Mark Chao Accidentally Reveals Kenny Lin and Claudia Wang’s Relationship

Although it is an open secret that actor Kenny Lin (林更新) and actress Claudia Wang (王麗坤) are an item, Kenny’s good friend Mark Chao (趙又廷) accidentally shared a photo yesterday, unofficially confirming their relationship.

Known as a playful bickering duo, Kenny and Mark would often poke fun of each other via social media. Recently, Kenny uploaded nine unattractive pictures of Mark on his Weibo blog, starting an instant photo war between the two.

In retaliation, Mark uploaded a rather unattractive photo of Kenny without realizing that Claudia was also in the picture. The couple wore matching shirts in the photo. Quickly realizing his mistake, Mark took down the photo, cropped Claudia out and reuploaded a second version, but not before a handful of keen fans already realized the mistake and did screen captures.

Kenny did not respond to Mark’s initial post, but later wrote “Love you, brother” after Mark uploaded the cropped photo. Apparently Kenny realize Mark’s unintentional error and was not upset at him.

Although neither Kenny and Claudia have responded to the latest dating allegations, many fans already figured out the two were dating in secret for a while now. Having met in 2014 while working on a variety show, the pair did not begin their relationship until they met again in 2017 during the filming of Stephen Chow‘s (周星馳) Journey to the West:  The Demons Strikes Back <西游伏妖篇>. While working on the film, Kenny and Claudia were often photographed going on dates and staying over at each other’s apartments.

Last August, the two were seen shopping for a brand-new house together. Although they never made an official announcement, the couple did not try to dodge the media, and opted to go to dinner at a local restaurant after apartment hunting. Some fans also claimed that they bumped into the two in Japan along with Mark and his wife Gao Yuanyuan (高圓圓).

During another time when Kenny was playing an online video game with wealthy businessman, Wang Sichong (王思聰), a female voice was heard in the background during the live-feed. Upon hearing the voice, many fans began speculating that the voice belonged to Claudia.


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  1. Kenny Lin is definitely cute, the girl is just ok. She looks a bit older. Haven’t watched anything from either of them thou. haha lol….

    1. @wm2017 Gorgeous mates don’t guarantee happiness. If that were the case, there wouldn’t be so much cheating and divorces among Hollywood’s beautiful couples.

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