Kenny Kwan’s Stalker Harassed Him for Half a Year

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Kenny Kwan’s Stalker Harassed Him for Half a Year

Many fans will act irrationally in order to get closer to their idols – be it skipping school to see them in person, spending exorbitant amounts of money to give them gifts, or even stalking them. Artist Kenny Kwan (關智斌), who has been oozing with masculine charm as of late, revealed a female fan has been harassing him for nearly half a year already. Kenny, who often travels back and forth between Mainland and Hong Kong for work, expressed the stalker went too far by looking for him at his luxury apartment in Clear Water Bay.

On May 2nd, the star shared a CCTV screenshot of his stalker – a lady wearing red – on Instagram. He wrote, “On Tuesday evening when I was about to rest at around 11 p.m., I was suddenly contacted by the security guard. A Mandarin-speaking lady in red appeared at the door of my building with a suitcase. She used the security phone to try to contact me and my neighbors with the intention of breaking into the lobby’s elevator. Fortunately, the security guards in the estate prevented that from happening. The thing is, this is not the first time…”

Kenny is Afraid She’d Hurt Him

It turns out she has been harassing him for nearly half a year. Aside from going to his place of residence, she also frequently comments on his social media platforms, using an inexplicable imagination and threatening tone. However, the strangest thing is she has a lot of Kenny’s personal information including his address and phone number. “She’s forced me to change a lot of my personal information and my phone number at the beginning of the year,” he states.

Kenny hopes his stalker will consciously curb her behavior after reading his post. “I want to solemnly tell you that your frightening behavior has deeply troubled me,” he directed his message at her. “I started to worry about my personal safety and even worried that you would successfully get into my residence one day. Or that you’d be hiding in a corner when I’m working in a public area, or that you’d hurt me. These troubles have begun to affect my daily work and emotional well-being.”

He continued, “I want to tell you that I am just an ordinary person in real life. Through my own hard work and career, I seek to find my own life and expand my life experiences. I believe there must be more meaningful things worthy of our attention and efforts in life. I hope that you can also focus more time on your family and work. I believe that you will have a wonderful life.”

He Gives Her a Final Warning

Kenny promised, “I will retain all rights to protect my personal safety. If something happens again, I will definitely get the police involved.”

In the meantime, the security guards already saved the footage of the woman, and Kenny has also submitted screenshots of the stalker’s messages to the company for reporting. Kenny said he was grateful for the responsible security guards and was apologetic to his neighbors.

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  • 13 comments to Kenny Kwan’s Stalker Harassed Him for Half a Year

    1. vodka says:

      not sure what the fan is thinking or expecting but with Kenny having such body and look no wonder its attracting attention lol

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    2. babycakes says:

      They should reveal her face so netizens can stalk her . Give her a taste of her own medicine.

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      • symbolic replied:

        @babycakes I dont think she’s mentally fit enough to feel her own medicine, she seems like she has lose her mind by intruding into someone’s life by stalking and causing disturbance to him,.

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        • babycakes replied:

          @symbolic yeah she needs to be locked up. Need to be in padded room

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    3. passingby2 says:

      Honestly I dont see the appeal of this guy at all. But this type of fan is resourceful and scary.

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      • megamiaow replied:

        @passingby2 I always thought he was good looking until he got the goatie 😀

        Yes cant look down on these types, they go to extraordinary lengths.

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    4. hetieshou says:

      These types of fans are very scary and creepy! There was that one dude who stalked an American actress and ended up shooting her. Don’t these people have more of a life rather than just stalking celebs?

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    5. cutie777 says:

      Wait! The last time I heard he’s gay no? So why would she stalked him? Sometimes fans are out of control for sure I remember the one with Andy Lau a few of them went crazy over him. Lol. Really? How is she able get all his information? I can’t even get my favorite idol a thing! She must be a robot or something.

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      • wm2017 replied:

        @cutie777 I thought so too. The singer Hins or something but I guess since they never really confirmed it then women still have fantasies. He is never cute or anything to me thou. He’s just another boyish looking male to me even when he’s fully grown. His newly built muscle will not change that fact or whatever adult scenes he might have. lol…haha But it’s fortunate that these average HK singers can actually find popularity in China. That’s a good thing thou. The only boyish singers that I kinda find attractive is William Chan. I have never watched any shows/series of his until my friend recommended ” Age of Legends “. That role actually made me feel he’s not just a cute singer from HK and that he actually can act and grown into more of a matured male. haha lol… Kenny Kwan just doesn’t do it for me but I guess mainland fans are even more crazy when it comes to their idols. So creepy!!

        Login or Register before you can reply to wm2017
        • cutie777 replied:

          @wm2017 I have to agree I don’t find him attractive either and yes William Chan are better looking and I think Hins Cheung are quiet cute!

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      • megamiaow replied:

        @cutie777 But even if he was gay, that doesn’t stop the attraction does it?

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    6. jcc10 says:

      She is definitely mentally challenged, who even has that much time to follow someone around everywhere they go. Feel sorry for Kenny, hope he’s alright. That’s just creepy and very wrong

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