Image Trashed by Scandals, Hugo Wong to be “Frozen” by TVB?

Working at TVB for 19 years, Hugo Wong (黃子恆) worked his way up from minor to supporting roles. Although he became more popular after starring in OMG, Your Honour  <是咁的,法官閣下> and was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 2018 TVB Anniversary Awards, Hugo’s chances are now completely gone due to his sex scandal. It is reported that the 36-year-old actor will be “frozen” by TVB, who will not give him new work.

Two years ago, Hugo was rumored to have wrecked  Hiromi Wada‘s (裕美) marriage by having an affair with her. This week, a Mainland Chinese fan accused Hugo got her pregnant and then disappeared. Hugo admitted that they had protected sex and denied that he was the baby’s father. Aside from targeting a married woman and his own fan, Hugo also tried to sleep with singer, TikChi (迪子) and sent her suggestive text messages.

No New Work After “Airport Security Unit”?

Handsome and possessing good acting skills, Hugo had a lot of potential, but his scandals may send him out of the spotlight. Currently filming Airport Security Unit <機場特警>, Hugo’s scenes in the drama won’t be deleted. But it is understood that TVB won’t give him any new work assignments due to his trashy image. The Exorcist Meter 2 <降魔的2> star, Carrie Tam (譚嘉儀), also revealed that Hugo’s character will die in episode one and leave behind his baby.

Hugo was seen looking depressed on the set of Airport Security Unit since his scandal broke. When reporters visited the filming set, a crew member said Hugo will not be accepting any press interviews since it would affect the cast and crew with the filming progress.

Nominated for Best Supporting Actor, Hugo Lost All Chances

TVB will be hosting its annual Anniversary awards ceremony on December 16. Hugo was nominated for Best Supporting Actor, but the 36-year-old will have no chance to win the award now. TVB can easily give the award to another young actor, as there are many more who have positive images and good acting skills.

In 2008, Joey Law (羅天宇) entered Mr. Hong Kong and built his reputation from his iconic role in Come Home Love <愛.回家> as Leslie Ma. Recently, Joey played a paramedic supervisor in Life on the Line <跳躍生命線> in which he executed the role so well with his mature acting and built physique. With his hard work, he was able to capture the hearts of many fans and build his fame, which would make the 31-year-old actor ideal candidate for the award.

Bob Cheung (張彥博) also exceeded expectations with acting in Life on the Line <跳躍生命線>. Within the drama, he played a kind-hearted paramedic officer who has five sisters. Many enjoyed his character for his attentiveness and care for the other characters, as well as his guitar playing talent. At the end of the drama, his character’s death brought tears to many fans. Despite gaining many new fans, Bob recently signed with Wong Cho Lam’s (王祖藍) studio; so could that jeopardize his chance of winning Best Supporting Actor?

Lastly, Jackson Lai (黎振燁) is the dark horse candidate to win Best Supporting actor with his breakout performance in OMG, Your Honour <是咁的,法官閣下>.  The 32-year-old actor is gaining popularity for his looks, physique, and good image as a married man. Prior to winning Mr. Hong Kong 2016, Jackson had already worked in acting gigs and has many years of experience. Many fans want him to win the award, but Jackson said modestly, “100 percent it will not be me.” However, his popularity and work are increasing, so there is a chance he may win the award.

Sources: HK01 [1,2]

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  1. I am only disappointed with his indiscretions. Protected sex or not, he had consensual sex. So his sex life is raunchy but so far so super raunchy stuff, just a highly sexed individual prone to indiscretions. Maybe a jerk. As for the pregnancy, I am not sure if she is and it is his since she plans to abort and there’s no DNA test. If yes, he still had consensual sex with a girl who is an adult who jumped into bed with her idol twice with unprotected sex. Both as stupid. Point is he was the breakout star in OMG Your Honour, his private life may be a bit immoral for some, raunchy for others, messy maybe but he may be accused as flirtatious and that is not a crime. More importantly, he had consensual sex. Until and unless a real proven scandal is shown, I give him the benefit of the doubt which I don’t even need to. If the child is his and she plans to keep the child, he has to pay. should he lose his career over this indiscretion? No.

    1. @funnlim Agree. He’s a jerk, but what he did is not a sex crime. He didn’t rape any of the girls. I think it’s wrong to fire him just because of his messy private life. I like him as an actor.

      1. @jessehsuan Also agree. HK culture is stupid in that they punish people by their image not by the law. I felt sorry for alot of the girls in the Edison Chen Scandal who were actually the victims of the data leak, but they got punished for not doing anything actually illegal.

    2. @funnlim objectively you’re correct. Subjectively, we’re dealing with TVB here. They’re all about image and advertisers. If their artists do anything scandalous, they get frozen or fired, no further questions asked.

      But if it’s any consolation, they only froze him. Did not fire him. He might come back after many years of neglect, such as Queenie Chu, Amigo Chui and Joel Chan

  2. by the way I was in HK and a week ago saw Grace Wong. Her voice and her looks are exactly like how you see on TV, except she was dressed low key, and as usual with stars, how waif like and how short they are, probably minus heels.

    1. @funnlim
      she’s 5’6 which is not suppose to be tall, more like average. as for the waif look, they probably don’t want any recognition.

  3. Hugo Wong’s situation reminds me of Ron Ng’s sexting scandal in 2012, where his text messages with his sex partner, “Miss X”, were exposed:

    The difference is of course Ron’s popularity was much bigger than Hugo’s, and TVB continued to cast Ron because they had invested a lot of resources in promoting him already. Years later, many people may even have forgotten about Ron’s sexting scandal.

    Also the timing of TikChi going to the press about Hugo’s messages was the final blow. It was days after his scandal in sleeping with his fan broke, and the press could have gone both ways, in ruining Hugo or given him a chance to salvage his image if the woman didn’t turn out to be pregnant and had lied. As a “long-time” friend who responded to Hugo’s messages half-heartedly, TikChi used this chance to gain more publicity for herself, when knowing that Hugo could lose his job over her statements.

    Most of Hugo’s co-stars such as Ben Wong, Grace Wong , and Louisa Mak didn’t do this; they continued to comment that he was a hardworking individual as they didn’t want to “take the knife and plunge it into his wound deeper”.

    While his private life may be distasteful and he was foolish to cross that boundary with his fan, I also think he shouldn’t lose his job over this.

    1. @jayne
      I am totally with you but this is Asia, people are very close minded about open sex lives. If it was in the west, it’d just be covered on tabloids fir a few days instead of being such a big story. People enjoy seeing others go down and suffer. The girl who’s stood out with sex texting was definitely in fir her five minutes of fame because no one knew who she was before then. Now she will just be known as Hugo’s ex fling flame.

      1. @m0m0 agree with you there. What goes on behind closed doors of 2 consenting adults is not a crime and of course he should not be frozen because of his indescretions.

        However, as you said this is in Asia, in general they tend to be more conservative. Furthermore, the majority of viewers watching are housewives.

        Finally, when you are an up and comer who is trying to get more recognition. Image is everything. In this day and age of social media, every thing you do, can be exposed. If he was a more established actor, it may dent his image, but i dont believe this actor is quite in that league yet.

    2. @jayne Uhm, would you blame the girl though lol? Tikchi has continually said no, and he continually harassed her, she possibly dislike him quite a bit that she used this opportunity to kick him for good, pretty sure he will never text her ever again lol. To TikChi, sure she possibly does it for her fame, but she possibly thinks he’s a huge a$$ that need to be exposed and she thinks she does the world a favour lol

      While I agree he has done basically nothing wrong, but actively sleep with your fans does give a bad vibe. It’s like he gets famous to get laid >_>

      1. @littlefish Groupies exist. Rock stars did it, no one say anything bad about them. One is willing, the other wants to. Not like she’s underage kid. she can think for herself. You can say he took advantage of her idolising him, but she gained to. How many can say they slept with their idols? As for pregnancy, show proof. Show DNA. Not saying I am against women but proof is the best convincing evidence.

    3. @jayne He should if he impregnated her and refused to take responsibility. As an actor he is put on a pedestal of morality. BUT in this case, like I wrote earlier, doesn’t fit those facts. And look at countless of male actors impregnating others and sleeping with groupies and female actresses having affairs and what nots. Why is he facing intense backlash for consensual act? As for his so called friend exposing him, maybe they aren’t friends anymore. In her case, I feel there is a case there for backlash. If he did harass her for sex, however friendly he made that sound, then yes,that’s a cause to fire him. He’s a celebrity with a public image. If HK doesn’t want him, he can go elsewhere, clean up his act and restart. He’s young enough, handsome enough and talented enough to restart. Not like he did horrible stuff. But if Hk still wants him, he can lay low, write a long apology and get a good PR to clean up his image. And he should reconsider his private life. This can be a great lesson; why waste a decade of effort over 2 nights of sex? Find a prostitute, better yet, find a good woman, marry her and have all the sex you want. I also feel he shouldn’t be hanged over this, unless he did harass others for sex but it’s not like those accusations against big K stars about being drugged and forced upon. He just needs to lay low.

      Between, just because he is hardworking doesn’t wipe away all his dirty deeds. There must be a distinction between hardworking and doing dirty deeds.If he did harass others, did unlawful immoral stuff, however hardworking, he deserves the backlash.

      “TikChi used this chance to gain more publicity for herself, when knowing that Hugo could lose his job over her statements.”

      Maybe, maybe not. I am not sure how many times he supposedly harassed her if any, but if he did, whatever purpose she did it, it was the truth. I will see it that way.

    4. @jayne the point is did he lied to the media or not that he has made his fan pregnant. consensual sex is not a crime neither the vulgair sex messages. if he is so sure that he is not the father of the baby that will come then he can do a dna test so he can prove he is clean. but if he had lied and dont take the responsibility for what he did then i think he deserves to lose his job.

  4. Such a pity this had to happen, otherwise his chances of snagging the BSA next Sun looks pretty good and he might even be the next leading man in a tvb drama. Now everything that he worked so hard for just evaporated overnight. Nothing wrong with consensual sex betw 2 adults but he handled it poorly by messing with a fan and then doing a disappearing act when she claimed he made her pregnant. Did he really think she would just quietly go away? So naive. The other woman who exposed the dirt on him was just a vicious b-iatch to kick a man when he’s down. Just seeking her few minutes of fame. It’s expected that TVB will put him in the freezer since image is what an artiste sells. If his image is tarnished, he’s worth nothing in their eyes.

    1. @passingby
      Seems like Hugo is very immature for his age and like many others just abusing his celebrity status. Much too early for him to behave like this because he isn’t famous enough to get away without potentially ruining his career….

  5. Whoa, if the scandal wasn’t out, I’m pretty sure Hugo could win if he’s only up against these 3. What’s done is done. If these rumors are true, hopefully, he changes his ways or all those years of acting would be worthless.

  6. Dude doesn’t look any good to me. Joey Law on the other hand is every bit leading man material! I’m all in for him to win best support!

  7. Overreaction much people?

    The dude has an open sex life.. So what? Many people do. As long as it’s legal and consensual. There’s nothing wrong.

    Moreover, the woman that he supposedly gotten pregnant with has never produced a lick of evidence. She can be lying to gain sympathy for all we know.

    I feel bad for the guy cause he just wants to get it in but got exposed. I feel for you bro. Stay strong!

    1. @anon the wrong is that he is an actor a public person with a role model who is the face of tvb. and the rule of tvb is if you make a sex scandal of this big you will be frozen. thats because his image is destroyed and advertising companies are no longer interested in him but also a threat for tvb if they still use him. image is everything for an actor. he is just a kelefeh but imaging if louis ko or andy lau did this how big the shock will be.

      1. @kolo

        I don’t consider him to be a role model nor the face of TVB. He’s a 3rd line actor at best, so that doesn’t make him the face of TVB nor a role model. He’s just a TVB employee in my eyes.

        Moreover, my comment was not directed at the result of this incident rather at the comments made by the posters in this post. People calling him a ‘cheap’, ‘low-life’, etc.

        Hugo is a representation of many men out there. Aside from trying to get with a married woman, I don’t see anything wrong with his actions.

  8. I hope this freeze in only temporary. I actually like him and he has played so many minor roles before having this chance. He worked his way up. Hope he will be given a second chance like TVB gave Joel Chan.

  9. If only he was in China or has a strong backer so many Chinese celebs are full of questionable scandals and actions but they’re still going strong. Also it’s his sex life why does it matter so much TVB acting like sex is a taboo or some. Better stop trying to have sex with everyone he sees.

  10. Sexual harassment is a crime in most developed countries and it’s taken especially seriously in the workplace. From reading the text messages he sent TikChi, it is obvious that he was harassing her for sex and on multiple occasions. He showed no respect for her as a woman nor as a friend. It is humiliating and insulting to be talked to like that by a guy friend that you’ve known for years. I don’t know what her true intentions were for exposing him, but she did nothing wrong as he should take responsibility for any of his actions. If he doesn’t want to be exposed, don’t text her that. I think the fan is definitely more ridiculous sounding than TikChi, from the way she talked about her pregnancy and baby.

    Someone said he should find a wife and have all the sex he wants. But in his messages to TikChi, he said he is not looking for a girlfriend. He just wants to play around with different girls and thinks he has the right to because of his looks and celebrity status.

    I don’t think actors/actresses should sleep with their fans unless they want a serious relationship. The same reason a psychiatrist can lose his license for dating/sleeping with a patient. It’s because of the dynamics of the relationship where one can be easily manipulated. It was consensual, yes, but she might’ve been naive and really believed he wanted to be her boyfriend based on what she knows about him from seeing him on screen.

    The housewives and TVB audience most likely has a bad impression of him now and wouldn’t want to see him on the screen. If that’s the case, TVB has a right to terminate him as they are in the TV business and have to respond to the audience. They are probably already receiving complaint letters from the audience.

    1. @krys327 I wouldn’t even waste my time towards people who made me uncomfortable. She should have just blocked him. I don’t know who she is until now, is it because he got a little more known, and the recent fan thing she decided to release the text? Why not release them when she felt bothered?

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