Kris Wu’s Victims Include a Teenager from Los Angeles

New revelations on Canadian Chinese singer Kris Wu’s (吳亦凡) case continue to jolt international headlines. Due to multiple rape allegations, including assaulting a 13-year-old girl, Kris is currently detained by the police in Beijing. The latest developments point to international victims, as a teenager in Los Angeles, United States claims to have been raped by the singer.

According to local Chinese news networks in Los Angeles, the victim is seeking legal action against Kris. She took part in one of Kris’ notorious drinking parties, after being invited by his assistant. After seeing drugs being passed around and subsequently falling unconscious, she was sexually assaulted by Kris.

Due to lack of proof and fear of victim blaming and public admonishment, she did not call the police at the time. However, after seeing more than two dozen teenagers in China accuse Kris of predatory sexual behavior, the victim in Los Angeles decided to come forward.

Criminal law firm, KW Law Group, is representing the victim in Los Angeles and urge other females who have similar experiences to courageously step forward. As Kris frequently held parties in Los Angles where a large number of girls attended, the law firm believes there may be more local victims.

If the sexual assault allegations prove to be true and Kris is found guilty, he can be sentenced from 8 to 11 years in prison based on California law. Victims can also file civil lawsuits for compensation.

Although still under investigation, it appears that Kris will not be able to escape jail time despite being a Canadian citizen. One netizen commented, “This time, Kris is going on a world tour for jail.”

Kris’ grim outlook has allegedly caused his mother to suffer from a breakdown, and she is currently hospitalized for treatment.

This article was edited on August 7, 2021 to clarify the young age of the victim, who is a “teenager” instead of a “woman,” as described in the original article. 

Source: World Journal

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Kris Wu Suspected of Violating 13-year-old Girl

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  1. I am not surprised his mother had a breakdown. She raised him as a single parent. Things are looking very grim for him on both sides of the continent.

    1. I’m wondering if she spoiled him too much when he was growing up and that’s why he turned out that way? Truly I believe that how a child out turns out is up to two things – his upbringing & own his character/value.

      1. There are lots of evil beings *killers, sexual predators, simply evil beings* who were raised in perfectly normal loving families and yet, turned out the way they did. While upbringing sometimes play a role, so does the genetic development of said individual. I think its important to consider the possibility that he may-or may not-have underlying issues before jumping the gun on his mother and upbringing. Of course, a medical reason does! not! will! not! excuse him for his actions. My condolences is with the victims and their families

      2. I won’t comment on his upbringing as I don’t know much about his family upbringing.
        But I do feel these idols have a sense of entitlement and they feel they are invisible. This is mainly because their fans tell them how wonderful they are. They are also managed by enablers/yes people who cover up the majority of scandals for them and give them what they want.
        Remember the Tiger Woods scandal? That was a complete shock as his public persona was so different from reality.
        Kris Wu reminds me of Justin Bieber, too young, too much and a leading life of excess. Very entitled young person who unfortunately now realises he is not above the law.
        As a parent though, I really feel for his mother and I can imagine the regret and hurt he must be feeling knowing the pain he has caused his own mother.
        I of course fully acknowledge his wrong doing and recognise the pain he has caused to the many young women he has violated.

      3. I have heard a brief of what his mum is like…and she is not a pleasant person too… thus her son is the way he is…Single mum who is obsessed with the son. Her hands are not very clean….Anyhow, she has her karma now.

      4. He grew up without a father figure so his mom raised him as a single mom so I can imagine the pain and sadness that she feels. I do wonder if his upbringing had something to do with it. Basically it is nature versus nurture or a combination of both. This whole thing is just sad..

      5. I actually think his mom was too strict with him growing up. She wanted the best for him, so removed him from his grandparent’s care from young and then deposited him to Canada to help him with schooling. She wouldn’t let him bring over any friends and from the sounds of it, kept him financially strained because of her economic condition. She wanted him to do well in school so put a lot of academic pressure on him as well. Living under such intense pressure, he ran away from home several times and eventually signed contract with Korea just so he can leave his mom. After his financial success, I guess his mom just let him do whatever he wanted – he let her have all his money, so in exchange, she transfers money to him whenever he requests it. As a grown man, she has no control over what he does. She just forks over money when he asks. As a mother, I do think this is where she has failed. But on the other hand, had she not been involved, where would he be now? And he’s a grown ass man. He has full control over his own actions.

      6. @Coralie, Unfortunately if his mum’s involvement was only in his upbringing…she will just be known to have tried her best to provide for him. But the karma comes from her running his Company. She took over marketing her son. That is where her real character surface…I will not get into details(since I get moderated for saying too much) but it can be found online. She took advantage of too many young free labour in Kris Wu company. She had a well deserved karma. In order to trap DMZ, she ended up trapping her own son instead.

    2. She did start the Police investigations on the case first… she must be going mental now.

      1. Yup, it was said the mom was the one who called the police and that’s how the son landed in jail. A mom who probably wanted to solve the problem quickly but ended up opening up a whole can of illegal worms.

  2. Oh boy! This terrible person dug a giant hole for himself. It seems to get deeper & deeper everyday. Karma is catching up with him now. He must be a spoil brat all these years to turned out like this. I’m sure his mom must have seen some signs of this before. Good luck to his mom.

    1. If he is only applying to 1 or 2 girls, chances are he will get away with it and ended up will be victim blaming. But he is too greedy to apply to so many girls, so this is called Karma. He really reminds me of the Korean guy called Jung Joon Young. Really serves them right.

  3. If this is true, really hope more and more girls/women come forward. Also this serves as a big lesson for celebrities like him to abuse their celebrity power. I hope those who abused their celebrity power now can feel the panic after what Kris Wu is going through rite now.

    1. Exactly! Celebrity or not we all need to know that no one is above the law. When someone does bad thing – he or she will have to pay for it.

      1. I still wonder how others like Eric Tsang got away with it all? Bill Cosby got released too. I agree that even if they do not pay according to the law than karma will catch up to them. You know the saying, people are doing things and the heavens are watching.

  4. I bet there are Korean victims too…But it is harder for those victims in Korea to speak up… He and his fellow scumbag mates needs to face serious charges.

      1. Over 2 dozen girls from 2 continents have recounted their stories of being raped by him. I think it is fair to extrapolate when there is an obvious pattern of abuse being reported. Speculating that there may be Korean victims isn’t much different than assuming that his upbringing may have played a role in this. Actually, I think it is indicative of this patriarchal world where the mother has being blamed for spoiling him, but few mention the father that left him and probably was a big enough trauma to cause him to completely change his name. In the end, neither parent caused this because there are plenty of spoiled, abandoned men that don’t become serial rapists. This all on him.

      2. I don’t agree as it is like someone steals a candy bar but then you accuse them of stealing a bag of chips too even when they did not. Now that I look into this more, it is much more than a rape accusation case. It involves the CCP and their motives too. It is way more than what the public sees.

      3. Speculative comment is 100% possible in his case. As his pattern of behaviour has demonstrated the possibility. I only hope the victims are not scare to speak up. I have yet to come to any conclusion.

    1. Iike I said, the things that a certain celestial king is involved in will give YOU shockwaves. There is a reason he looooooves to keep his personal life so extra, extra secret. May the Kris Wu saga be the beginning of all these evil monsters being exposed. When a man, if I can call him that, makes a circus, a mockery of a funeral to keep up his lies and denials, that is scum right there. Back to Chris Wu. This pedophile was protected by his fans, money, fame and handlers in 2016. Like I say, what is done in the dark, will eventually come to light.

      1. @hohliu, I do apologize if my above comment appeared directly beneath yours. I was not singling you out. In fact, I love reading your comments and I agree with you on your Kris Wu comments.

      2. @Teddy, dont apology…I did not think it was directed at me… I had tried to ask you about the 2 Thai actors…but the question was not posted…I love watching very good lakorns…but the industry gossip is not easy to come by…I believe they control media release very closely… Thus it is a even scarier industry

  5. This is karma at it’s best. These scummy idol celebrities need to know they can’t go on forever fooling the public while getting away with such behavior. Can’t wait for two scummy Thailand actors and their management team to be exposed for the crap they are doing and making a mockery of other BL actors and fans.
    A certain celestial emperor needs to be exposed and his carefully built public facade image exposed. I live for this one. If you think Kris Wu is bad, the things he is ruler and king over are even worse. There are so many more who need to be exposed as well. What is done in the dark is always brought to light.

  6. He is 30. It has nothing to do with his upbringing. I am not saying he committed the crime or not but I don’t think it’s sensible nor fair to even review his upbringing. You know better after 18 and if you haven’t reparent yourself to be respectful, considerate, or kind, that’s on nobody but you. Nobody, nobody but you as the song goes!

    1. Now I wonder if he has some major psychological issues too… Many are saying that about Zheng Shuang and trying to give her sympathy but everyone is drilling and hoping for Kris to die. I find that sad..

      1. @HeTieShou Zheng Shuang is getting 0 sympathy albeit the fact her parents claimed she had a mental illness. Television stations dropped her and so did endorsements and people are saying “Disappear from earth” to her. Not to compare crimes but I’m not sure what these women are claiming Kris did can be compared to abandoning surrogate children. The children were still safe physically and emotionally at that moment and have a lifetime to change the course of their pursuit of happiness. Kris fully denied all claims and some women might be scarred for life. I remain objective until trial, but I feel like we are comparing cowardice and irresponsibility (Zheng Shuang) to just trash (Kris Wu) if he his convicted. Both Zheng Shuang and Kris are privileged.

      2. HeTieShou, Zheng Shuang is spoilt, greedy and irresponsible adult…but she is not in the say league as Kris Wu who is EVIL to every cells of his bones. Why do I still have an impression you are still carrying some level of sympathy towards Kris ?

    2. Hi. You said he is 30 y/o and it has nothing to do with his upbringing. I like to counter that. There are things that shape who we are as a person: our personality, upbringing, the environment, value, etc. He is a grown man and he made bad choices, but those combinations influence his actions/decisions. I understand that he was raised by a single mom and all other excuses, but how many of us grew up in a perfect environment? There are plenty of people who turned out just fine even though they had terrible childhood.

  7. The victim from Los Angeles is apparently only a teenager, so younger in age than the original article on JayneStars implied. Made minor edits to the article to reflect this. All the victims so far appear to be young teens in the age range from 13 to 19 years old.

    Earlier articles mentioned Kris preferring young girls because of their purity and innocence.

    IMO, serial rapists who target teens seem to be more psychologically motivated. Assaulting them while unconscious from alcohol and drugs is motivated by power to hurting them, and the victims’ total inability to resist in any way.

    Sexual predators also prefer younger girls due to their lack of experience in life, and their fear to speak out when assault happens. Their young age also gives the predator more “control” over the situation.

    I believe there are more victims who will step forward, and hope the proper closure to the case and justice will start the long healing process of all the victims.

    1. That is so sad…I sincerely hope the victims will get justice…but the law is all about evidences…if there is none, the victims may not get justice….

  8. They are not the same. Please don’t try to use mental health disease to excuse an accused serial rapist. Sympathy for him? How about sympathy for the dozens of girls’ loves he destroyed?

    As for ZS, I really don’t see anyone asking for sympathy for her either. But she shouldn’t be brought up at all. Abandoning your kids is terrible, but they will have other adults to love them. He raped dozens of girls and children. His crimes are much, much, much worse.

    If you like to compare, he is closer to Bill Cosby, except Bill Cosby wasn’t revealed to be a pedophile yet.

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