Nicky Wu “Disappears” During Cecilia Liu’s Kissing Scenes with William Chan

Cecilia Liu’s (劉詩詩) last television drama before her pregnancy was Lost Love in Times <醉玲瓏> directed by Lam Yuk-fan (林玉芬), who also directed Cecilia’s 2011 hit series Scarlet Heart <步步驚心>. On the show, Cecilia plays a mage whose doomed relationship with the prince, played by William Chan (陳偉霆), causes the kingdom to fall under a coup. She throws everyone into an alternate reality where she makes it her own quest to prevent the prince from falling in love with her again.

Lost Love in Times was Cecilia’s first period drama in two years, with her last being 2016’s The Imperial Doctress <女醫·明妃傳>. Cecilia joked that after years of doing only modern dramas, her body figure had changed, and she had to “readjust” herself to wear period costumes. Revisiting long-winded and difficult dialogue was also a challenge, especially when it came to working with William. Due to William’s Cantonese accent, he had difficulty reciting the dialogue during table reads, but his fluency improved immensely when it came to filming day. “It’s very impressive,” said Cecilia. “He completely changed into a different person.”

Playing a couple, William and Cecilia share many intimate kissing scenes, and some potentially violent. William recalled, “I pushed her rather roughly, and I did hear a sound, but she didn’t react at all, so I continued the scene. I didn’t realize until much later that her hand hit the table. I was so sorry.”

William complimented Cecilia’s professionalism and her likable personality. “The cast likes to tease her a lot. I’m sorry, Nicky Wu (吳奇隆)!”

Speaking about Cecilia’s husband, William said Nicky often visited her on set. He said he would’ve felt more immense pressure if Nicky stayed for their kissing scenes, but he didn’t. “He suddenly disappeared when it was time for the kissing scene. That actually allowed us to complete the scene more comfortably.”

Cecilia said, “He does like to visit me when he has time. Once, he didn’t know about the kissing scene until the day of. He told me it was fine, go do it well, and then disappeared.”


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    1. @prettysup1 Yeah, old series. I was thinking only now they are promoting? Can;t be right. I wonder tho if Cecilia ever sad to her husband who told her to do kissing scenes well and chirpily applies lip gloss and goes “I will darling. I will kiss him like he’s worth the 2 of you!”?

    1. @m0m0 Overphotoshopped posted. He was rather gallant in the series and was shocked to see him looking nothing like that in real life.

  1. Lol I agree this drama did came out a long time ago already, quite late to do this promotion now. It was not that good of a drama, quite boring. The CGI wasn’t that bad, it was similar to Ashes of Love.
    The hair style was crazy though, and clothings colors was so insane! Can you imagine an ancient stripes pink and purple rainbow coat? And a garment with tons of yellow bumble bees (was supposed to be flowers) everywhere?

    I didn’t find the forceful kissing scene even necessary which is such a shame.

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