Johnny Tang Splits Time with His Three Girlfriends

While former TVB actor Johnny Tang (鄧兆尊) is not officially married, he has a colorful love life with his “three wives”, Carmen, Cherry and Claire. Though most people imagine that a polyamorous relationship is filled with challenges and dramas, Johnny and the three women get along well.

Last year, after his mother passed away, Johnny along with his three siblings inherited the family fortune of $1.5 billion HKD. The former Virtues of Harmony <皆大歡喜> actor owns several valuable real estate holdings that allows him to live a leisurely life. Although retired from acting since 2011, Johnny did make an appearance in 2018 ViuTV drama The Exorcist <VR驅魔人>.

Despite his wealth, Johnny has no plans to start a family even though he enjoys being in a long-standing relationship with the three women. Of the three women, Carmen and Johnny have the longest history and dated for over 20 years. Johnny recently revealed that he and Claire amicably broke up after dating for a few years and another woman arrived to fill Claire’s spot.

According to a friend close to him, Johnny thinks it’s a hassle to get married, “He made it clear that he won’t get married. He said if he gets married to one of his girlfriends, the other two will be unhappy. He also has a consensus with them to not have children. He asked what is the point of a marriage certificate. The most important thing is keeping everyone happy. He is passionate, but also loyal. He has a good temper, is willing to accommodate to others, and takes care of his girlfriends’ expenses. He won over his girlfriends.”

Allocating Time Between His Girlfriends

In order to keep his three girlfriends happy, Johnny developed a system to allocate time between them. Johnny created a common communication platform with the three women, “There is an open communication and nothing is hidden. Since his girlfriends want to hold on to him, they are actually more accommodating.  When he is not with any of them, they would peacefully resolve any issues. Even though that there is a new girlfriend, she had known the other ‘two wives’ for a long time.”

Johnny further shared that his girlfriends have a mutual understanding and are fair when it comes to allocating with time with him. Every week, Johnny would spend two days with each of the women, and the seventh day would be reserved for himself. Johnny’s friend revealed that the girlfriend can decide if she wants to share her allocated day with the other two women. If she doesn’t mind, they could have dinner together.

Living Arrangements

To make it easier for Johnny to see his girlfriends, the women live in the same district in Wan Chai. Johnny and Carmen live in the same building as his three other siblings, but on different floors. However, the building was sold in 2003, and they are prepared for the owner to take the property at any time.

Source: Weekend Weekly

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  1. My grandpa was his father’s manager many years ago and I grew up hearing a whole bunch of crap about them. (Don’t ask…I still remember a few tidbits but most of the time, I’m never listening). But from reading all those Hong Kong forums, alotta people are either laughing over his acquired taste in women or saying how he’s set for life and etc.

    1. @tinlunlau The Tang family and their inheritance squabbles have been in the headlines for almost 3 decades already (them and the Tse family can almost compete for most dysfunctional family in HK entertainment industry, lol). I thought with the death of the mother last year, we can finally stop hearing about them…guess not…

  2. Boy! Is he going to be the next Stanley Ho or what? Accept without any children. Well if he’s that rich I thought he can do better than that with those women? Usually a rich guy like him will go for a younger one. Having three girlfriends at the same time I don’t know about that geez!! Really three of their names started with the letter C?

    1. @cutie777 LOL…hahha I was on utube and clips of him popped up and 9 out of 10 comments were “wow, that’s all he can do w/that much money??” middle aged women? hahaha lol…. I was LMAO. Yeah, most ugly, old & rich men can still go for younger women than this dude. He’s not young but still w/all those money that’s all he can do. haha lol…It is funny no matter how you think about it. The women they don’t care how many g/f they had to share him with as all these women see are probably just $$$$$ signs anyway. lol

    2. @cutie777 Well, he probably has a preference for older women. Not judging his tastes. After all, compared to old geezers who go for girls who are young enough to be their granddaughters, Johnny’s choices seemed a lot milder.

  3. I can’t believe this is acceptable in these day and age. I thought this practice had extinct … good for him to managing 3 women at once, not that’s he’s an ugly duckling, but he’s not dashingly handsome either, i wonder what these women see in and and is willing to share like that.

    1. @winnie I know it’s crazy, but it’s not extinct. You can find documentaries on it; there are people with this lifestyle now.

    2. @winnie while these may conflict with my personal views. In this scenario since all parties involved are consenual and are approving then I see no problem with this arrangement. As long as no one is getting hurt, it’s really no one else’s business.

  4. He’s in a mutually consensual polyamorous relationship that is agreed upon between all parties and is socially accepted in many countries in the world. Don’t understand the hate and judgment here. Most importantly none of you have the right to judge. I suspect most of them are women.

    Monogamy isn’t the only form of relationship. Its the same narrow-minded way of thinking from those who were against the LGBT community from a few decades ago. Now you’re the problem if you don’t like LGBT in the west, not the other way around. Polygamy will be widely accept soon just like LGBT.

    BTW I’m not poly just speaking from the view of open-mindedness. Hongers can be so conservative and backwardminded.

      1. @luye Poly is common in the US and Europe.
        Most importantly, this won’t even be news in the west.

  5. As long as they are happy and he does not register for more than one marriage at a same time, it is acceptable.

    Life is colorful, I am okay but I do not envy this as many times even one is hard to handle.

  6. I’m surprised he worked in TVB if he was so rich! At least his taste in women doesn’t require them looking like plastic dolls. Kudos if it works for them then who are we to judge.

    1. @karina I thinks there are many rich people have real passions about acting, some want frame, some do it like hobby.

      I did like some of his episodes in Virtues of Harmony I & II. His face and body appearance limits his role to be comedy only.

    2. @karina ikr…at least he’s not cradle-robbing or going after smoking hot models with the knowledge that he’s not a looker and aging, unlike some of his richer peers.

      1. @coralie exactly my thoughts. At least he knows they actually love him oppose to someone who is super young who will leave you after taking your money. Plus, who’s to say the one that’s been with him for 20 years wasn’t once a beautiful young women? I mean 20 years ago you can look much different from 20 year later.

      2. @abcd exactly, well said. I don’t know why people get so worked up over a younger man with an older woman. My friend from Hong Hong married an older black woman and his friends and family hate her. His parents adore her so they don’t care. What I can’t understand is why a man would want three women at the same time. I guess to each his own. At least they are not three gold digging plastic dolls.

      3. @renren
        Older traditional Asian folks hate the older women and younger men relationships. My late parents were like that. They said that it is because a woman ages faster than a man and all that stuff. I used to be like that but not anymore. As long as the age gap is not ridiculously big then I think an older woman and younger man is fine. Age does not necessarily dictate maturity and many other things.

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