Pace Wu’s Boyfriend is Facing Financial Difficulties?

By on November 22, 2019 in NEWS

Pace Wu’s Boyfriend is Facing Financial Difficulties?

Former Taiwanese model Pace Wu (吳佩慈) has been dating Hong Kong billionaire Ji Xiaobo (紀曉波) for more than five years. The couple shares three children, and Pace is currently pregnant with her fourth child. Despite being 41 years old this year, Pace had previously declared her desire to have five children. It seems that she is a woman of her word and is well on her way to meeting her goal!

Although the couple have children together, by all accounts, a family unit, Ji Xiaobo does not seem to have any plans to marry Pace. They seem to maintain a good relationship and are comfortable with their arrangement. With Pace’s previous pregnancies, Ji Xiaobo lavishly gifted her a luxury mansion, jewelry, and shares in companies. It is unknown, however, whether he will gift her anything with her fourth pregnancy, as it is rumored that Ji Xiaobo may be struggling financially.

Due to the poor economy, it was reported that Ji Xiaobo lost $3.3 billion HKD last year, and currently owes debts amounting to $6.4 billion HKD. Due to his company’s debts, Ji Xiaobo allegedly mortgaged his luxury mansion, which he previously gifted Pace, to the bank. In addition to financial woes, Ji Xiaobo and his family are also rumored to be at risk. Not only was he seen with additional bodyguards, Ji Xiaobo also moved his family out of their Four Seasons Hotel that they stay at semi-permanently. Rumors of Ji Xiaobo’s financial difficulties were furthered fueled when they suddenly dismissed several employees at their seven-star hotel business.

Despite all the evidence pointing to plausible belief that Ji Xiaobo is facing financial problems, these allegations did not seem to affect Pace’s mood, who is currently seven months pregnant. In a social media post, Pace appeared glowing with her baby bump. Despite being seven months pregnant, Pace’s limbs still remain slender. Pace wrote, “My belly does not seem noticeable because I am wearing black. In actuality, it is as big as a basket!”

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  • 9 comments to Pace Wu’s Boyfriend is Facing Financial Difficulties?

    1. m0m0 says:

      hope this teaches some dumb girl that marrying into rich doesn’t mean a luxury life forever.

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      • wm2017 replied:

        @m0m0 She probably will live in luxury for life even if she will never get that piece of paper. To women like her they probably don’t care for the marriage paper as long as they have properties and money provided daily to their bank account. That’s why she’s popping out as many babies as her stomach allows. haha lol…

        Login or Register before you can reply to wm2017
        • m0m0 replied:

          not if husband really goes into bankrupt. 5 children is hard to afford living a luxury life.

          Login or Register before you can reply to m0m0
        • anon replied:

          Going bankrupt does not mean you can’t live in luxury. Donald Trump had filed for bankruptcy four times. Does he look like he lives modestly to you?

          Login or Register before you can reply to anon
        • m0m0 replied:

          In this case, he mortgage his mansion which was a gift to his wife. I doubt that u can gift a mansion to a non biz partner. It is unclear if there were separation of personal asset and biz.

          Login or Register before you can reply to m0m0
        • anon replied:


          They said ‘allegedly’ mortgaged his mansion, so it’s not a fact but a speculation. As a matter of fact, this entire article is made up of mostly speculations and very few facts.

          But let’s just assume for a moment that he did mortgage his mansion that he PREVIOUSLY gifted her like the article states, so this mansion did not belong to her at the time of mortgaging the asset with the bank.

          With that in mind, since the legal title of the estate is not under pace, there is the possibility that the mansion was purchased as a company asset therefore he’s liquadating it because he is supposedly in financial woes.

          So that doesn’t mean he is going broke but his company is going under.

          Again there are more rumors than facts, so it’s difficult to make any judgment as to what is really going on.

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    2. terrycrews19 says:

      rich people going bankrupt is different than regular people going bankrupt

      Login or Register before you can reply to terrycrews19
      • anon replied:


        Going bankrupt means your business has gone broke which doesn’t always have a significant impact on the owner’s personal wealth. Most businesses are incorporated which separates personal debt from business debt.

        People watch way too many Chinese TV series.

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    3. cutie777 says:

      I thought it’s a doll from the right picture. Well the way rich guys blow the money away of course gone so quick then ended up broke because they don’t think how hard to earn money. I don’t really know who she is but she sounds like Cathy Tsui accept she’s not married yet.

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