her. I want to make her stay [with me]. However, she did not answer my calls or respond to my messages.”

Allegedly, Shirley admitted to Gregory, “In a moment of weakness, I had a baby with another man two months ago.” However, Gregory still refused to give up, “If she is truly pregnant and is willing to return to my side, I will accept her! Who has not made mistakes? I truly love this woman. I am willing to forgive her. Perhaps this incident was a test. If we were to pass this test, perhaps we can continue to be together!”

Excerpt from East Magazine #410

Jayne: It has been a week since Shirley’s public announcement of breaking up with Gregory. In this East Magazine interview, Gregory said that he only received text message from Shirley after her public announcement, implying there were no other earlier conversations regarding the break-up. This seems to be a different account of Gregory’s previous admission that Shirley told him she was pregnant and asked to break-up days prior to June 28th, the day of the public announcement.

Perhaps it is East Magazine’s sensational reporting style, but Gregory sounded in deep denial in this interview. In this interview, he claimed to be willing to raise Shirley’s baby and willing to marry her. However, in Ming Pao’s interview several days ago, his answer was, “I don’t know” when asked if he was willing to take Shirley back, an answer which seems more rational and perhaps closer to what most men would do in Gregory’s position.

I think it is time for Gregory to accept that Shirley is not coming back to his side. I hope he continues to find support in his family, friends, and fans. Life will not fall apart without romantic love, but the first step is to accept the situation as is and not continue to live in an imaginary world.

At first, I agreed with Gregory’s interpretation that Shirley was only together with Andy because of accidentally conceiving a baby together. Her agreement to marry Gregory only last month was the most misleading. However, based on her recent appearances before the press, she seems happy with her choice. If she indeed loved Gregory, there is always the choice to not hold onto this baby if it were “conceived in error.” The choices that Shirley made thus far convinced me that although she may have loved both men and indecisive for possibly a year, her heart is with Andy now.

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  1. Btw, I found a version of the above Chinese article at I do believe that the version I saw was only an excerpt and not the entire article, due to its short length. Would love to read the original article in its entirety if anyone has link.

    I find Gregory’s vulnerability very heart-breaking. His deep love for Shirley and willingness to overlook her cheating and betrayal (so soon after the incident happened) leads me to believe that he loves her much more than himself. At this time, he is still thinking of her and perhaps she needs help, instead of focusing on the fact that she betrayed him and hurt him in the deepest way possible for a lover to do so.

    Gregory, please stop crying and allow yourself to heal…. There is no point to hold on to someone whose heart is not with you any longer and continue to wallow in grief.

    1. I agree that Gregory really needs to move on or else he will never be happy. My 3rd older brother went through not being able to marry his first love, but it was for different reasons. He was hurt for around 2 years and finally moved on, met a new girlfriend and married her.. Now he is happy and has a son and a second one is on the way. I think that Gregory will be able to find happiness one day if he is willing to move on and let go. However, that will take time and it is of no use to him to wallow himself in saddess and sorrow.

      1. Sorry, i think people here are not interested to know about your brother love life

      2. Luisa, people here are welcome to share their own experiences. You are welcome to skip over whatever you do not want to read.

      3. @Luisa,
        Sorry, but you are VERY rude. We always share our personal experiences here all time if it relates to whatever we are talking about. I guess you are just too ignorant to know that… IF you don’t want to know about my brother’s love life or anyone else’s then just don’t read. Like I care to share with you anyways!

      4. @Judy and Yina,
        Thanks and very well said Judy!!

  2. common that child will always remind him of her betrayal and sure she is not coming back to him as she has found herself a rich guy. Hope he will move on and forget about her. Sure he will dump her after getting bored.

  3. Can I slap him? It’s time for him to wake-up and smell the coffee. There are other people that care for him beside Shirley, ie. his brother, parents, friends etc… yes, he is might be going through tough rough road at the moment, but as a man, he needs to shape up and stop making his family worried about him. In his hasty decision to raise her child, but in time, not matter what, he will learn to realize what he has done and be resentful toward her. He should be thankful that this happened before they were married with no kids involved. Be strong Gregory and stand-up for yourself and have some dignity. Move-On!

    1. I want to slap him too. Get out of that denial and stop being stupid

    2. How much longer is he going to break down and cry to the media? Stop feeling like the victim and man up!

      1. i think greg needs closure. hard to heal when he’s still confused with the whole situation. he needs clarification from shirley in order for him to let go.

      2. I agree with P that Gregory just needs closure if he wants to move on and let go. I think Shirley should at least do that for him if they both want to move on with their lives.

      3. She even said of the breakup to public, isn’t it enough for a sign of closure?

      4. @Joan: As long as the media still wants to interview him on how hurt he is, he’ll continue to cry.

      5. OH yea, I forgot about that… I guess Gregory is just in the stage of denial then….He needs to get over that stage soon..

    3. He also should thank Shirley for telling him before the marriage.

      1. Agree and it would be a lot worse if she just went ahead and married him and then spilled the beans… The result would have been much worse.

  4. I agree. He needs to move on and learn to love himself more so his parents, brother, and friends do not have to worry about him. It’s true that even if he can keep the person, he can’t keep the heart. Why do this to yourself, Gregory?
    Although I think he needs to man up and move on, I respect him in that he is very forgiving and only has good things to say about Shirley. At least they don’t backlash at each other like Nic and Cecilia with their divorce crisis.

  5. I don’t think he is thinking coherently… his current feelings are overriding what he will eventually feel towards Shirley’s baby if he were to marry her… As this cools down, he will begin to resent Shirley and her baby and see the baby as evidence of her betrayal.

    He needs time to cool down and then he will see things for what they are.

    1. I totally agree with you!! I think at the moment since his feelings of love for Shirley are still strong, he is willing to say or do anything including raising her child… Yea, but with time, he will be able to think more clearly and see what she has done to him and began to resent her and her baby if she is indeed pregnant…

    2. Then he’ll be (1) feel bitter of himself to raise baby of other man while having to act like good man or (2) bully the baby and his mother.

      In any case, if the baby is truly existed, Shirley left him = good for him. Accept the face, Gregory.

      1. Bonus: Now he only thinks of. If he truly does it, his feeling will be different. Talk is always easier than do.

  6. I feel bad for Gregory….i hope that picture was just a shot from a tvb series and not an actual photo of his heart break.. 🙁

    Jayne: do you rmb when Greg’s brother went on a tvb interview and said Gillian from twins and him were lovers from a previous life!?? Anyways I hope Greg doesn’t go into depression becuz of this.

    1. Both Gregory and his brother seem like hopeless romantics.

      1. He’s still in denial right now. I find it strange that he never went to Shirley new home before. He might have fell something changed/wrong but he just brushed it off. If he confronted Shirley earlier, they will have a much more peaceful break up and less public heartache.

    2. Joel,
      From Gregory’s reaction thus far, think he is depressed and will be so for some time. The articles mention that his family is concerned he may commit a rash act (possibly suicide)….

      1. That is actually very normal after a big event like this… Lets just hope that he eventually gets over it and thinks it through. My brother went through the same thing, but healed with time so Gregory can as well..It will just take time.

    3. Did Gregory’s brother really say that??? Oh goodness…He needs to be more realistic.

    4. Wow, Gregory’s brother sounds scary, “Gillian from Twins and him were lovers from a previous life”? :O If I were Gillian, I would avoid him at all cost manx lol!

  7. Whatever it is, Gregory should move on. No point salvaging a relationship where after nine years of giving has not work. Moreover, she already has drifted with someone richer getting herself pregnant. At least, Gregory can take consolation that he saw her true colours before marriage rather than after. Plus for a man, he is still young at 31. Time will heal.

  8. Andy Ng can no longer withstand the number of negative comments left on his Weibo account. He wrote:


    “Someone is distorting the truth. Everyone will only feel sorry for the weak person. When the truth is revealed, it would be better to place comments then.”

    Andy is upset by backlash and implies that Gregory is acting weak and distorting the truth. I wonder when “the truth” will be revealed. Both Shirley and Andy can step forward for joint press conference and reveal the truth if they wish.

    1. So….. Andy Ng is dissing Gregory AFTER he screwed Shirley, had a baby with her, and sent, what tantamounts to, a gloating message to Gregory?

      Fine example of being a man, mate!

      I wish you all the best with her. She can do it to Gregory, she can do it to you. But I don’t think you need to worry about that, you’re the one she TRULY loves……

      Good luck with that.

    2. Doesn’t matter what the ‘real story’ is. You still cheated w/ another man’s woman. If he just apologized to Gregory, then maybe people will stop w/ the backlash.

    3. Thanks for the info Jayne. Gosh, reading his actual words in Chinese makes me sick!! If he claims that Greg is lying or distorting the truth, then what is truth??? I highly doubt that he would reveal the “truth”….

    4. Again, Andy’s comment gives me the feeling of Nic-Ceci’s story more!

      The “truth” I guess will be: Gregory and Shirley broke up, Shirley went with Andy and have his baby. Gregory doesn’t want to let go and at the same time, a PR stunt so act like a weak person. Shirley still wants to protect Gregory so she didn’t say anything at first. Now when Gregory is overacting, Shirley will step out and share the truth.

      1. I’m so not surprised that you think that. 😛

        You love singing the opposite tune and siding with the ‘bad guy’. 😀

        I think your support and sympathy has already locked on Shirley the moment you read Greg’s and his family’s reply in regarding to the break up announcement.

        Subsequent readings just consist of finding clues to support Shirley and turn her around to be the victim.

        It’s the siding with the underdog mentality. 😀

        Marco Ngai, Joel Chan, Mavis Pan, Viann Zhang and now Shirley.

        But I won’t deny that your take on the situation is also very possible. But, I still believe that, PR stunt or not, Gregory’s love and hurt are real. Again, if he’s faking it, his acting is better than Best Actor Nic and Prince Lam.

      2. @ Kidd: The “truth” I’m talking in Andy’s voice, not my voice.

        Here is my voice: I think of a half-half. Gregory loved, yes. Gregory is sad, yes. Gregory is hurt, yes. But why don’t exaggerate the sadness and hurt to gain attention? – I also think he has this feel.

        Meh, it’s a week and the guy is still whining everytime for a same story (because there is no new factor or info from Shirley). Do you find it’s too much for a hurt? I can accept him to cry 2-3 times because it’s kinda normal to human to feel that after a betrayal (and I can see the feel of being betrayed), but it’s a week and here is like the 10th interview. Enough time to calm down. Now it’s like the time of a PR stunt (with the basement of love and hurt).

        In your list, you forget Cecilia Cheung :P.

        However, I think of Nic-Ceci in this case because the guy is a hero, the girl has bad light. After a long while, ppl talk about the other “truth” 🙂 where Nic acts good and Ceci is the victim. Andy’s truth, I can ensure it’ll be similar to Nic-Ceci’s other “truth” now.

      3. @ Kidd: Lol, I’m not siding for PSS’s action “sell the love for fame”.

      4. If Shirley already broke up with Gregory a few months as claimed, why is she pictured with him in a loving backhug at his birthday party.

        If her feelings for Greg has changed, the go ahead split up with him. But to cheat on him, get pregnant by another guy AND publicly humiliation by dumping him in front of the press?

        If that Andy really sent sms message to Greg (asking him to let go, thanked him for taking care of Shirley all these years), well I wish Shirley good luck. She will need it, afterall her career is a goner now.

      5. @ Sehseh

        I think the truth is somewhere in between. Both sides’ story have inconsistencies.

        Shirley said they have broken up for a few months, but she was still acting like a loving couple with Greg just last month.

        Greg said he only received her sms after she announced to the public. But, earlier, Lee Ka Ting said Greg has been crying for a week. He said that 1 or 2 days after the announcement. Also, according to Ming Pao, Greg’s brother has said that Greg has cried to him saying why the baby isn’t his. That also like a few days after the announcement. So, it’s kinda suspicious that he said he only knew of the break up after Shirley’s announcement.

      6. Whatever it is, being a third party in a relationship is always morally wrong, even in today’s society. Whether Andy was really a third party or Gregory is lying about their couple status prior to the announcement by Shirley, as @Fox mentioned, time will tell! 🙂

    5. Sounds exactly like the same thing I said long ago…and nobody believed me either. :T These people need to keep their personal lives more personal.

    6. Come to think of it, it seems like Andy knows Shirly for a long time sice class mates days (12 Yrs). Therefore, can we say all along, there was fair competition between these 2 guys after the girl. After all, Greogry & Shirly are in a relationship BUT they are not married yet. All along, I guess there was this third party lurking around her & finally won her over for whatever reasons. Gregory lost the battle & Shirly felt she has made the right decision at the final moment. I know its hard for Gregory to accept the truth but its a fact. So he will move on overtime.

    7. Maybe true Jayne but look at the facts; he screwed with her behind her boyfriend’s back and impregnated her and sent such a message. What truth? Gregory hits Shirley? Greagory mistreats shirley? He uses her money? He is a bad boyfriend? What truth Andy? Reveal it because right now I can see only 2 adulterers laughing at the misfortune of another. No man would want to look weak. I think Gregory is indeed very hurt.

      There can be no truth; the truth is probably they’re in love and perhaps Gregory was told many times Shirley wanted to break off with him but he refused to accept reality. And if this is the truth, frankly I still find Andy and Shirley deserving all the backlash unless the truth goes to the character of Gregory.

      1. @ Funn

        “There can be no truth; the truth is probably they’re in love and perhaps Gregory was told many times Shirley wanted to break off with him but he refused to accept reality. “

        I think this is the closest to the truth and fit in with all the stuff revealed so far.

  9. Somehow I think of Nic and Ceci story after EDC incident when I read this article.

  10. I don’t think this thing is entirely Shirley’s or Andy’s fault, Gregory probably had to do with it too. I think he should accept the truth, move on with life, and stop crying in front of the media. There are people around you who care about you, Gregory.

  11. it’s getting like watching tvb drama now…

  12. First I do think Gregory should learn to move on when if it is obvious SHirley is with Andy because she wants to and not because of the baby. In fact the baby may be the by product of her love for Andy. Secondly, I feel if Andy did write such a thoughtless message, I feel that is such an act that is below the belt. It is not as if she broke up with him properly, not as if they dated for a few months, not as if there was no wedding plans. To write such a thoughtless message shows how selfish this Andy is. And since we have more details how Shirley broke off with Gregory, through a call, I find that is also very selfish of her. Well selfish people deserve one another. And frankly I don’t think they’ll last.

    As for gregory, yes it is dramatic for such a headline but again he is in denial. Who wouldn’t be when you thought you were at the top of the world and suddenly came crashing down one day and you think at least your ex will feel a bit of hurt but she obviously doesn’t. If my guess is right, and if the news is accurate, the SMS shirley sent Gregory to say she still loves him is a calculative act, to safeguard her own interest in case Andy doesn’t want her. And since Andy wants her, now she is happy.

    I thought I felt sorry for Shirley for the mess but my feeling is she probably didn’t know how to break off with Gregory so baby is the best excuse. I don’t feel sorry for her anymore and I hope her career suffers. Not that she needs her career anymore since all articles seem to emphasise on Andy’s wealth.

    But it shows their character; I find both of them despicable and now I can understand why the old man cursed and cussed; I would to if they had so deeply hurt my son.

    1. I thought it was sad when Ding Yeh commented on how his son is too ‘stupid, too naive/childish’ (something like that). Maybe it’s his personality to have a harder time coping with these types of situations (hence the waterworks). I wish him and best and I’m sure the right girl will come along eventually. He does seem like a nice guy (although introverted) anyway.

      As for Shirley and Andy, I wonder how their future will play out. It’s hard to get blessings from others when a relationship is built on cheating and the sacrifice of a previous relationship. Shirley should just come out and say something (the publicity is not helping her at all), or announce her leave from the entertainment industry.

  13. Its obvious he’s in denial but it is quite common. We are all humans and after 9 years together, there is love, tears, laughter in their relationship afterall.

    I doubt he will raise Shirley’s child, prolly it was twisted by the reporters to make this sensationlise this piece of news.

  14. I think Gregory should just let go and let live, it doesn’t seem like Shirley would be stepping up with any explanations to give Gregory closure.

    Furthermore, I doubt Shirley will ever return to TVB, can’t imagine what might happen to her if she accidentally bumped into Gregory’s father back in TVB.

    And whatever happened to the “I still love you” message that Shirley sent to Gregory after the scandal broke out, according to Gregory and his brother?

    Gregory also seemed to be inconsistent since as Jayne has pointed out above, Gregory claimed that he only received text message from Shirley AFTER her public announcement, implying that there no prior conversations regarding the breakup. However, based on earlier reports, Gregory said that Shirley told him she was pregnant and asked to break up BEFORE the announcement. Hmm…wonder why?

    “Last week, Shirley’s new boyfriend, Andy Ng, sent a text message to Gregory, “Thank you for taking care of Shirley for so many years. In the future, I will treat her very well, love and care for her. I hope that you will wish us grow old together in happiness.””

    I don’t really know whether his true intent was purely to get Gregory’s blessings or not but judging from this text, it just gives me a bad impression that this Andy seemed to be a despicable man, sending this to a Gregory when you have already snatched his girlfriend away and through supposedly devious means too?

    It’s sounded like you were flaunting your victory in front of this bloke and then rubbing salt into his wound manx, not cool dude!

    All in all, I think Gregory should just move on manx, there’s more to life than romance! Besides, if a woman is truly in love with you, nothing can keep her away but if a woman is no longer in love with you, nothing can make her stay (:

    1. Oh forgot to add that if I was Gregory, I would reply Andy’s text, “Don’t worry, you definitely have my blessing cause you seriously need it! If this woman can cheat on me, what makes you think she wouldn’t cheat on you too?”

      If you were really a third party, karma can be a b****, Andy! 😉

  15. I think THE ‘ truth’ IT will be:

    1. Shirley never break up several month ago. Cuz she celebrate his b’ day and everything.

    2. However, i think she is a long time not happy in this relationship and find something in Andy ng.

    3. She got pregnant. And she know this 1-3 weeks a go. Then, there is panic. Cuz she can’t hide this huge secret.

    4. So, she went to the media and broke up with Gregory. Went to the media is because she don’t have attention anymore. TVB froze her.

    5. Nice and exciting story to rise her up. Bad attention, is also a attention.

    6. I think she don’t love Gregory anymore. Cuz she did a typical women thing. No answering anymore. Let the relationship die.

    7. So, andy has a lots of money. He can take care of her and ‘his’ baby (not 100% sure his baby). She don’t have to work anymore. Cuz TVB don’t have work anymore for her.

    8. Yes. I don’t like Shirley. Never like her before. Only what she can Do is stupid jelling. Like a child.

    9. I am sick of this whole media thing. She is So desprate !!!!! Sooooooooo needing THE media attention. I remember in the last few years at the TVB awards she always sit on the 2 or 3 lines and dress a very low cut dress. Not classy. But very ordairy

    10. Dress a lovely sexy dress to break up.

    1. By 10: maybe I should try. When I break up with my bf and I have to tell it to my family and friends. I will dress a lovely sexy dress too!!!!! No idea why. But is quit funny!!! Omg, this is so embarrassing!!!

    2. I think #6 is the truth because if she did love him, then she would have remained faithful and never cheated in the first place. Remaining faithful is one of the key elements to a lasting and happy relationship/marriage.If you don’t have that, then you can easily stray and betray the other person and things will fall apart.

  16. I’ve been away and just got back and saw this terrible news. It is absolutely awful and I think that Gregory is really stupid for accepting her baby like that. Come on man, get a life. Find a nice decent girl and not a s*** – because that is exactly what she is!!!

  17. This evening, Scoop (HK entertainment news) aired an interview of Shirley. She denied she was pregnant and she cried in the interview.

    1. @Melody

      Do you have a link to stream the interview?

    2. I don’t see why she would tell greg that she is pregnant when she isn’t… obviously he would know the truth in a couple of months. Either 1) she lied, 2) he lied, or 3) he misinterpreted. But she pretty much said what we all guessed… now she wants a man that is more capable of taking care of her.

    3. Ok, so now she is denying that she is pregnant… If she is pregnant as we will know in a few months time, then she is a liar…

      1. Agree P, even if she show up not pregnant later, who really knows if she get abortion or not.

  18. If she is not pregnant then why did she say that she was? Honestly this woman is driving me nuts – you just don’t know what to believe these days. Even though she may NOT be pregnant I still think she has treated Gregory in a very shabby way. I wouldn’t have wanted my loss to be plastered everywhere for everyone to know. It must be terrible to lose someone you love and trusted but to be so open like that when the whole world knows about it must be devastating for him. I really hope he gets over it soon and find someone a million times more worthy of him.

    1. I watched her interview earlier..

      She actually mentioned that during the Gregory’s bday, they already broke up but was there as a friend to celebrate with him.

      She doesn’t sound convincing to me anyway.

      1. Well, she certainly fooled his entire family. Give her an award please!

      2. my gut instinct tells me she is putting up a show during the interview.

      3. They are certainly well prepared answers.

        Who cried more convincingly? Gregory or Shirley? 😀

  19. Not a fan of Shirley but I think her ex Gregory Lee is a bit too wimpy. Obviously she wanted out of the relationship and this guy is either to dim to realise, if someone does not want you, one cannot force something to love them. I understand the hurt this guy must be going through but get over acting the victim, his ex left him for a reason and it cannot be all one-sided. George Lee comes across as being more upset that meal ticket is over with Shirley considering he wasn’t earning a lot.

    1. Shirley is not answering his messages, so he is trying to communicate to her that he will be there for her if she ever needed and he wants to know if this is really her own decision or influenced by Andy’s insemination and words.

      i hope ppl here never personally experienced anything this cruel happening to themselves and get called a wimp for hurting. he is a sensitive man very in love with a woman. looking at his picture there, that is a very broken man that will need alot of self time and thinking to heal.

      1. Ohno, your comment is very valid so thanks for taking the time to reply. 🙂 I have been reading the Shirley and George drama and to be honest, I doubt very much he did not know what was coming. When a relationship is on the rocks, there are telling signs. Every photos I have seen of George appears to be “acting”, a person who has high self esteem and confidence would never ever take a partner back, especially if the partner has allegedly cheated on them. George comes across as either being desperate or has other motives. He is trying so hard to hold onto someone who does not want to be with him. The guy should wake up and have more sense then dollars. Regarding Shirley, I’m guessing she was George’s walking ATM, obviously he is going to find it even harder to find a replacement who is financially as secure as Shirley. Let’s not liar to ourselves ladies, everyone likes to be with someone who has money. Money = stability = you can buy whatever you need = living a comfortable life.

  20. Wow, Gregory Lee is such a little b****. Man up you sissy.

  21. i think gregory should stop saying these things to the media (if they are true)to prevent his manhood (if there’s any left) from diminishing.

    he’s going through the denial phase right now. hope he hits the acceptance part soon enough and put himself and his family out of his misery.

    if what is reported here is true, then andy ng is a huge A-hole

    1. I agree and we all understand that he is hurt, however, he has already said enough so he can be quiet now. If he continues like that, then he will be viewed very negatively by the public..

      I think he will hit the acceptance stage soon. Once he does, I believe he will realize who are the most important to him and who isn’t anymore…

      That Andy guy doesn’t seem like a great guy at all…But Shirley has made her decision so she has to live with it.

  22. Saw Shirley’s interview. Who’s lying here? Shirley putting on a show to salvage her image or Gregory playing the victim to gain sympathy?

    After Moses & Bernice’s breakup–how Moses played the heart broken grieving victim for weeks then show up happily dating Aimee Chan, not really sure what can be believed in the media anymore.

    1. Now Gregory and Shirley are both not on the same page. If both continue to cry after this I’ll vomit at both of them

  23. what is Greggory saying? even if he wanted, Shirley and Andy probably want to raise their child themselves.

    looks like Andy indirectly told Greggory to back off with his text and that he wasn’t needed anymore. Shirley and Andy are taking the insensitive and ruthless way to end an old relationship and start their new one, maybe Andy advised Shirley to tell her story before Greggory does it, therefore she stepped out first and explained the breakup was “months ago” to mitigate any bad publicity. ironically, Shirley thought since the public didn’t like Greggory, they could possibly side with her but they ended up preferring him to her right now. kinda strange how life switches ppl around to different spheres huh?

    out of all the celeb scandals i read this yr, i still find what happened to Greggory the most pitiful just because this guy loved her so profoundly that he was even willing to give up his dignity and any manhood pride. its just futile thinking on his part that it could bring her back but he’s sinking into a very depressing and desperate state right now.

  24. Whoa! I can honestly say there’s not a lot of men who are able to say that.

  25. This guy needs to have some dignity. She doesn’t want to be with you anymore so stop talking to the media and move on.

    1. I heard that he has stopped talking already and hope that he stops because what is done is done.. There is no use in dwelling over the past anymore… Life is short so you must move on…

  26. Not sure if he’s being fake or not but men i wish i can find a guy who love me so much like him.

  27. be strong gregory, you not alone, alot women better than her go got it.

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