Hilary Tsui’s Ultimatum Works; Kenny Wee Finally Silenced in Drug Scandal

Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈) has finally succeed to silence Kenny Wee’s (黃浩) liberal mouth over recent drug scandal rumors. After Hilary thrust forward her legal weight, Kenny has withdrawn from the verbal crossfire.

When rampant rumors spread that Hilary Tsui, Josie Ho (何超儀), and Sam Lee (李璨琛) were the drug-taking celebrities at Kenny’s restaurant, they united with twelve others who had attended the dinner to clarify their innocence at a press conference. They denounced Kenny with a letter from their lawyers, pointing out that his comments brought about public contempt, hurting their characters and reputations. They gave Kenny an ultimatum agree to keep silent over the matter within 48 hours, or they will take appropriate legal action, which includes applying for an injunction to the court.

The lawyer representing Hilary and Josie told the media today that Kenny has agreed to refrain from repeating his previous allegations or similar allegations. In other words, he has agreed to their silence order within the given time frame.

The issued press statement summarizes Hilary and Josie’s request made on December 10, 2012 that Kenny agree to their silence order within 48 hours and states how Kenny has agreed to this request. The press statement further emphasizes that whether it is Kenny himself or via a third party that continues to publish such allegations or similar allegations, it is to be considered as a violation to the commitment. If any third party, such as the media, is forwarding these allegations without revealing its sources, it has failed to meet the requirements of the commitment and must be made to bear the legal responsibilities that follow. Anyone who spreads the unsubstantiated rumors, whether directly or indirectly, will be considered to have violated the commitment.

Following the latest developments and Kenny’s silence, the closure of the drug scandal rumors should be near.

Source: ihktv.com

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  1. It seems that celebrities in Hong Kong can do anything they wish now. They have “unlimited” backups.

    1. Sandcherry,

      Kenny has already ruined the business prospects of his own restaurant after his rashness in dealing with the drug rumors.

      He kept talking about the tape and if he really had such a critical piece of evidence, he should just hand it over to the police and let them press charges. Best way to take care of the “enemy” is let another person do the dirty work for you, instead of putting his foot in his mouth each time.

      Now HK celebrities may boycott his restaurant.

      And if the public were to believe that drugs were taken at Kenny’s restaurant, do regular customers want to eat there?

      Hilary also shows that she is not one to mess with, since she issued her victorious press statement that Kenny Wee has finally complied to her demands, instead of letting Kenny’s silence speak for itself.

      1. That is why I said the celebrities can do anything they wish now in Hong Kong. I remembered Nicholas Tse committed a serious crime (hit and changed driver), and eventually he was “off the hook” because he was a celebrity. He just had to do some hours of social work to pay for his crime. Too bad …….. from now on, celebrities don’t have to worry because they know they will have backups and will be “off the hook” easily if they get into big troubles.

        Poor Kenny Wee! He had to worry about the safety of his own family (an artiste wife with two young children) before he could take any serious action to defend himself.

      2. I don’t think Kenny Wee was so stupid to tell such a big lie in order to get himself good publicity in Hong Kong.

      3. Sandcherry:

        Besides the community service hrs, Nicholas was sentenced to 2 wks in prison. 2 wks might not sound like long but any jail time for a celebrity is already very severe. So no, I don’t agree w/ u that celebrities automatically get off the hook. Sometimes the law enforcement might even be harsher on famous ppl b/c they want to make an example of them.

      4. I think Kenny seemed to be on a revenge mission tbh. He was so open to the press about the whole incident, he made the whole thing so high profile as if to pull down the artistes involved. Couldn’t he have kept his mouth shut and just handed his “video” to the police?

        My take on this is that he only did this to get back at them because there was a fallout between them. I suspect he knew about their drug habit all along and disclosed it to the press after they fell out. Whether they took drugs at his restaurant is another thing altogether as his “video” sounds completely made up to me.

      5. *sigh… moderation*

        “Nicholas was sentenced to 2 wks in prison. 2 wks might not sound like long but any jail time for a celebrity is already very severe.”

        It was a fair sentence. He did a crime and it was serious and he was lucky nobody died. And 2 weeks is a lesson that changed his attitude believe me. I read he was bullied in there. Not surprised. He was coc-ky before he went in, he matured a little when he came out. It is not about being made example. It is about enforcing the law.

      6. If Nicholas Tse was an ordinary HK citizen, I don’t think he would be sentenced to 2 weeks in prison only plus some hours of social work. Even no one was injured, it was quite a serious crime …… he lied about the accident and the change of driver.

        I am sure it will be a more serious and heavier fine here.

      7. Yes it would have been much serious. There was element of perjury. But I do believe the punishment fits the crime. He was 1st time offender, he panicked, etc, those are mitigating factors.

      8. I agree w/ Funn that the punishment was enough. Obstruction of justice is a nonviolent crime so there’s no point in a long prison sentence. Jails are overcrowded and should be reserved for violent criminals or repeat offenders. The best way to punish “white collar” criminals is to fine them heavily and community service. For a normal person, a criminal record will also hinder their future job prospects. It’s not Nicholas’ fault that he is an actor so nobody cares that he was convicted before.

      9. Nicholas crashed his car from speeding, but no one was at the scene. There wasn’t a person for him to injure, but himself. He could’ve just contacted the police and he would only get a traffic ticket and his license suspended. The stupidest thing he did was to flee the scene and lied about the entire incident. I think his sentence was fair.

        As for Kenny, if he has the tape why don’t he just hand it over to the police? If he thought that by not handing thetape over

      10. Agree with funn, i think the punishment was enuf. Celebs are known by pple, them being in prison is magnified becos pple know them, might mock them, disturb them becos they are celebrities. Celebs also bother more abt ‘face’ then the other prisoners, cos once they get out from jail, they have to face their fans and all other pple in front of the tv etc. non celebs dont suffer that kind of fate ..

    2. *if Kenny thought that he could escape from the triads by keeping silent and not helping the law enforcement, then he got it wrong. Hilary’s group ma be a habitual drug users, but did they do it at Kenny’s restaurant is another issue and it’s what he’s been implicating for weeks.

  2. Kenny that dumbassss!!! Why don’t u fix ur stupid restaurant then starting drama. Loser!!

  3. Still.. no one is suing him with all these reputation at stake etc?

    1. Actually it is weird, Kenny didn’t mention who are alledged artist right!

      1. yah! thats what im wondering to…why all of sudden, all these artists appear to “claim their innocences” when kenny after all this time havn’t said who the real people are that were involved in the whole drug thing..

      2. He didn’t mention the names, but he intentionally led the media to believe that it was Hilary’s group.

    2. Very strange. How come HK Government/police department did not take any action either to charge the artistes or sue Kenny Wee for false accusation?

      1. It is a civil matter at this time, which is defamation. It will only be criminal if he lied under oath or perjury.

      2. Inaction proves there’s no real evidence of the allegations. Of course the police won’t press charges against the artistes. As for Kenny, the police don’t go around pressing charges for libel or slander unless the victim presses charges.

  4. Top picture of Hilary looks more like a witch smiling esp. with her witch nose & eyes really scary..

    1. hahaha….u were right. scary. her husband Eason is also ugly looking. Perfect match!

  5. If he has the tape he would already leaked it. But we don’t see any tape up till today…

    1. I also don’t get it. I thought he said he watch the tape and there’s artist taking drugs? But how come now say didn’t watch the tape??

  6. According to big brother Jacky Chan, he had to carry two guns and a grenade to fight with the triads…why are you all suprised that a nobody like Kenny Wee would all of a sudden shut his mouth?
    Seriously, I hope these celebs understand that their actions are only harming themselves and no one else…plus no one cares.

  7. Kenny wee-ny shouldn’t have started something he could not handle. He’s breaking his own rice bowl & i doubt it can be glued back together.

    1. Yup, I think that too. NOT saying he’s any babe in the woods … but he didn’t think far enough before he barked first.

      Why are so many questioning that he possibly made up the tape?

      With all the ‘weapons’ pointing in his direction … tape, or not tape … will it really help uncover ANY truth?

  8. “They denounced Kenny with a letter from their lawyers, pointing out that his comments brought about public contempt, hurting their characters and reputations.”

    I find this funny. I can’t see how this incident damaged Hilary’s character and reputation. She honestly believe she had one in the first place???

  9. Look at her sunken face man.
    Telltale signs of either cocaine or meth.

  10. First off, I like the Tse family very much. I still think nicholas got way with slap on wrist. If he was a regular joe, he would spend few years in jail, not two weeks. Just being fair and honest there. Kenny has been silenced by big, bad triads and who knows what other powereful group out there. These disgraceful celebs are all working with these groups . He is being made to look like the bad guy here when he is not. Hiliary is a bit… a witch. I hope she knows God is watching and he more powerful than any evil triad or any other organization out there. These celebs will get exposed in due time. God is watching.

    1. And wasn’t young teen rebel Nic Tse under the Emperor group, even back then?

      Would his Emperor boss like to have ‘an investment’ (supposedly his dad contracted Nic for a large sum of $$$) go bad?

      Whatever the press reports …. readers should go 3 levels deeper, or put pieces of the unseen puzzles together. It often forms a truer picture than what meets the eye.

      1. Readers too star struck to do that. Not
        thinking with sense, only thay idol is so perfect and how much they love, adore and support perfect idol.

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