Myolie Wu on Working at TVB, “It was Like a Zoo”

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Myolie Wu on Working at TVB, “It was Like a Zoo”

Becoming a big star under TVB’s grooming, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) is grateful for all the opportunities she received from her former employer. The 16 years she worked at the station was never a walk in the park, as the 39-year-old actress likened herself to being “an animal in the zoo” where she had little freedom, but it was nevertheless an experience which forced her to become a stronger actress and person as well.

Speaking candidly about her years at TVB on Chinese variety show Everybody Stand By 2 <演員請就位 2>, Myolie recalls the struggles at the onset of her career after winning second runner-up in Miss Hong Kong 1999, “Whatever role the company gives you, you play it. You are like an animal in a zoo. You don’t have a choice. Even towards the end [of my time there], it was the same.” Her experiences were not unique, as other artistes also did not have freedom to choose their own roles.

Fighting for Recognition

At the beginning of her career, Myolie was frequently cast to play “younger sister” roles due to her youthful looks and extroverted personality. However, Myolie soon found herself typecast and eventually felt stuck. “In the beginning, I played characters who were very optimistic, happy, or just plain good people. It felt really broken, because it is painful to play characters who are too perfect. They have no shortcomings, and it’s not realistic.”

Her breakthrough role would finally come in 2002’s Golden Faith <流金歲月>, which helped Myolie win the Most Improved Actress award. Playing a character with intellectual disabilities but a lovable personality, Myolie’s role received positive reception. “I think that role was the first one I got a lot of recognition. It was my first role that gave me a lot of satisfaction.”

While Myolie was ecstatic with receiving recognition for her work, she got a cold awakening when a director bluntly told her that she has no future in the entertainment industry, “He told me to stop dreaming, and that I would never have the opportunity to be leading actress. At that time, I was very depressed and thought that I would have to keep playing someone’s younger sister for my whole life.”

Instead of giving up, Myolie used the director’s words to fuel her ambition and constantly sought ways to hone their acting skills. Her efforts were not in vain, as she went on to sweep 2011’s TVB Anniversary awards including Best Actress for her role in Curse of the Golden Harem <萬凰之王> and My Favorite Actress in Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>. Myolie’s star status is widely recognized across Asia, and she has won multiple Best Actress and popularity awards in the region.

TVB Toughened Her Up

Despite the challenges and lack in freedom in choosing her roles, Myolie felt her experience at TVB made her grow professionally. “Everyone went through the same struggles, including all the leading actresses and actors. I think it is also good to have such an experience. Looking back, I like to think of it as entering Shaolin Temple. After the training, you come out and you are not afraid. However, I also think people only live once and should try new things. I was lucky that I was brave. After leaving TVB, I went on to rediscover myself.”

Since leaving TVB, Myolie’s popularity continues to grow in China after starring in drama Nothing Gold Can Stay <那年花开月正圆> and making appearances on various variety shows. She can be seen in ViuTV’s currently airing drama Iron Ladies <熟女強人> in her most mature role to-date as a sex therapist. After being a workhorse in her early acting career, Myolie knows to slow down for a better work-life balance to enjoy time with her husband and two sons.

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    1. conan2209 says:

      I’m curious, who here enjoys watching her act?

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      • hohliu replied:

        @conan2209 Unfortunately, I am not one of them.

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        • coralie replied:

          @hohliu Same. Don’t like her acting. But seeing how much of a team player she is (never resting), I can see why her acting was so terrible. But she was never a natural actress to me. And though she despises being typecasted, it feels like she’s still accepting whatever roles are given to her regardless of how crappy they are. Her role in Nothing Gold Can Stay was unremarkable and still displays amateur acting skills. Not the best for sure.

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        • bubbles23 replied:

          @coralie not a fan either. I just rmbr she was so terrible in triumph in the skies 2.

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        • conan2209 replied:

          @bubbles23 she’s bad in everything! My friend cringe in the show where she was the empress. Come to think of it, I stopped TVB show about then….

          My Idol, Ali!

          TVB should thank Ali for bringing at least one audience back! Lol

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        • conan2209 replied:

          @coralie I. So glad I’m not alone. Till date, I still cannot understand how and why she can be awarded. she just so does not have the knack for it!

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        • littlefish replied:

          @coralie yea, she pulled the most unnatural facial expression ever. I forced myself watch blossom brothers because of chilam, but after that, I basically dodge her series!

          @conan2209 haha I wanted to watch it because I love sunny chan and Jessica Hsuan, but after blossom brother, And Jessica being evil, I’m like no, ty >_> saw her in Ruby’s beauty series and she’s nothing remarkable but at least passable, a little less weird facial, it’s still there, still awkward >_>

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        • conan2209 replied:

          @littlefish yea, I enjoy Sunny’s performance but skip the show totally cos I know the main plot is about her and her only.

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        • conan2209 replied:

          @hohliu I am glad I am not alone. Gosh, I’m so bias

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      • m0m0 replied:

        don’t care about seeing her or not. i think she’s quite lucky. i bet the director who yelled at her also yelled at alot of other people but those aren’t as lucky as her to get the opportunities she had.

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        • conan2209 replied:

          @m0m0 they gave her shows after shows that then we wonder if she had connections….

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      • nanika replied:

        @conan2209 someone else may have been able to play the role better but I liked her in war in-law..? the one with bosco and liza

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        • luye replied:

          @nanika Agree, I like Myolie in War of In Laws and Lost in the Chamber of Love. I also enjoyed some scenes of her in Ghetto Justice.

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      • tt23 replied:

        @conan2209 nothing she’s been in has been memorable. I don’t hate her but don’t love her either. Can live without

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    2. ihearttvb says:

      Myolie is one of the better actresses at TVB. I’m a fan.

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      • conan2209 replied:

        @ihearttvb sorry! Didn’t mean to be rude to your idol.

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    3. How come I hear a number of actresses get to pick and choose roles they play?
      What kind of screwed up contract did Myolie negotiated with TVB at the time?
      I mean Maggie Cheung was able to turned down Good Morning Sir and a string of shows early in her career to make meatier choices.

      Login or Register before you can reply to powerhousequeen
      • 1piscesish replied:

        @powerhousequeen She might be referring to back in the days when she was still a newbie and not 1st lead material? I do believe that artistes who are not on a TVB management contract have a choice of what roles to accept, but if you’re managed by TVB, you better not be picky unless you’re super popular.

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    4. funnlim says:

      She was great in her earlier works but that harem series was god awful and I hate she doesn’t realise that is not a good example. She stopped improving before that, like Linda who both reached a plateau and from interviews I suspect they just too high up to see where went wrong. If they continue to quote awful performances as good ones, they will never improve or have another breakthrough. I had high hopes for Myolie but Myolie crashed when she became famous and promoted to leading lady. That was when everything unravel and yet she did stage shows, she was eager to learn until she went numb I suspect and decided to marry and lost interest in acting. I still think she can be that actress who gave us some amazing performances if she’s willing to step into supporting roles. And stop using awards by TVB as a measure of how good she is because harem series was absolute rubbish.

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      • funnlim replied:

        @funnlim Ahh I made a mistake. She referred to Golden Faith which to me was her breakthrough. I thought she was referring to that god awful series.

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    5. tnhb says:

      She portrayed some roles well especially in Golden Faith, Dream of Colour, Wars of In Laws, Ghetto Justice & To Grow With Love. She deserves an award for the role in “To Grow With Love” instead of “Curse of the Royal Harem”.

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