Joe Ma’s Sex Advice to Son: “It’s All About Safety”

As a father to a teenage son, Joe Ma (馬德鐘) regularly has discussions over safe sex practices at home. Although this may be a taboo subject in many Chinese families, Joe believes that 16-year-old Ma Zai Xiang (馬在驤) should be prepared to act responsibly and safely in a sexual relationship. 

Joe Ma son 3An overachiever in high school, Zaixiang plays the violin, and has won countless medals in swimming and Tae Kwon Do. Joe firmly said that Zai Xiang has no time for dating. Between his school work and his love for sports, Zai Xiang has never had a girlfriend. However, possessing a rather open attitude towards teenage romance, Joe would not object to his son bringing home a girl.

Joe already had the big talk regarding safe sexual behavior with Zai Xiang. Joe said, “As a father, this should be talked about. Additionally, he goes to an international school; the school system will teach even more on the subject. The most important thing is safety.”

Regarding Father’s Day, Joe shared his upcoming plans.  Coincidentally, Joe’s father’s Lunar calendar birthday falls on the same day as Father’s Day this year. To commemorate this extra heart-warming occasion, Joe disclosed that the entire family will be having a quiet dinner together to celebrate. Placing more emphasis on the family being together for the holiday, Joe laughingly stated that he is not expecting any gifts from his son.

Asked to comment on Oxide Pang (彭順) and Liddy Li‘s (李悅彤) extra-marital affair, Joe revealed that he had previously worked with the director before, but is unsure of his personal affairs. “I don’t know the story, but I hope it’ll settle down soon because only the people who are actually involved will know.”  Married for 21 years to teenage sweetheart Karen Cheung (張筱蘭), Joe stressed the importance of proper communication and necessary compromise in a long-term relationship.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. Good on Joe!!! Every parent should have this conversation with their children.

    1. ya. Oh my i remembered my parent never teach me these thing and omg i always thought that baby was coming out of butt hole. Until i was a sophomore in high school, a health teacher finally teach me these things. Oh man. It was so embarrassing when i argue with my teacher where the baby was born in front of the class. >.<

    2. Every parent should discuss this with the children at a certain age. I remember my parents never taught me anything I had to learn on my own wasn’t that successful. It’s most likey because Chinese parent’s are more traditional and less open.

      1. Are you guys serious? I knew where the baby came from by the time I was 12, and my parents never taught me A THING about sex. I have seen TVB dramas of girls giving birth from their private thingy. But I must say…watching a couple having sex for the first time in my life(in porn, by uncle was watching it and I was there, apparently he didn’t care. I was 13) IS WEIRD AS HECK. I was like…” they just move around like that and a baby is formed?” lol…

      2. Wow kinda surprising you guys learn so late. My school taught those kind of thing when we were 12 along with homosexuality and drug use. And they keep teaching you every year as long as you have health class. I wasn’t even taught by my parents but I learned everything. Even if they do discuss it with their parent some people just don’t listen and do something they regret later

      3. My parents never talked to me about thus stuff since they are very traditional. They would just say that guys are pigs and do not let them touch you or you will get pregnant types of speeches. Also, do not have sex until you are officially married. That was all they would ever tell me.

    3. I remember being 8 and asking my mom about where babies came from… My mother, being the lecturer she was, proceeded to pull out multiple text books and give me the full-on anatomy and biology behind it… (whilst chatting about it over lunch lol)

      1. Dr. M,

        That’s a lot of info about pregnancy and birth for an 8-year-old to digest. I believe it’s important to give children a general idea, to lead to more detailed discussions when they are in pre-teen stage. Timing it according to their health class education in school is good, that way their understanding of it can be heightened.

        The classroom discussion is often very clinical. If parents can discuss the topic comfortably with their kids, perhaps there is less curiosity to experiment at a young age.

  2. It is great that Joe is more open and modernized. His son is lucky to have a non traditional father.

  3. hi there

    1. good one joe.
    2. you earned my respect.

  4. Man, Joe Ma’s wife looks hot as always………she is the one that deserves the attention………..Such a hot!

  5. Overachiever in school, underachiever with girls? Well he is right to do so, since inevitably his son will have sex anyway so it is better to have responsible sex. I wonder did his father ever told him to fall in love before have sex or you know, do as daddy does, play around? Ok ok kidding.

    1. Funn,
      “I wonder did his father ever told him to fall in love before have sex or you know, do as daddy does, play around?”

      The “fall in love first” speech is probably what moms would tell their daughters. I think if a guy finds a girl to be attractive, he will want to bed her and those feelings would be very difficult to differentiate at a young age.

  6. it’s easy to talk to a son about it: “just cover it up when you stick it in.”

    with a girl, it’s more like: “no man should touch or see you naked unless he is your husband.”

  7. If I was in Joe Ma’s position, I would instead tell my son to treat girls decently and only be in relationships if they truly like each other than just having a sexual relationship and advising him to have ‘safe sex’.

    1. Totally agree with you. If joe were a responsible dad, he wld teach his son to respect the opposite sex and not treat them as objects of his lust and desires. Hope it wont be a case of like father like son.

      1. Joe was never a responsible dad because sex is the only thing he knows. Respect is earned which Joe takes. LOL! 😀

      2. I think Joe has learned from his mistakes so is trying to teach his son so that his son will not make the same mistakes that he did.

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