Li Xiaolu, Jia Nailiang Did Not Get a Divorce

There is still no resolution in Li Xiaolu (李小璐) and Jia Nailiang‘s (贾乃亮) marital problems. It has been three months since Xiaolu’s affair with rapper, PG One, was exposed by the paparazzi. While Nailiang has moved out of his home with Xiaolu, the couple shot down rumors that they have divorced.

Initially after Xiaolu’s cheating scandal surfaced, Nailiang blamed himself for not spending enough time with his wife due to work. He remained hopeful that he can save his marriage. But their distance grew wider in subsequent months, as Nailiang has stopped wearing his wedding ring. Moving out of their joint residence in January, Nailiang even took his three luxury cars with him.

Last week, Xiaolu took five-year-old daughter, Jelena, to Japan to enjoy the country’s spectacular spring blossoms. Nailiang was noticeably absent from the trip.

Today, a rumor surfaced online that claimed Xiaolu and Nailiang were spotted at the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain a divorce. When reached for comment, Xiaolu and Nailiang’s representatives said the news was false, and asked all media outlets to delete and refrain from circulating the inaccurate news.

Married for eight years, Xiaolu and Nailiang apparently are not ready to call it quits yet despite facing infidelity and loss of trust in their relationship.


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  1. It’s very hard to get a divorce with a child/children involve. Even with that reason – if I were him, I would still divorce this woman. When she pulled that shameful stunt – I don’t think she thought for a second the damage it would do to her daughter & her husband.

  2. Who knows. Maybe it is all hush hush or it was just a speculative drama afterall? I thought Li Xiaolu is suing the ‘people’ who started the rumours?

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