Marvel’s “Shang-Chi” Filming in Australia Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak

Filming is currently underway for Marvel’s first Asian superhero film, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, in AustraliaThe movie stars Chinese-Canadian actor Simu Liu (劉思慕) in the titular superhero role, and Hong Kong actor Tony Leung (梁朝偉) as The Mandarin. With a planned release date in February 2021, the cast and crew has been filming amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Although there are more than 30 coronavirus cases in Australia, the production team for Marvel’s movie is unfazed and has been filming for several weeks. The production team hopes that the film’s release date will not be delayed.

While Marvel has a strict policy on avoiding any leaks before their movies are released, Simu teased fans by posting a behind the scene picture on his social media with Marvel’s famous catchphrase, “Assemble.” Playing the titular protagonist, Simu covered his face with his cellphone to avoid exposing his makeup and sarcastically joked that “his job is the worse.”

Tony Leung who plays the movie’s main villain is also reportedly filming in Sydney, Australia but has not been photographed by the media. Shang-Chi will be Tony’s first Hollywood film.

Source: HK01

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  1. It is great that they are working in spite of the virus. I feel everyone should take precautions but not become so paranoid that they have to stop doing everything and hide out in their homes. Does the world have to freeze and stop everything just because of this virus? Let’s not become prisoners to this virus. Hope it dies down soon with the weather getting warmer.

    1. @hetieshou
      read something the other day, they said don’t put your hopes too high that the virus would die down when summer comes. Australia is in the midst of summer but the virus is still spreading and so is rest of the southern hemisphere. the world is not all summer all at once. also, if you take into consideration, china weather is pretty much summer weather in the north of northern hemisphere. i recall they have 70/80 weather in February, that’s summer weather where i am. also singapore is right on the equator,i it’s hot year round like a 100+ degrees. we don’t get that whether in most of the world. i do agree that people are being too paranoid that we are all becoming prisoners of this virus but at the same time, the virus is spreading and unfortunately i am not seeing any precautionary measures taken by the western countries to control the spread

      1. @m0m0 i dunno if controlling the spread of the virus is possible anymore, unless you happen to live in an extremely remote location devoid of people. for one thing, even if the west is putting out every precautionary measure, that doesn’t mean developing countries will be able to curtail its spread (especially places like mexico, s. america, poorer parts of europe, middle east, etc.). like you mentioned, with how interconnected we are nowadays, it’s only a matter of time before we import what we’ve already exported and vice versa. just read an article mentioning that the world is lacking medical supplies and will run out far more quickly than we can produce them in time. so there’s that also. it’s now not just a matter of if, but when. prepare yourself as much as you can, but we’re unlikely to stop its growth now.

      2. @coralie
        We can only hope that the warmer weather will help slow the spread of this virus. It is sad how paranoid everyone is that they are stockpiling and hoarding supplies. The most important thing is to think positive and not freak out too much as I feel that is scarier than the virus itself.

      3. @m0m0
        Oh yes, I know about that but just my wishful thinking. However, I do believe that hot weather helps as you can see with how the cases are low in Singapore and they have no deaths too. People were complimenting how well Singapore is handling this virus situation, but honestly they have their hot weather to thank since I think it does help to kill the virus. I heard this virus can live in up to 80 degrees weather, so it is not surprising that it is still spreading in 70/80 degree weather. Summer in my area is in the late 80s, 90s and even in the 100s so I am hoping that it will help with stopping the spread of this virus.

        Where do you live?It is approaching spring in California so still hoping for the weather to warm up.

        People are truly too paranoid that it is doing more harm than good. In the US, we do take precautions like washing our hands and avoiding large crowds. People are avoiding large crowds and all too. The risk in the US is still low but California just declared a state emergency due to one death. They are just sooo paranoid. My sister in law who works in the pharmacy said that masks and hand sanitizers are all sold out. Many customers were all complaining about it which shows how scared and paranoid everyone is.

      4. @hetieshou
        people panicking, overrunning stores leaving shelves empty creating this fear that the world is collapsing and feeds into this never ending cycle. what scares me more are the empty shelves rather than this virus. it is absolutely stupid that people are shutting themselves at home since last month due to this virus. i live in northeast, there are a few cases here, although i believe that it is probably the beginning of what we are saw in other countries but no need to over run the stores and create mass hysteria that the world is ending.

      5. @m0m0 In NYC, hand sanitizer, soaps, face masks, and wipes shelves are empty, but people still go to work & go out. People are also stocking up on rice. So, I dont know if empty shelves means people are shutting themselves at home or it means people think supplies are running out, so they must hoard

      6. @luye
        it made it onto the news that people were hoarding rice, overrunning costco. friends went to costco yesterday and over the weekend, they reported that all cleaning supplies, rice, bread, eggs, dry goods etc all gone. i can see hoarding dry goods, but eggs and bread??? do they plan to free eggs too???
        i find it pretty funny and i can laugh now. i’ve been working by the motto “grab enough, don’t hoard”, but don’t know who’s gonna be laughing in a couple weeks if this drags on.

      7. @m0m0 I know of two friends who even bought extra freezers (7 cubic feet) so they can store extra frozen food at home. They are very concerned about the coronavirus, and have been staying home for more meals. People overall are also buying more food per shopping trip so they don’t have to keep heading to the grocery store, but not necessarily so much that they are hoarding.

        It doesn’t help that newspapers like New York Times is reporting on the coronavirus nearly every hour with alarming findings. Their latest headline is “2733 people are under quarantine in New York City,” the majority of which are under self-quarantine because of recent travels. Instead of only reporting the New York State total of 22 cases, now the media is reporting on the number of people under watch, but how many will turn into actual confirmed cases?

      8. @jayne

        That is the lifestyle my late parents always instilled on my siblings and I since young. We always cooked at home since my dad said restaurants are dirty and unhealthy. It is cheaper to eat at home too. My mom always stocked up in case she could not go shopping since she couldn’t drive. Therefore, that is nothing new to my family. We rarely ate out and still rarely do to this day.

        It is hard to count the number of cases due to many factors so the numbers will not always be accurate. I just hope this virus dies out like SARS did so even a vaccine is not needed.

      9. @hetieshou the reason SARS die out is because it kills its host so fast, it couldn’t infect others to linger around. This one however seems to kill at a lot slower rate, and therefore might stay around like cold and flu. And until we have the vaccine, the idea we might potentially pass it on to the vulnerable group is pretty daunting.

      10. @m0m0
        Are you kidding me? I just went to Costco last weekend and they still had a lot of supplies. I did not notice any empty shelves. The only thing I heard was from my sister in law who works at the pharmacy saying that masks and hand sanitizers were sold out. However, no one around us was hoarding anything else.

      11. @luye
        I had a feeling but I just meant that I did not see it in my area. I live in the Bay Area and we are not freaked out yet.

      12. @m0m0
        I totally agree with you and I actually do not fear this virus as much as the panic and fear that people have. The fact that people are hoarding masks, food and other supplies is ridiculous. My family members are a bit paranoid and scared too but not to that extent. None of us are hoarding anything. We just buy what we need and do not over buy anything. This whole thing is getting ridiculous. It is stupid to lock yourself up due to this virus.

      13. @hetieshou people are too paranoid because media & news outlets are CONSTANTLY reporting about this issue. The flu kills thousands every year, but it doesnt receive as much attention. This is the hottest topic right now, mainly because this is a newly discovered strain of coronavirus. Until we discover a vaccine, news outlets will continue to report about it. People who pay attention to the news/social media will be concerned

      14. @luye

        Sadly that is the case with this virus. My oldest brother and I were talking about this the other day. He was saying how many of the media outlets are using this coronavirus to cash in and milk it for all it is worth. I find it sad that many are still thinking of ways to make money during a crucial time like this.

        I think everyone is just freaking out because it is new. Once it becomes something familiar then it will be treated as something typical like the regular cold/flu. I heard that there is a vaccine available but it is being tested before it can be released.

        Yes, it is a new virus so is a hot topic now. I hear it all over the news and everyone believes many things they hear on the news so they will freak out.

    2. @hetieshou sadly @m0m0 is right, not everywhere is heading to summer. Australia is about to enter our winter period/cold n flu season. And with the virus ramping up, it’s only a matter of time before we have to do self quarantine.

      As much as I agree we shouldn’t be prisoner to the virus, however, having an in-law that was literally sick for 3 weeks after getting a cold from us (all we had was bad coughs, and maybe a headache here n there, he had pneumonia for 3 weeks, needed 2 different doses of antibiotics to fight it), now we have to face with the decision of whether we can meet him at all. He’s quite old, and is the grandfather to my children, who barely get to see him as is, now with the virus, we have to consider his wellbeing. You do not like the idea that you might potentially kill your loved one. I also hope the virus go away soon.

  2. Man, so much hate for the guy and half you guys don’t even know who he is. I, for one, am glad they got Simu and not some plastic enhanced effeminate boy to play the main hero. The film still has to appeal to people outside of China. And they actually got a guy who can act and speak English well.

    1. @theyenman You can still handsome man and not be effeminate. Ross Butler / Charles Melton/ Ludi Lin are not effeminate, speak perfect english and miles hotter.

      Attractive people are nicer to watch on the silver screen. Thats just the way life is.

    2. @theyenman maybe it’s just a small minority of us, but i actually think simu is decent looking. i don’t get the outcries of how he’s ‘ugly’ or whatever, because really, he seems fine to me.

      1. @coralie Simu is an average looking guy, but he is likeable in “Kim’s Convenience”. Actually the entire cast in “Kim’s Convenience” is very likable. I will watch “Shang-Chi” before I judge whether he is suitable for the role, as I haven’t seen enough of Simu’s works to say if he is a good fit.

        Recent casting choices to lead Marvel superhero movies are artistes who are not as famous and don’t already have big careers. The studio likely plans to make multiple movies featuring the new generation of superheroes over the span of 10 years so the salaries will rise in each subsequent movie.

      2. @coralie yup, I think he’s a pretty good looking guy. I’m biased because I really like Simu on Kim’s Convenience, and he seems like a real down to earth guy whenever I watch him on Wongfu. Plus, he’s Canadian, so that’s a plus for me.

        As to Daniel Wu, I don’t find that guy good looking at all. He’s got such a hawkish look to him, I never understood his appeal. Plus, he’s too old for the role.

      3. @theyenman agreed; i never found daniel wu attractive. but maybe it’s his personality that’s appealing.

        i also saw simu on kim’s convenience, but i don’t think he’s fine just because of this show. is he the MOST good looking actor? no. but is he UGLY. definitely not. and so i don’t think there’s anything wrong with him.

      4. @coralie I didn’t even read this article haha lol… But I just wanted to add I never find Daniel Wu attractive either. He has a long face and somewhat has a bit of charm in some way but definitely not fitting to use handsome. Simu Liu – just goggle his images. He actually does not look ugly. Why are people saying he is? lol…

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