Leehom Wang Has Not Seen His Children in 5 Months

Since Leehom Wang (王力宏) was accused of cheating by his ex-wife Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾), their divorce battle is now playing out in the courts. The pair allegedly are not on speaking terms, and only communicating through their lawyers. Because of Leehom’s poor relationship with Jinglei, he has been unable to see his three children for five months.

In January, Leehom had tried to visit his children in Jinglei’s home in Taipei without previously obtaining agreement from Jinglei. She called him out on social media for the attempted entry and “forcefully shaking the door,” scaring her and the children.

A native New Yorker, Leehom filed a child visitation lawsuit in the New York Supreme Court, which allegedly had ordered Jinglei three times to allow Leehom to have unsupervised visits with their children. However, she has not been cooperative and insisted Leehom can only visit if he returns home.

As well, Jinglei has filed a lawsuit against the exercise of parental authority in Taiwan’s Taipei District Court. March 17 will be the first family mediation session, which will be held virtually with the judge meeting both parties’ lawyers. Leehom and Jinglei will not be attending the meeting.

Leehom is said to truly miss his children, and hopes that the Taiwan courts will be able to help him reunite with them.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

Leehom Wang Tried to Force Entry into Ex-Wife’s Home?

Leehom Wang and Lee Jinglei’s Divorce Heads to Court

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  1. He files a lawsuit in US to get the Court to gain unsupervised visitation rights !!! Goodness, you want to see the kids, do so in Taiwan Court. Your kids are base in Taiwan not US… Such a opportunist.

    Which mother would trust such a double faced father, the kids may get kidnapped by him ??

    1. Agree.
      The very fact he’d loan the condo-apartment in Taiwan to them is already so revealing.

      Another point … isn’t part of her grievances that he never sees the kids, or celebrate bdays-family occasions etc with them? So WHY complain now about how he cannot see his kids?

      Such Drama. Whoever raises the kids … get to dictate how ‘normal’ their lives should be. IF there was not much of him in their lives before … it’s just him trying to make her look bad if something that has been ‘normal’ all along.

  2. If Lee Jinglei is indeed keeping her kids away from their father, she won’t get any sympathy. No parents should be prevented from seeing their kids. Hogwash on the kidnapping stuff, the kids look like they are being “kidnapped” by their mother now.

    1. Well I wiuld not trust him of abducting children so until things are settled he should be able to see them only at home in well supervised environment with psychologist present. He is highly untrustworthy individual based on his past actions.

      1. Agreed. And why file for visitations in NY? Where the kids are probably not even familiar with the area?

        Don’t think WLH would be stupid enough to kidnap his kids in broad daylight or under his care. That’d be suicidal. But, he needs supervision with his kids. Until he can prove he’s mentally stable and not going to take advantage of having them by his side to improve his image.

      2. @Coralie fully agree, just for clarification, I don’t think he is crazy or unstable, I think he is just mean and wants revenge. Psychologist is always a must with children of certain age.

      3. @Dee and @Coralie … To be honest, I too doubt he will kidnap them… I just made a passing comment.

        But to have he with 3 young kids under unsupervised conditions is just not advisable currently. He is not around the kids often and miss so many of their growing moments… he went against his visitation conditions in TW… He really cannot be trusted with them. She has full custody of the kids and the kids clearly loves her. I am sure she knows what is best for the kids.

    2. Never say never. My friend just lost her kid (the husband took him with the cops/legal representative) because the husband claimed she’s emotionally incapable, while she said she was emotionally abused for a whole year :/ and I have another friend, whose brother got framed by all sort of crazy claims by his ex, so that he would lose his custody of his kids! You never know a person unless you are in it! So if I was LJL, I would possibly not go out of Taiwan and try to get Taiwan court to deal with it, instead of moving to the state, because geeze in the US with gun and all, he can just hire ppl do bad things to her! I wouldn’t trust him one bit

      1. In the US, you can’t just claim someone’s mentally ill without evidence, esp in divorces. So they’ll need some type of documentation from a doctor or prior example of disruptive behavior or signs of abuse. And in general, mothers have more sway over custody than fathers do.

    3. I don’t think he would kidnap , but he might try to bribe/brainwash them into thinking he’s the good guy and Jinglei is the bad one . Then he can the kids to lie for him in court and/or get custody (and pay Jinglei less alimony)

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