Linda Chung Comments on Her “Kids’ Lives Matter” Performance

After a three-year absence since her last TVB drama, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) makes a return in medical drama Kids’ Lives Matter <星空下的仁醫> and is drumming up talk for a Best Actress win this year. The 37-year-old actress prefers finding joy in the overall filming experience and said she is not interested to win TVB Best Actress.

When her contract ended after filming K9 Cop <警犬巴打> in 2015, Linda returned to her hometown in Canada and focused on her personal life. Getting married and eventually giving birth to two children, Linda wanted to raise her family in Vancouver where both she and her husband’s families also reside. “I’ve grown a lot in the last six years – nothing makes you mature faster than becoming a parent,” she commented.

Makes an Exception for “Kids’ Lives Matter”

When asked why she agreed to film Kids’ Lives Matter, Linda expressed she immediately bonded with her character. “Since I have two kids of my own, I especially felt a deep connection to shows about children. It was a lot of fun working with little kids. I’m pregnant in the show as well, and it’s very easy for me to get into character and I know exactly what it feels like.”

Asked what was the biggest challenge in her doctor role, Linda replied, “The dialogue – I had to make sure I memorized the medical terms correctly, and to use them naturally onscreen. My character in the show is super cool, calm, and extremely talented in the surgery room. I’m so happy that I got to play such a smart woman – there’s only one female cardiologist in Hong Kong!”

In the drama, Linda’s acting is layered and she naturally radiates maternal love when interacting with her pediatric patients. Linda responded, “Thank you! I put a lot of effort into playing the role and doing my homework. My screenplay is full of my scribbles and notes.”

Although excited by viewers’ feedback, Linda has not considered winning Best Actress for her performance in Kids’ Lives Matter. When she was in her 20s, she had focused on improving herself and trying to validate her acting. Now, she is only interested in doing what is suitable for her and learning along the way.

On Working With Kevin Cheng and Kenneth Ma

As Linda is not personally very close with main leads Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明), she commented on what it was like to work with them. Sharing more scenes with Kevin, Linda commented, “Kevin is quite cool. Although we have a lot of scenes together, we didn’t communicate a lot. I didn’t have that many scenes with Kenneth.”

However, Linda was surprised at how well their onscreen chemistry worked out. “It just flowed naturally on set. We couldn’t guess how the other person would act during filming, so the reactions were all spontaneous. The freshness probably stems from the fact that the [acting] was not intentionally planned a certain way.”

Behind-the-Scenes of “Kids Lives’ Matter”


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  1. Definitely support Linda for Best Actress this year! Her acting has matured so much and she has improved heaps from her previous roles. It’s hard to tell she took a break from acting since she’s that good here. Hope she finally gets this award this year.

  2. Her articulation on medical terms are perfect, it feels so natural listening to Linda in operating theatre scenes. This is probably one of her best cast ever.

  3. Maybe I’m watching a different show from viewers. So far her character doesn’t stand out at all. The pregnancy arc isn’t as prominent as her struggle to sound natural when enunciating the medical terms, all in english. She speaks english and yet it still feels so foreign. Her character had crying scenes and all which doesn’t make sense for her to be that emotional since she is an experienced doctor. the surgical scenes don’t feel real and frankly some of the stories is just plain wrong.

    So no, not yet. Too soon.

  4. Tho I’m not a fan of Linda but I do watch the show on and off, I do think her acting has become more genuine, especially when she’s talking to the children. I don’t think it’s a vast improvement and the plot and surgical scenes are that convincing and that’s not her fault. Acting wise I do think it’s more polished compare to her previous works. In contrary, Kenneth and Kevin are just the same

  5. Linda did a great job in her character. Great chemistry with Kevin. Love their bickering scenes.

  6. I have a feeling TV Queen will go to Linda this year. Zero competition plus a not bad performance will be enough to secure it. Is this why they won’t air Barack 2?

  7. Really enjoying Linda in this show. Love the interaction she has with Kevin, and the interaction when Linda, Kevin and Kenneth are together. I see where Kenneth’s character was supposed to have charismatic moments to influence folks but his acting has come short of that a bit. However, I am a fan of this show. Surprisingly, even though I’ve never been a fan of Kevin’s wooden acting, he isn’t too bad either. So the golden horse wooden award goes to…(drum roll)…Horse Meng! =D

    1. Forgot to add, the true stars of the show are the kids! So talented and natural, their tears just flow right on cue, really tugs at the heartstring…pass the tissue please!

  8. Really loving this drama, I wish it was longer! I definitely feel like Linda’s acting got so much better, and her chemistry with Kevin elevates their acting. I wouldn’t be made if they both win BA. Kenneth doesn’t stand out as much I find in this drama, maybe if there were more episodes we would see better character development

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